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Discussion in 'Apartment Block' started by William, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. William Guest


    If you'd like an apartment, simply fill out this form (after you've made the necessary 100 posts minimum) and we'll review your application as soon as possible:

    Proposed apartment name:
    Proposed description:
    Proposed moderators:
    Proposed topic of discussion/additional notes:

    If you already own an apartment, and want to add a sub-board, please fill out this form:

    Current apartment name:
    Proposed sub-board:
    Proposed sub-board description:
    Reason you need a sub-board:

    Only one sub-board to an apartment, and only under special circumstances.
  2. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Proposed apartment name: Topika
    Proposed description: Roleplaying community inside a community (or something like that).
    Proposed moderators: Myself
    Reason we should give it to you: I'm an active member, well, not as active as I used to be, but if I had an apartment I would surely be around more often and what else am I going to do when I'm around here then post s'more?

    Happy now William? >>
  3. William Guest

    Yes. I was hoping you'd request a RPing forum, since I'd like to RP myself.

    It's made.

    By the way, I'll be moving the entire apartment block under "The Pavilion" when I wake up in the morning or whenever. I would do it now, but Tektite is replying to the thread and I don't want to chance the possibility of him losing his post.
  4. Tektite New Member

    Proposed apartment name: NES Board
    Proposed description: Message board about the Nintendo Entertainment System.
    Proposed moderators : Myself (Tektite)
    Reason we should give it to you: I will keep the NES board active, and still be active on wire forums, and try to be more active. It has to do with Nintendo (NES). Could possibly be put in the main forums.:D
  5. William Guest

  6. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Proposed apartment name (*): Psychedelic Chamber
    Proposed description: Everything about psychedelic trance and goa, the psy lifestyle but also about electronic music in general.
    Proposed moderators (*): Me
    Reason we should give it to you (*): Well, I allready had exact the same appartment before and I think I did a ok job with keeping it active. I allready have a party/concert report in my head since I went out this weekend plus some other threads.
  7. William Guest

    It's made.
  8. Miso Sheriff

    Proposed apartment name: The Realm of Sharp Objects
    Proposed description: Bosnians chill here. Can you?
    Proposed moderators: Miso
    Reason we should give it to you: Because I'm awesome and it's a good idea. Also, I'm here daily and can keep it active.
  9. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Proposed apartment name: Secret Room
    Proposed description: Blog-type thing. I'd give my opinions on various topics such as video games and movies and the like.
    Proposed moderators: Me, myself, and I.
    Reason we should give it to you: Because it's me obviously. ;-*
  10. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Sean, you know we have integrated blogs on the mainpage now right?
  11. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    ...there is? I don't see anything.
  12. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

  13. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    There should definately be a link in the forum index or something for this, because I never even heard of it before.
  14. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    We've had it about a month too! :p

    Also, if you haven't noticed...we have a review page as well.
  15. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    I don't want to review stuff, just kinda bash it or love it. That's why I want an apartment instead, so people can actually see it when I post stuff.
  16. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Bumping this so that Proto or Ax sees it and so that it can also be split clean of the offtopic stuff.
  17. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    Proposed apartment name: Multiplayer Arena
    Proposed description: Area to set up games and teams to battle it out online!
    Proposed moderators: Possibly me? If not then I suppose just choose someone.
    Reason we should give it to you: We have a General Gaming and a PC Gaming section, but we do not have anywhere that specifically points out MMO gaming. I thought it would be a neat thing to have to set up matches or just talk about your MMO character and/or brag. :) I could also keep it nice and active seeing as how im on EVERYDAY and I could keep adding more MMO's even if I dont play them, or other games such as starcraft or Unreal.
  18. Proposed apartment name (*): Disgaea ( In The Themed RP Forum)
    Proposed description: Disgaea
    Proposed moderators (*): The person who's making this post - ME!
    Reason we should give it to you (*): I believe this could be an active RP forum because of how widely the game is set, and (right now), I believe I am one of the most active members which would mean I'd be able to update it more. :D
  19. ProtoJMB Gone

    Ok guys. Sorry it took a while, but your blogs are up! :) Adol, yours is in pending. The Rules say that you need at least 250 posts. So you have 21 more posts to go I believe. :)
  20. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Congrats on the new blogs folks. Keep em active, or you know what'll happen! :p

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