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Discussion in 'Posting Games' started by Venom, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Venom Well-Known Member

    Same rating as last time.

    I want to see what someone rates my altered usertitle so I can see which one I should use.
  2. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    7.0/10. Lol but kinda eh.
  3. Venom Well-Known Member


    But seriously, 404/10.
  4. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    7.5/10. Uh ... wtf? >_> lol
  5. Venom Well-Known Member

    Umm...yeah. You know it by now.

    Someone else should come in and play this game. For srsly.
  6. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    8.0/10. Even more wtf. >>
  7. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    8/10. Your usertitle went up David! xD
  8. Lanza Well-Known Member

    5/10 It's misspelled.
  9. The Liztress Poison Pink

    6/10 Because it is wrong. You're here now and that way past the March 08 date.
  10. Elle Lawliet Elle Oh Elle

    10/10 because it turns me on.

  11. The Liztress Poison Pink

    9/10 Even though this browser is only showing think lines, I'm sure it's something cool. Japanese right?

    And it probably turns you on because of the picture below it.
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  12. Lanza Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to change my title back.
  13. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    f/ail You change your title in your user CP.
  14. Lanza Well-Known Member

    I don't accept just any regular old title!
  15. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    7.9/10 Well that changes everything!!!
  16. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    5/10. Bland, but it's your name. Soooo. >>
  17. PKT Forever /a/lone

    7/10 for lesbian references.
  18. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    6.0/10. Kind of cool, though I'm not sure what it means. xD
  19. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    7/10. Only because it's pretty true.

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