What is your favorite musical era?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Carlo Marx, May 15, 2011.


Favorite music decade of the last 100 years

1910+ 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1920s 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1930s 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1940s 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1950s 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1960s 1 vote(s) 33.3%
1970s 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1980s 3 vote(s) 100.0%
1990s 1 vote(s) 33.3%
2000s 3 vote(s) 100.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Choose the decades that you dig the most. Try to limit it to no more than three, though no big deal if you go over, it would just defeat the purpose of the poll if everyone chose every era that they liked anything from.

    I went with the 1980s, 1060s, and 2000s.

    the 1980s for the alternative/post punk/dream pop movemements.
    The 1960s for the folk rock, psychedelic rock, and early progressive rock movements.
    The 2000s just for a lot of the random indie bands that I listen to these days.
  2. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I chose the last three choices. The 80's has some gems which I caught growing up. The 90's as well. The 2k's were the best for music IMO since we got a lot of the new genre's which I like...speedcore....and such...
  3. Venom Well-Known Member

    The 1980's and the 2000's. The 80's was a great era for metal and hard rock, and it's when thrash metal and power metal got kick-started...the 2000's had a resurgance of thrash metal after most bands went commercial (or underground) during the 90's, and there's a lot of great bands that have formed since 2000 that contribute great music to the rock and metal scene.

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