Resident Evil is receiving another MOVIE, MY GOD. Also, General Video Game Movie Thread.

Discussion in 'Other Media' started by Tentei No Mai, May 15, 2011.

  1. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I had heard rumors of a MGS movie years back, and also heard that Hugh Jackman had been cast as Snake. I didn't think that would be too bad, in fact, I was in favor.

    I heard about the new MK movie, and I've played the new game (BOSS!), but I've never seen any of the movies, and don't really plan to really. Soul Caliber has it beat by a mile, in my opinion.
  2. Venom Well-Known Member

    It's the same way with me. Until I played Dead Space (and now Dead Space 2) I hadn't been creeped out by a game since Silent Hill 3. When I was playing SH3 I would be so drawn in that sudden noises, either from the game or just in the house would cause me to jump...I damn near jumped out of my skin one time when I was playing in the dark and the phone rang. DS2 has already caused me to jump a few times when I'll be walking around and something in the environment will make a loud noise all of a sudden. DS1 didn't really have any "boo!" moments but it took the SH route and tried to creep the hell out of you psychologically. They could totally get away with making a Dead Space movie that's similar to the Silent Hill movie, which combined a bit of creepiness/scariness from the games with summer movie action, because Dead Space 1 is creepy and tense and DS2 is more like an action flick with some jump out of your seat moments.
  3. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I wanna play Dead Space, but I've never had the opportunity.

    I think a movie for F.E.A.R would be cool. I haven't played it myself, but I heard it was pretty f'n awesome, and I love the plot, so I think it'd make a good movie.

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