1. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Why am I always caught within all the drama at the forum? I know part of the reason is that I am a catalyst. Part of the reason is I like to be a part opf everything. Part of the reason is I care and I think its important to stick my opinion out there in certain matters and I am then forced to defend it. The most recent event (is somthing that all the admins besides David agree with me one so I dont see why it still holds.) has to do with what most of the recent conflicts have had to do with, an unfair ban.

    I just want to let the staff and forum know that outside of these I hold no grudges, this is a nasty business banning, and contesting banning is just as nasty with the risk of being banned. I hope none of this stupid drama(Which ends when the staff lets it end, I mean for real it is their choice, ban us all or actually find valid reasons to ban us). I hope we can all remain on good terms when the chaos has ended. Thx.
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  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Wiki, this is an admirable thread. I, too, hope that no one else holds a grudge for this forum. My thing is, the admins have to make a right choice. Either they do what they think is right and fair, or they give in to the members. But if they give in to the member's once, who's to say the members won't keep thinking it'll happen again and again and again?

    I, as well, hold no grudges towards the admins for anything they've been doing with WF, as I know it's hard work to be an admin. Even of one for a free forum. This post may seem to be ass-kissing to you, but honestly, it's how I feel.
  3. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    You are caught in between everything because you always jump in.

    1. Two people argue
    2. Wiki joins in for lols
    3. something else
    4. profit
  4. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Because you don't know when to shut up.
  5. Socks Mahoney きげん 痴熊 - Kigen Sakuma (Humorous Pedobear)

    You wouldn't even be calling yourself a catalyst if I didn't tell you what it meant.
  6. Waffles Wants to see Scott topless.

    That was pretty insightful, but I can't imagine why being banned should affect the friendships of anyone.

    There's a difference in a ban affecting friendship and a personal offense/preference affecting a ban, although I'm in no way accusing anyone in the current situation going on here.

    I think the staff will reach a common decision in the end, whether some members of it are outranked or whatever be it.

    The point is that the decision of the staff is really the final word in the forum, and expressing your feelings for what happened is fine in my book, but in the end it's probably only going to get you banned if you express these feelings incessantly.

    If you've said your piece about the ban, move on. The admins know what you have to say, as I assume they're capable of taking all sides with enough impartiality to CONSIDER all sides. If you feel like you haven't mentioned something in regards to their reasoning, take it up with them in a PM or other private means of communication.

    Asking the members how they feel is usually irrelevant, so it shouldn't be an absolutely public matter.
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  7. Cletus Well-Known Member

    You need to stop all the insulting if you want to keep your friends, boy. I have no problem with what you're doing, and I have no problem with you, but I see that in your little...."debates" you like to insult people rather than have a professional argument. You don't do it all the time, but still, you should cool it.
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  8. Why?

    Why do you think it's okay to jump in other's drama?

    Why do you think it's acceptable to stand up for something that seems pointless and causes threads like this

    Why do you think that you can act innocent when you jump in the middle pf the discussion

    Why do you think attacking someone about a past event is a good conversation

    And why must you try to redeem yourself by acting like the victim?

    I see what you did. I really did. It was a noble thread, it was. But God damn it wiki. I like you. It may not seem like it, but I challenge the ones I like, but you seem to never hear a word I say. I think you bring up some good points, but at the expense of others feelings? Hmm

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  9. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Riddles, that was like ... poetic or some shit like that.

    [spoiler]But three of your questions need question marks. [spoiler]lol[/spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Yes, something you failed to answer.
    I dont consider it other peoples drama. I consider anything related to my close friends related to me as well.
    Pointless? If people thought it was pointless the would be no drama because one side would give. Both sides care just as much as the other,maybe in opposing ways, but still.

    Innocent? I took full blame for my actions in the first post in this thread, I believe I used the words Catalyst, and being apart of everything.


    I didnt mean to act like a victim. My post was mainly an apology and a request to not let this create rough edges with other members. GTFO of this thread if you are going to act like an asshole.
    Maybe if you stop being deaf,and actually admit that you are wrong when I make a point instead of acting like you didnt read them, then I would not have to be so harsh. But damn riddles, it seems whenever you argue you do nothing but make a fool out of yourself. You may take this as a personal attack(ANd I know you will) but I am trying to help you out. Reread the latest argument we had in the Lanza thread and you will see what I mean.
  11. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Wiki, deaf people can read your posts
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  12. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    So, if all goes well... Lanza should hopefully be unbanned later today.

    Those who have issue with it are given fair warning to clear out before then lol

    And Wiki, no hard feelings from my part.

    I have to seriously commend your loyalty to friends.

    That's an admirable quality.
  13. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    By deaf I meant blocking out all input.
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  14. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Oh gee, I can't see anything, I think I'm going mute!

    You know you use the internet too much when you confuse real-life terms with forum terms!
  15. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Yeah, what he said. For realz.
  16. Waffles Wants to see Scott topless.

    From my understanding, sight has no correlation with sound even as a symbolic term.

    "You're not listening to me" and "you must be deaf" can be symbolically used to determine whether or not someone is paying attention to the content of what you're saying (typing).

    But considering this is off-topic anyhow, I guess it doesn't matter.
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  17. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    bol! IRL, you must be deaf means you must not be paying attention, its not a term you say towards someone that is deaf and its not something that is ever used to mean its literal context unless you are really trying to find out if someone is banned.

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