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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Reasonable Addition, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    There's so many different subject related to vampires I could talk about, but I don't know what. Their mythology and presence in the media as well as man's beliefs fascinate me to no end.

    Although I have my preferences, such as the vampires in literature of old, the ones that folks used to fear, as opposed to the modern vampire of today, whom people aspire to be like, all the subjects are so interesting.

    So I dedicate this thread to all things vampires. Vampire stories, vampire films, video games, real life vampirism (There is some, although it really isn't what most folks would initially tend to imagine-I'll explain it, if anyone is interested.) vampire beliefs of yesterday and today, do they exist or not, mythology, facts, Vlad the Impaler, Erzsebet Bathory and so on.

    Anyone want to participate? :)
  2. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

  3. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Now I'm not saying that I'm a vampire, I'm going with things that I've read, and what I've been told.

    Now first, to explain, as a whole, what this ''vampirism'' entails.
    It's not all that outrageous, however it does remain mysterious, in many ways, but mostly because apparently, this isn't something that's been accepted in society as a legitimate situation, and so, hasn't been given any study or consideration, until very recently. In less developed cultures, vampirism is often attributed to practices and cultural traits. Otherwise, much of its construction seems seeped in utter confusion, and lack of real establishment.

    ''Vampires'' only borrow the name because of the concept of what they do, and need. Other then a specific need to consume various forms of ''energy'' (Which is other then food or drink, but don't get me wrong, they need that like you and me.) in order to sustain themselves as human beings, these people are not affected by legendary vampiric traits, such as religious symbols, living at night or being afraid of garlic. No distinct physical traits either, and no superpowers. It seems that mainly, their bodies or their minds suffer an energy deficiency, but an energy that is very concrete in matter, and the existence of such energies has been proven countless times.

    Psychic vampires are said to harness the energies of the planet's elements, such as during storms or specific types of weather. The Sun, the Moon, during the Winter or Summer, and some of them will state that any sort of elemental feeding is fine.
    This could easily be attributed to the balancing of moods and emotions though. You know how like rain is stereotypically said to be depressing, for the most part? Well, take that example, but multiply it by like twenty for certain people-they really DO need the Sun to feel better inside. Or vice verca.

    Pranic vampires are said to feed from the biological releases which occur during the act of love making, and there are some for sure. Maybe some people only feel fulfilled and worthwhile by exercising the power which comes with sex, or the feelings obtained when the act is in session.

    And the one which I believe the less, sanguinary vampires, which, evidently, feed from human blood.

    I'm very sceptic about all of this, and this post might be very bear with me, if you will.
    Most of these vampires will say that the following side effects occur when they neglect to feed, and can alter one's life if they do nothing to rectify such; nausea, physical pains such as headaches, loss of sleep, sheer depression, fear and paranoia. Most of these feeding techniques are usually done not subconsciously, but naturally-like breathing, eating or taking a shit. Pranic vampires will often have an active sexual life, and most likely an overactive sex drive. Sanguinary vampires are often said to be charited by a ''swan'', or a doner, whom agrees to be this vampire's ''source of energy''.
    Usually, one teaspoon of blood is enough, and not gallons. This seems a little less natural though, and is the entire thing's scapegoat, in my opinion, and so to speak.

    Furthermore, all vampires are said to have an ''Awakening'', but most of the time, they have a very hard time describing it. Once you have this ''Awakening'', you automatically know that you're a vampire-most everything is learned naturally, such as your specific nature of feeding requirements, however, oftentimes, many vampires somehow find ''mentors'' to teach them the ropes.

    There are several different kinds of ''vampires'', however these three are the most common-there can also be mixtures of all three in one vampire. These are reffered to as ''hybrids''. (Which is lame in my opinion, and another crude manifestation of blind attribution.)

    It is not known, for some reason, that vampirism is hedeterial or not, but I strongly believe that like mental disorcers and the like, this may be transported by the genes.

    There are also emotional vampires, basically people who feed off of attention, (I'm sure you know what I mean.) but is a more then dire situation then your average Emo, for example. Which I think easily points to some emotional disturbances or mental disorders.
    Either way, emotional vampires are hated and scorned by other vampires.

    Which leads me to my conclusion about the entire thing.
    I believe that there are many unfounded psychological aspects unknown to man, and so naturally, when something is not clear, we use interpretations, which more often then not, can easily become misinterpretations and even misconceptions. Attributions are easy to make. Fear creates fantasy.
    The reason vampirism seems ridiculed and scoffed is because of the Goth community for the most part, who blow it out of proportion, and frighten some, or make others laugh, even if they have no idea what a human vampire even is-but did you know? Many people might be vampires, and never use that word. Normal folks may suffer from this form of energy deficiency, and completely wonder what the hell's wrong with them.

    Business man are said to be the number one practitioners of the sado-masochist sexual schemes-most likely to balance out their position-always giving orders at work and making important decisions might become mind numbing, and so, relief in the opposite end is sought for-THEY may be seen as ''Pranic Vampires'', for example.

    It's been said that to feel abnormal and ''unique'' is often a cause for regressed submission, and it makes sense. Many people who speak openly of their vampirism might be diagnosed as bipolar, manic depressive or even have a case of OCPD. Those willing to believe often attribute it to such, or something else entirely, or pronounce it as a side effect of a more center stage situation or occurrence.

    Many people who are fascinated with vampires and somehow discover that they are one take it too far, and like the real myth of the fictional vampire for example, this situation has almost became a myth in itself. Not only do we know very little about it, but most can't discern the truths from the myths. It's not, unfortunetely, something which is taken very seriously by much of anyone.

    Many things don't help. Vampires in their respective communities are often affiliated with ''Otherkin'', that is, groups of people who claim affinity with specific animals, and not all of them real animals found on Earth. Some claim to be Werewolves, other ''Fairyfolk'', and some even state to be Dragonkin or Angelkin.
    The problem is glorification and aspiration, as there's nothing concrete I've found to justify this sort of thing or support its grounds; but vampirism does.
    Don't let the online world fool you-it's full of fucking bullshit about this, and a study has been done by a ''vampire'' about the ''Therions''. (Werewolves.)
    Simply put, the fad was taken from 80's cinema, and over the past twenty years, the definition has changed, to the point of being near nonsensical, like the story of the boy who cried wolf, ha ha. Things like astral or planar travel, for example, I'm not considering right away. :confused:

    I'm going to talk about online vampires, because if nayone is really interested in learning about them that's where you'll find them first. However beware-99% crap, 1% legitimate material.

    The OVC (Online Vampire Community.) is full of people whom use each other for supremacy, at least among the websites and forums. It seems a definite trait of the online vampire-Sweet outside but full of shit inside. Visit any vampire site, you'll know what I mean. (Most of them are often closed to the public though, so that other ''vampire people'' don't come snooping around.)
    Look at video game forums-arguments and competition-picture this in the Goth and Vampire Communities, but cloak and dagger style. Nobody will say ''fuck you Username'', they'll be nice to him until they get in chat with someone else and bash him, or lie about him to an admin, instead of directly attacking him like as happens here. It's actually a little more elaborate, and therefore a little freakier how some vampire people have no life. XD Like yours truly. :)

    Different online communities harbour different aspects, but all are very human, and I'm still wondering why is it that all vampire sites are like I've mentioned-the real life vampires range from all sorts of people, and it's very different.
    Confusion arises, but one thing I depict about vampirism-the cause is very plausible, however it is unexplained, and so, very human like methods are used to usher in some sort of justification of existence-vampires are as human as anyone else.

    Such gets me to my next point-an emotional vampire isn't exactly that abnormal-anxiety, depravity and introversion can cause some serious psychological effects, and we all know people like that in real life.

    Those who are said to feed from specific energy sources must indeed suffer from a significant deficiency; think of OCPD for example, and the strange methods that people utilize to relieve their obsessions. Always washing their hands, saying a prayer whenever its 4:44 or even going to Church on Sundays. If religion gets in this, it gets even more confusing, but somehow, leaves more grounds for authenticity.

    I seriously do believe that if these vampires exist, that it's, in most cases, brain related. A real situation, but never given a name, or a definition. I spoke of misinterpretations and misconceptions before, and I believe that ''vampire'' is the term given by those who seriously looked into it, because it's the simplest thing to attribute it to because of the core of its nature-despite all those who enjoy, glorify and stretch such a disorder or collection of disorders or again, aspects related to such, if that's what it is indeed, my guess is that MANY people go through life with unfounded diagnosis and unspecified disorders.
    A bus driver could be a vampire-but he won't ever call it that.

    Some things bother me about it though, such as the Awakening. Because nobody ever seems to be able to explain it, or is ever even WILLING to, I attribute it to, pure and simple, bullshit. Ever try asking a Goth what being a Goth is? There are, apparently, a million different answers. Same for Awakenings, and so, I believe it's like this near like placebo effect turned myth. As is a mentor. I've met folks who claim themselves vampires, but I've never met anyone over 30 say that-except online. There are like, 50 year old people in those places claiming this. Yeah it's hard not to make fun of. :)
    Thing is, I believe it's important to mention online, because it's easier to be open about anything, including the obscurity of thinking you're literaly a vampire-posers and wanabes not included. Don't let them fool you.

    Second is sanguinary vampires. Although cannibals and the like were able to grow a tolerance for human blood and even create a sort of dependence for such, in normal human biology, the digestive system will repel any blood you happen to drink, because of the iron it contains-it can't properly process it, and so, it rejects it. I've tried-I threw up. :)

    But see, there are many relations one could make from vampirism to other more established causes, so we can't exactly say that it doesn't exist; however, not all of it should be taken as it is presented, because let's face it, much of it is stretched, glorified and fantasy-why are all vampires Goths? You see where I'm coming from?

    I hope it was somewhat interesting, because as a whole, this is VERY hard to explain, especially when I don't know what to believe, and when I have no knowledge in biology and psychology. If you have some questions, I'll do my best to try and unravel the confusion or further elaborate some vampire facts aside form butting in with my opinion, and if you want some links as to what a vampire is and the different kinds, I have countless resources-however I claim absolutely no guarantee as to its authenticity.

    There are many things to consider though, and many different subjects which may, and most likely are, incorporated in the subject.
    Everyone in my book is a freak in some way or another-although he's very intelligent, I gotta seriously wonder about the state of mind of ''Sir Hawkmoor'', who wrote an entire essay on vampirism-in ye olde English.
  4. William Well-Known Member

    Your description was very well written and yeah, I can verify that she knows what she's talking about.

    I don't really drink blood or anything, but at one point in my life I would have intense cravings for it and would happen to fulfill those cravings. Didn't throw up though. If it had been someone else's blood, probably, but not because of the biological reason as much as the psychological one. And I'm not a vampire either. I'm the polar opposite (See if you can figure that one out).

    Lol, yeah. That's why I really hate stereotypes. If you can be considered anything dark or gloomy, you're automatically labeled as "goth".
  5. Nazo Moderator

    Or as other faggots like to call them-Emos. :( I hate stereotypes... Though, sometimes I do it... I was gothic! Not emo!!!
  6. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    I skimmed this, very well thought out. Though I did not have time to read it all I will eventually. Your research is very well done. :)

    Energy Vampires you didn't get much into, but I honestly don't have time to type this out myself in great detail. But basicly those that can take others energy, with or without consent. Similer to what you described in one of the other paragraphs I believe. Anyway... I have to go for now so... yeah

    PS: Blood is actually not bad tasting, and in small amount you won't throw up ;)
  7. Nazo Moderator

    Congratulations: You fuckers almost made me vomit.

    I have an intense fear of blood you see. It came from a small yet painful part of my past. Still got the scar too. Either way, there's no way in hell I will drink nor think about drinking blood... That's just.. ick! But, if someone else wants to, go for it, JUST NOT IN FRONT OF ME! Thank you for your time.
  8. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Yeah, although I don't quite understand this craving of which you speak, whatever relation it has with your psychology could also be attributed to vampirism-aside from the fact that you don't seem to be needing to do this anymore?

    And yes Lithium, my writing on psychic vampires was really narrow, as I only gave one example. But the energy sources can easily be endless, as ''energy'' basically defines what cannot be seen-pranic vampires are categorized otherwise because of their methods, and apparent traits and walks of life.

    Some of the energy vampires as they're also called, must subside from the energies emanated by other humans, as you've said.
    Ever met someone who gets all the attention at a party, or a chick who gets all the guys? I could easily attribute it to such behaviours as well-but whatever the case, these sort of people, and the methods they utilize which we may observe, weather they are vampiric in nature or not, are necessary for THEM.

    And another great point Lithium-consent. Vampires in their communities have an entire list of conduct, a code of honour if you will, which speaks against forcefully taking energies from human beings, among other things.

    You seem to know something about it; I'd love to hear what you have to say on the subject Lithium, whenever you have some time. :)

    I don't have any problem with the taste really, although drinking it warm isn't very comfortable. Plus maybe I took more then a small amount, but yes indeed, even sanguinary vampires are said to drink very small amounts of it during a bloodletting.

    I thank you both for the comments, but I really don't know that much about vampirism-I have a lot of things, thing is, I'm not sure what's true, what's not, how to relate the particular subject with other significant elements, and of course, I seem to have an opinion about it. I'm glad if it made some sense though.

    In the meanwhile, I leave you with the black Veil, every vampire's apparent book of morality and social conduct.

    The Black Veil

    Although to me, these laws highly contradict themselves, and most of its nature speaks of pure fantasy, you can see why people don't take this seriously. I find it a bit sad really, because I do believe that this condition truly exists, and should be further explored.

    But when you're saying things like ''a world blinded in light'' and ''we have power'' or ''we strive to fight the norm'', it, more often then not, stems mockery, indecision and hand waving dismissals, weather it's true or not.

    As well, such a narrow minded and one-shaded nature could easily frighten other folks away-other vampires who might be looking for help. I have nothing against Goths-in fact they turn me on-however I don't think the limit of vampirism and what it is should be extended to one sub culture, when anyone can be a vampire.
    You understand why this entire thing gets hard to grasp at times?

    As well, I offer this article written by a ''veteran vampire'' (An elder.) which deals in the so called truths of the vampire communities. I found it very interesting, and is one of the most mature and clarifying bits of info about such that I've managed to find.

    Vampire Community
  9. William Well-Known Member

    It didn't stop completely. It's just not intense anymore. Deals with lycanthropy, but like vampires, not in the whole mythological sense.
  10. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    That's a metaphor, I've used a similar one in a lot of my poems. And it is truley correct in a sense. Let me try to explain, at least in my vision of the phrase. A world in light is extremely bright, everything appears clear and understanding. People are generally happy, and happiness can bring ignorance seeing as no one ever wants to lose this happiness they try to ignore darker things, effectively light erases shadows. Light can get so bright though that it can blind you, stare to the sun, for example. The light is so powerful that it can literally force your eyes to shut down. The same is true in the emotional and conscious sense. You can get so wrapped into your own little world of light that you can't see anything outside it. Effectively blinding you to any form of darkness and suffering. Things may be dim, but you can always see in shadow and even near pitch black given the time. To truley know everything you need to duality of the two. Light is not everything, darkness can, and does, show a lot of things, important things, that you can never find in light.

    heh, I think is much better warm in my honest opinion. I’m not a huge fan of freezing cold things in the first place though, except like water. May I ask what you mean by comfortable though? :)

    Only what I’ve been taught/heard from people I’ve met over various places and a passage in a book as well.

    A place I went to before it was hacked had many brilliant people there, on all matters of this type of thing that I suppose could go in this forum. I learned a lot in my time there and appreciate all and any advice I got. Now on this specific subject, only one ‘energy vampire’ went there. He was actually a really nice guy. He asked for energy, I gave it. I’ve also received it, but not from him and this was sometime later. It wasn’t much but anyway. Point being, it really holds no distance limits if you can focus on the person, now obviously if you don’t know someone then it won’t work randomly. He also is the one that mentioned the entire consent concept of energy vampirism and this place is also what introduced me to it. It’s not why I went there, but it was something that came of it. As everyone knows being drained of energy is very exhausting and can really take a lot out of you. It’s an odd feeling, really… when it happens when you haven’t done anything to exert said energy. Clearly though if abused one can truly do some damage, especially if they ‘steal’ it from people. There are many ways to release energy, and as you stated sexual actions are probably the most potent at doing so. Anyway, I don’t know how this all works exactly, as I was just told a few things. Most listed above. There really isn’t that much dramatic to it, it’s simple in theory but difficult in practice if you try to learn similar things yourself, as with almost all energy manipulation. He didn’t tell me much more unfortunately except these basic things, sorry I couldn’t add more to this.

    Clearly though this type of thing is not set to one particular ‘stereotype’ as said, a person of any type could be like this. It’s not really set to a certain group, though in the gothic aspect I believe that is centered more around mythological vampirism, at least in concept, more so than this.

    I’m sorry? Please don’t throw up on me….
  11. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer I understand it, lycanthrophy was used to define an apparent disease to try and explain ''werewolves''... (Rabies, for example.) I might see where you're coming from, but maybe you could explain it a bit, if you have time?

    Oh I agree and understand the metaphoric value of such a saying, in fact I have my own, regarding the sheep like behavior of religious folks, for example.
    Such a phrase can mean many things, and although much of its meanings, as yours, are very concrete and sensible, the fact is, it often sounds like something flashy to say for impression-one needs to explain why they bring about such philosophical pride, and not just claim it.

    The presentation may be nice, and I'm trying not to be biased and understanding, but it remains that the vampire community thinks themselves, or it appears as so and is the impression I get, better then everyone else-they claim that they understand more, and don't always feel the need to explain it to us, because we're apparently too stupid and wouldn't understand.

    This, from those who use the more glorified image of the stereotypical vampire to project themselves, for the most part.

    I'm not saying all of them are this way. Many of them are very nice, it's just that the community does project this as its main nature.

    It just doesn't feel right to drink someone's blood-it feels unnatural, and so, slightly disturbing. More physical then mental though, as I suppose it's not something everyone drinks. Plus, I puked after lol!
    And cold blood? Wouldn't it coagulate or grow a skin or something? XD

    And thanks for the info about psychic vampirism. :) It's actually insightful, as I really knew nothing about distances, or how the channeling and manipulation of energy was actually affected by weather you know the person or not.

    Energy vampires and their techniques as well as nature and significant feeding sources are a lot more varied then pranic or sanguinary, so it makes it that much more confusing, I think.

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