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  1. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Alright so 8 members (not including Nazo, but I know he wants them) wanted the stories back. So I figured that out of about 17 active members, that was convincing enough to bring them back.

    I have to go in about in about 20 mins to get a haircut, so I won't post one right away, but when I get back, i'll work on it.

    Here are the characters of what I will call SEXIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL DILDO:

    Chris (Doodlez)
    Gisele (Resonnable Addition)
    Kat (Rainbow Deluxe)
    Mai (Tenta no Mai)
    Soviet Nazo (Hey I had to pick someone to do the hot russian chick)
    PKT (Phlynthe)
    Lizzy (The Liztress)
    Delusion (Overdose Delusion)

    It's still not too late to join in for those who never voted. ;)
  2. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Sweet I gets to be ins a storys. Yayzorxz.
  3. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Part 1

    Gisele - *with shaky hands* Oh Chris! You're so good at this. Oh wow!

    Chris - Teehee. I know. Months of intensive training are finally showing off ;)

    Gisele- I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Let's do this again after supper. What do you say?

    Chris- Anytime, babe.

    Kat - Would you guys stop playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and help me set the table!? >=(

    Chris - Ok, ok!

    Mai - Hey guys! Check out this article! It sais that professor Soviet Nazo is on the verge of discovering the greatest sex toy ever. It's 2000 years old.

    PKT (pops out of the bathroom) - Well gee...It's a shame that the greatest sex toys were made back when Jesus Christ was around....

    Gisele - Rubbish. I'm the greatest sex toy that was ever created.

    Kat - Oh you. ;)

    Chris - I know Lizzy was very excited about this trip and I hope she finds the toy before Soveit Nazo does.

    PKT - Lizzy's a winner. She wins all the time. She'll find it first.

    Mai - And then she'll get raped by Soviet Nazo and she'll end up losing.

    PKT - No. She NEVER loses.

    Mai - There's a first to everything, my friend.

    Kat- Supper's ready!

    Gisele- What did you cook?


    Chris - Hassen Feffer? Really? First time I'm eating rabbit then.

    Mai - I'm only eating it because the name made me laugh inside.

    PKT - Last time I ate that, I died inside. But just a bit.

    Kat- Glad to know I killed a bit of your soul.

    Gisele - Hmm. This is actually pretty good!

    Kat- ^_^

    Chris- My soul wants to kiss you, Kat. *Evil glare at PKT*


    Mai - Dude you're making it worse.

    *Door bell rings*

    Kat- *opens* We only donate to furries.

    Delusion - Hi! :D

    Kat- Oh Delusion! Come in!

    Delusion - Won't be necessary. You're all coming with me.

    Chris - *far away* Aw you know...can;t we enjoy Hassen Feffer for more than 5 minutes anymore?

    Delusion- I feel you pain, but Lizzy really needs you guys.

    Gisele- And who's gonna take care of Cindy Loo? Grave's dead and I got no baby sitter.

    Mai - PKT will take care of her.

    PKT - Didn't she kill Riffles?

    Mai - Now why would Cindy Loo have done that huh?

    PKT - Grave told me that on his death bed.

    Gisele - He was in a delirium phase. Disregard that.

    Chris- I'm not going anywhere before I eat a slice of cheese cake.

    Delusion- ...Well I guess I wouldn;t mind having a slice too actually...


    All - YAY ^_^

    *15 mins later*

    Gisele - *crawls on the floor*! I'll remember not to mix Hassen Feffer with 4 slices of cheese cake and coca-cola. UGH! *faints*

    Chris - My insides are on fire....*drools*

    Mai - My intestines are very displeased with me.. ;_;

    PKT - Yet another part of my soul vanished...

    Kat- *looks and the semi-dead group* It's a good thing i'm on a diet.

    Delusion - Liz is gonna kill all of us.

    Kat - Yeah no travelling for anyone tonight.

    Delusion- I'll go finalize my testamony. Brb.

    To be continued.

    Remember to rep if you like ;) Part 2 coming up soon.
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  4. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    These are easily my favorite parts. MORE MORE MORE.
  5. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Those favourite parts represent about 80% of the story! Woah! XD

    More being posted tomorrow when everyone will have taken a look at part 1.
  6. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Now do you believe me when I say I love your stories? xD
  7. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    I never doubted it ;)
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  8. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar


    Lizzy - Ah my fellow friends. Welcome to suburbia.

    Chris - Smells like cheese.

    Kat- It's so nice of PKT to take care of Cindy Loo while you're being selfish, Gisele :)

    Gisele- Selfish? I'm helping a friend, damn it.

    Kat- So then get out of this souvenir boutique and come and listen to Lizzy's never ending life story.

    Paige- Sorry for being late, Lizzy. Cheese cake.

    Lizzy- I understand. I had cheese cake once. Once. *tear drops from the corner of her eye*

    Kat- So wazzaaaaaap?

    Lizzy- Before I start, here's my new assistant, LBAF, low budget adult filmmaker.

    Gisele- sup, yo

    LB - nm u?

    Chris- stfu yo

    LB - no u


    Lizzy - Arrigato, Mai.

    Mai- Don't make me horny, please ^_^

    Chris- So gay....

    Mai - hahaha

    Chris- what?

    Mai - you're gay!

    Chris - haha yeah...

    Kat- Wow. Now I want those last 3 minutes of my life back.

    Lizzy- Granted, granted. Now listen, yall.

    Gisele - Is Soviet Nazo trying to rape you, Liz?

    Lizzy- Why of course. But there's worse!

    Chris- Yikes.

    Lizzy- The crystal dildo is protected by an army of sex slaves. I can't handle them all on my own.

    All - ...

    Lizzy- A bit of feedback please?

    Chris- Sounds shagadelic.

    Gisele- Need some warming up, babe? ;)

    *Back in Canada*

    PKT- Alright, baby. Don't kill me.

    Cindy Loo - *giggles*

    PKT - This ain't funny. I wanna live ya know?

    Cindy Loo - Bla bla bla. How bout you make me wanna not kill you huh?

    PKT- How does I do this?

    Cindy Loo- You're stupid. DIIIIIIIE!


    Cindy Loo- How bout now? Got an idea on how to please me?

    PKT- N-YES!

    Cindy Loo- Jesus....Change my diaper.

    *Back in Suburbia*

    LB - The tent is ready.

    Lizzy - Good, good.

    Chris- What did you cook for the gang tonight?


    To be continued.
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  9. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    These are DEFINITELY my favorite parts.

    Oh and, yes, I am sad that Lizzie has more h's in her hhhhhassen feffa than I did. REVENGE SHALL BE TAKEN! Hopefully. >>
  10. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    I'm disappointed to see that only 2 out of the 8 people who wanted to be in this story are giving feedback. C'MON GUYS!
  11. Overdose Delusion So strange what love does.

    I gave feedback! Check the first post.

    I'm enjoying the stories so far. Keep it up! And thank you for putting me in the story. ^.^
  12. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    >_> I thought you just wanted rep and praise.
  13. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Awesome stuff!
  14. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Rizu-neesama, that made me giggle uncontrollably like crazy

    And now I'm going be uber impatient to try out my new "Don't make me horny please" line!

    Doodlez, you should totally publish them stories of yours <3
  15. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Sorry guys, I've been quite busy and it's not getting better. I might not be able to keep this going 'till next week. Be patient! X3
  16. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music


    I mean, yeah, we can wait. :]
  17. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Arrigato, Ma-ya. >.>

    And post more... Please? Now? I demand it?
  18. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    As long as the new skin will be on, I refuse to post stories. It's too ugly.
  19. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music


    Kat needs her Doodlez' story fix. ;-;
  20. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    what the fuck was prop thinking?


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