What do you find alluring about Japan?

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    Perhaps I'm being rather dull here, but couldn't the same be said of several kinds of animated art? Even in that event, the "flat, eerily non-organic shapes and lines" you seem to deplore are one of the things I enjoy about the anime art style. It conveys a picture using simple colors and shapes and still manages to maintain a form in a manner I find beautiful.

    I'm not exactly certain what you mean by "sense of value beyond masses of color" (what more is expected?), though I can think of a few examples where the shadow issue is either not present or not readily apparent:


    Though as I said it's that level of simplicity that makes me enjoy a great deal of anime art in the first place. I'm neither aware of nor interested in technicalities like whether it should be classified as 'figurative' or 'abstract' or whether there's a discernible sense of value in a given picture -- I simply enjoy how the art does take a form, whatever form that might be considered.

    Not particularly, which I think may have resulted in a bit of confusion, the responsibility of which I take for not elaborating in my previous post. While I enjoy anime art as employed in actual animation, it isn't precisely what I was referring to when I called anime art beautiful or magical. It might even be said that the anime art I truly enjoy is more of an 'anime-esque' nature than of the kind often seen in shows.

    I think this might better be described through examples of anime art I do consider beautiful or magical (and I think you'll agree that they're far superior specimens compared to the Bleach example provided above):


    I can, of course, provide further examples if they're desired.

    So long as the art is readily enjoyable and conveys suitably the intended message, why is this an issue? I enjoy anime art regardless of -- and indeed, perhaps because of -- the 'flaws' listed above.

    Discarding the fact that I agree (and stopped watching Naruto around episode twenty), aren't you stepping beyond art style and going into areas like storytelling and character development?

    I believe the majority of anime art I describe as beautiful isn't precisely of the nature you defined, and is more along the lines of the examples I provided above.

    I'll note, however, that I don't see how the use of a medium or the talent required to use that medium has anything to do with art or beauty inherent in that medium.
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    You know what, no-one will believe this, but this is why I do.

    I feel like I have some kind of strange connection with Japan. Despite never knowing anime or any of the strange things we received from them when I was little, I always loved the place. My entire life I've done essays in classes about Japan, just so I could learn more and more about it.

    *shrugs and shakes head*

    I'm not entirely sure. Maybe I'm a reincarnated samurai and I long to visit my home? Who knows. One day I'll go there and find out for myself.
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    Your guitar skills are actually untapped sword fighting techniques, waiting to be trained!
  4. Elle Lawliet Elle Oh Elle

    That must be it! YOU'RE A GENIUS!

    *goes out to buy katana*
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