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  1. William Well-Known Member

    If you have any theories, please do post them. Whether you've came up with them yourself or not.

    Here's a few of my own...although I did find out afterwards that there are similar theories out there...


    Explaining the Bible

    - Adam & Eve = Cloning/DNA Splicing
    - Virgin Mary/Birth of Jesus = Artificial Insemination
    - Jesus having the ability to perform "miracles" = Having the direct DNA from our "creator(s)", he happened to have a portion of their "powers".
    - Star of Bethlehem = UFO
    - Joseph being visited by an "angel" = Alien Visitation
    - Angels = Alien Beings.
    - The Apocalypse = End of Earth (Possibly the entire Galaxy)
    - The Rapture = Survivors being taken to another planet/galaxy via UFO.
    - Heaven = It literally means "The Skies", hence Heaven must be another galaxy/planet from whence our creator(s) came.
    - God = Either a group of scientists or an individual. Because of time passing differently on other planets, one can assume that God has a normal lifespan, but to him/her/them 2 million years to us, is only 30 minutes to him/her/them.


    The Big Bang

    - What if there was a "Big Collapse", which actually caused the "Big Bang"?
    - Supposing this was true, this would mean that the universe itself is finite.
    - At which point, the universe will eventually expand to the point where it will collapse upon itself, re-creating life again.
    - Now, I will introduce a theory called "Eternal Recurrence", which is basically a theory that states that the universe has been recurring and will continue to recur for an infinite amount of times. This theory makes the Big Bang/Big Collapse theory make more sense. As the universe is eternally recurring, so does the life in the universe.

    - What if Deja Vu was actually a glimpse into this recurrence? That when you experience it, you have experienced that situation before, but are unaware of it due to our brain's capacity limits.

    - And what about ghosts? What if this too is just a glimpse into the recurrence? That it's NOT dead people, per say; but rather... a rift between the dimensions of time? Which brings me to the next theory...


    Time Doesn't Exist

    - What if time doesn't actually exist? It is, after all, a man-made concept in order to organize our society's structure. We believe that time is passing, but what if our minds make us believe that time is passing; and that everything is actually happening at once? Our births, growing up, death, etc. are all one small "frame", made up of multiple dimensions.

    - I'll have to come back to this one to add more information because I forgot most of this theory. Lol.


    Thoughts, theories, whatever?
  2. Lanza Well-Known Member

    I've explained this to one of my friends before.

    The Big Crunch theory supports this prospect, in that it compresses the universe into itself; what makes the Big Bang theory compatible is that it expands it.

    Semantics, I'm sure, as you know all of this.

    But yeah - I don't know of any theories like that, at least not any original ones: there are only two sides, and you choose to go down the religious path or the path of the nonbeliever, or the confused skeptic.
  3. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    I used to believe this, but it has been proven incorect. As the start move outwards, for the big crunch theory to be real, they would have to start gradually slowing down. Turns out they are actually picking up speed.

    THis doesn't mean anything, I believe that there are countless other universes and our big bang is a common event, however the big crunch big bang theory is no longer plausible.

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