When do you fall asleep best?

Discussion in 'Under the Marquee' started by Legend Saber, May 20, 2009.

  1. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily when you normally go to sleep, but the time when you find it's easiest for you to get some rest.

    For me, it often seems like the only time I can get to sleep without a sleeping aid is when I stay up the entire night and fall asleep just before dawn. That's usually around 4:30 AM or so. Any later and the light from the sun will distract me, any earlier and I'll usually just lay around in bed for hours with my eyes closed. That's otherwise pretty much the only time I can get to sleep without hassle without taking something like melatonin.
  2. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    It sort of depends on the season for me, but...these days it's easier to fall asleep right after I've taken a bath and read a book between the hours of 10pm-12am. Due to my working schedule I'm guaranteed to be exhausted near the end of the day, so I don't have as much energy to spend (just as long as I go ahead and do the things I want to do before the 10pm mark, like catch up on anime).
  3. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Umm, I usually can fall asleep easily at any time. I can stay up until 5am and sleep until 1 pm, and I can also go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 7am. I'm not very picky and, unlike Chris, I don't have a "sleep schedule" that I have to adhere to. I can just sleep when I want.
  4. akugi touch the sky

    oddly enough, i sleep better when i'm out in the field than i do in my own bed. i was never the out doors type, but there's something about jus' lookin' up at the sky through thickly layered tree tops at night... i sleep better.
  5. Venom Well-Known Member


    Anyway, it's usually easiest for me to go to sleep around 1-2 AM. If I stay up until that time I usually start to get tired, or if I go to bed before then I'll often still be trying to sleep up until I finally drift off, which is around that time most nights.
  6. Nazo Moderator

    I have absolutely NO sleeping schedule, or comfort time of sleeping.

    The only possible way for me to sleep is to force myself to sleep by laying in bed with my eyes closed, but I must be completely comfortable. (Cool air, silence, etc etc.) OR, stay up until I can't stay up any longer.
  7. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I sleep best after working on something to the point of exhaustion and then making sure that whatever problem arises can wait til I wake up.

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