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Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Rainbow Deluxe, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    This thread is for those that are new and wanting to show themselves to the rest of the community. Post here and get welcomed! This thread can also be used by former posters who wish to introduce themselves to any new members joining us!

    I'm Kat, resident S-Mod, and also resident graphic artist CONSIDERING CHRIS HAS SAID HE WON'T POST HERE UNTIL THERE'S ACTIVITY! MWAHAHAHAHA! >>

    Oh and yes, WireForums stole my sanity the minute I joined, so half the things I say might not make sense anyway.
  2. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    You guys are doing a bang up job in my absence, look at all these posts!!! Oh wait...
  3. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Don't worry Lithium, we don't care either.
  4. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Well, I've been here for about 5 years or so. Never been on the staff though. I feel like this place has more serious discussion than some of the other sites I go to.
  5. Venom Well-Known Member

    I'm Venom, and I approve of this message.
  6. Vulcan The Master of Fire

    Uh... hi? I remember my very old login details, so I'm here. Where's Hyper?
  7. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Hyper's been gone for, like, years. >__>

    But welcome back all the same. :D
  8. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Yes, welcome back! Please stay. Don't leave.
  9. Vulcan The Master of Fire

    Ok.... I guess I'll look around some more.
  10. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Yeah, I'm from around the time you came here. Hyper left around 06.
  11. Venom Well-Known Member

    Holy Jesus in a handbag, Batman! It's Vulcan!

    Welcome back, dude.
  12. Vulcan The Master of Fire

    I feel loved! :D

    Btw, does anyone talk to him still (and wouldn't mind giving me his aim ;) )? Or is mentioning his name taboo?
  13. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Nah, mentioning his name isn't taboo, but I haven't a clue what his current AIM might be. xD
  14. Venom Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I haven't talked to him since he left here, despite us being pretty good friends before then. He did pop in here for about a week some time back, but I guess he was just bored or something.
  15. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I think it was hyper22shadow but I don't know how current or accurate that info is. I'mn usually the low ranking sort.
  16. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I remember he used hyper22shadow ages ago but I think that was before he was even an admin here.

    I think right now he uses a screen name like h7per. At least I think that's what it is.
  17. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I've heard of that one too. It'd probably be on my old AIM account. The one from back when I used to go to UGF or whatever it was called NGC VGC and a bunch of others.
  18. Vulcan The Master of Fire

    But anyway, thank you so much for the warm welcome!
  19. PKT Forever /a/lone

    You're welcome for the warm thank you.
  20. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    All you people totally ruined the welcome thread. >>

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