What do you find alluring about Japan?

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  1. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    What are your favorite things about Japan or the Japanese culture, and why?

    I guess my answer is rather typical in that I'm interested mostly because of anime and the writing system. The concept of using a massive number of pictographs as a form of communication has always struck me as intriguing, and now that I'm able to understand a bit of it, I find it fun to observe how the three different writing languages come together to form a single coherent thought. The daunting task of needing to learn nearly 2,000 distinct characters to read at a high school level can seem almost insane at times, but even such difficulty offers its own benefits in the form of efficiency once learned, and creating a cryptic barrier that permits an interesting, general privacy among foreigners.

    As for anime, I find it to be a brilliant, beautiful style of art. Even beyond how it's used in animation, but in simple stills and fan art. It gives a sort of whimsical, magical feel when done correctly, while remaining cute and adorable, depending. Sub-sections of anime, like moe anthropomorphism and mecha musume, just add to my liking for it. It's used in all sorts of different ways, and creates a sort of realism while maintaining a distance from it. And it just looks plain good. XD

    Of course, there's a bunch of other stuff I love about Japan -- most of the music I listen to is J-pop, I love cosplay, Harajuku style dress, the lifestyle and culture, history, and everything in between -- but anime and writing are the two big ones.

    Now you. >_>
  2. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    The history. Yay samurai wars and shit. Srs, go play Samurai Warriors or Warriors Orochi. That's some fairly epic battle and stuffs.

    Sushi is ok when eaten on special occasions and shit, but I swear to god, if anyone ever tries to sneak wasabi anywhere near any dish I'm eating, I will open that person up and tack them to a wall as a trophy.
    If it's my gf that tries it, I'll tie her to a bed and leave her there for a lil while. And either game, watch TV, or sit and stare @ her till we reach an understanding. I will not lose my vision again because of a fucking spice/herb that isn't even American.

    In other good news, Koei............
  3. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Ah, I think I made a similar post somewhere, so I'll streamline me words.

    Rich History, Groovy Anime, Awesome Fashion Sense, Gackt, Melon Bread, Cosplay, Kanji, School Uniforms, and Yaoi.
  4. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I guess the first reason I've always been interested in Japan is just the country itself. Tokyo, Kyoto, all the mountains, and the whole country itself intrigue me. I think since I was little, I've always wanted to go to Tokyo. Mainly for the fact that the city as a whole is just, great. If you see pictures, you basically see an NYC-copy, yet if you take a closer look, they're way more advanced than NYC could ever be, let alone most other cities in the world.

    Secondly is the fashion sense. Have you seen the clothes that the girls wear? It's like, wow! Plus, I've always had a thing for kimonos anyway. And the school uniforms? I mean, I wish I had gone to a private school, JUST because of the uniforms. But the fact that all the schools in Japan wear them? That's totally amazing. I hate watching animes and Jap dramas because they get the cool, pretty uniforms.

    I'll combine these two because I think they should be combined, but I just loveeeee anime and the Jap music. J-Pop and J-Rock are soooo amazing, and well, most of you should know about my anime obsession. I mean, did you see the posts that Mai-sensei and myself made in the Manga/Anime section? Jeebus they were long. xD Plus, I usually get hooked on the songs that are used for the opening themes in the anime, which they usually are J-Pop, but some are J-Rock as well, and I believe everyone should know about my Miyavi obsession. >> I HAVE WALLPAPERS FOR CHRIST SAKE. >> -cough-

    Well, that concludes why I'm interested in Japan.
  5. Tyler Your friendly neighborhood swordsman

    I like lots of things about Japan. The history and anime of course, but also their technological prowess. Honestly, Japanese people seem to be born with an innate and broad knowledge of computers and electronics :p. Computers and Japan go hand in hand. Although I don't like the structure of their writing system, I like the look of the characters themselves.

    Another thing I like, although related to history, is their architectural style. The swept roofs and dramatic wooden structures, such as those on Himeji Castle, are incredible and awe-inspiring. Not to mention the serenity of a Japanese garden.

    Speaking of gardens, the natural landscape of Japan is astounding. From the mountains to the the cherry blossoms, I have yet to see anything earthly come out of Japan that isn't beautiful.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    'Nuff said.
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  6. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I think the same as what everyone has said is my reason for wanting to visit Japan.
  7. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    No reason for making a lazy post!

    I like Japan because of its hawt women, but I hate it because of all the Weaboos wishing they could live in Japan and worshiping Japan like it is some holy kingdom.
  8. The Liztress Poison Pink

    It's not a lazy post. Everyone else pretty much covered why I like Japan. And if it is one, let Ma-ya be the one to tell me it is.
  9. The Bill tf2 is a good game

  10. Ted Owls don't lie.

    I like the fact that if a business is going under, the business man will help the company by spilling his insides over his desk in an orgy of blood and digestive fluids.

    That and how Japan was able to quickly re-establish itself as an economic power after World War 2, and how they were able to resist becoming a colony of a Western power in the 19th century.
  11. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    The Last Samurai anyone?

    [spoiler]Tom Cruise @ his most epic. True story.[/spoiler]
  12. Ted Owls don't lie.

    The Rebellion that movie was based on was fought over the decision to open Japan's harbors to trade of goods and ideas with Western nations. The Samurai that Tom Cruise allied with wanted to close Japan's borders, throw out foreigners, and maintain a continued policy of isolationism that was broken when Commodore Perry sailed into a Japanese harbor and said "Here I am, dudes!" in the 1850s. Japan knew the best way to survive in the 19th century was to adopt western technology and innovations, Railroads, guns, etc.
    Japan Westernized itself.
  13. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    The history, culture, language, architecture, food and music.
  14. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Funny, that's not quite the feeling I got from the movie. Still, it clearly doesn't matter because we know what the results were/are. However, I just wanted to point out that it was a damn good movie.
  15. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    All I have to say about that is...

    Talk to the hand, bitch X3.

    You know, Japanese food is definitely an awesome reason why I adore Japan. Miso, yakitori, tonkatsudon, chicken (or tori) katsu, yakisoba, shio ramen, onigiri, melon bread...it's all so friggin' good. I couldn't really talk for sushi, though. Well, I like fatty tuna and cucumber rolls, but that's just about it.
  16. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Spicy tuna and BBQ oonagi, according to my gf (who, even though she's just as white as I am, is an honorary Asian), are what I like in the sushi business. I don't like mah meats raw. I really don't. She kinda force feeds them to me though.

    [spoiler]What's sad is that I pay for that shit. I think I'm just sick minded. Like hell.[/spoiler]
  17. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Considering the fact that I am not a weeaboo, I would have to say "they make lot's of good games,music, and anime"

    Nothing more or less for me to really say about it.

    Of course I would like to visit Japan sometime, but I don't really worship the place.
  18. Ted Owls don't lie.

    *high five*

    Aside from the recent history, which is somewhat interesting, I don't really care about Japan at all.

    And Chinese food is better than Japanese.
  19. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac Painting Nintendo emblems one baby at a time!

    Strong claims, but absolutely no explanation. I'd like to know why anime is so "beautiful" or "magical" compared to other styles of art.

    I'll tell you why it isn't, first of all. There's nothing but flat, eerily non-organic shapes and lines that are used to convey a human form. This isn't to say that it cannot be considered art, but it can't be considered figurative art before abstract art. There's no sense of value beyond masses of color, and at the most there will be two shades of the same color to depict a shadow rather than attempting to blend the lighter shade into the darker one. The entire style is shamefully interchangeable. The only thing distinct from one anime figure to another is the hairstyle and skin/eye color. I hardly see any change in bodily form in either male or female figures.

    Yes, I'm aware there are exceptions, and those exception are reputable concerning artstyle (i.e. .Hack/Sign, Witch Hunter Robin, Paranoai Agent [especially]). However, you seemed to discuss the more popular and simpler styles with the reference to stills and fan art. I fail to see any beauty in it. It began in the 50's as Japan's feeble means of emulating what we had in the U.S. with a much more limited budget. This was fairly commendable, at the time. Using a simple artstyle and creating a dynamic scene using a jarring still with an object being animated in a loop against it (a mouth, a background, etc.) was only ethical considering their limited means. It is now, however, the 21st century, and digital animation offers unlimted frames, so there's no need to buy materials, but only to employ animators. Do they use this technology to its full, artistic capacity? No, they use it to their full financial benefit. They continue the old, wholly obsolete method of creating a simple figure and animating a loop somewhere within the scene, while they're fully capable of animating in sequence and using a more elaborate character design. They don't, though, and why should they? People still hold on to the nostalgia this style of art and animation offers and absorb it glibly, without considering anything that I've discussed. It's the very reason that instead of seeing more concise, stylized, and well-animated series' such as Paranoia Agent, we're seeing Naruto that ends after 200 episodes only to continue into another 200 (at which point the characters develop for the ONLY time they ever will in the series).

    In summation, anime isn't beautiful because it's a vapid cop-out that requires no talent to render and is used as a cheap means of mass producing a series of bad ideas.

    Exibit A official art ( LINK)

    Exibit B - amateur art (from imagination, LINK)

    I'll be happy to supply you with more, if necessary.
  20. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    For the few who may not know the meaning :p

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