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Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Rainbow Deluxe, Jan 11, 2011.

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    It's almost 4 bucks a gallon here, too. Though the prices went down today. Only a few cents, but still. Every penny counts.
  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Double post, but I'm really pissed. I'm tired of everyone always blaming the party leader's connection for why they're failing. Granted, I don't have perfect connection on Vindictus, especially when I'm on Skype. But we were doing this battle, and this bitch WHO DIED FIRST is criticizing me, saying how you're not supposed to wear cloth armor to a seasons of macha (difficulty up) mission, DESPITE THE FACT THAT I ALWAYS WEAR CLOTH ARMOR TO SEASONS OF MACHA ALL THE TIME. She was also saying how they all apparently died because of me "not helping" because I had to repair my armor, despite the fact that when I started repairing my armor, all the monsters kept coming to me and leaving them alone. Which means that if they were doing their jobs correctly, they could've been using spears and bombs to attack the monsters. But did they? No. They all ran at the monsters, ultimately getting us ALL killed. But that was totally my connection's fault. Yep.
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  4. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Oh and when we found her again, my friends Hemel and Cassandra kept trying to troll her, which was kind of funny at the end. Hemel's character had no armor on, no weapons, nothing, and yet the girl was "apologizing" to him saying he had some annoying members in his guild. SHE WAS GETTING PISSED AT ME FOR WEARING CLOTH ARMOR TO A SEASONS OF MACHA QUEST, BUT DIDN'T SAY SHIT TO HEMEL FOR NOT WEARING ANYTHING AND PRETTY MUCH DANCING AROUND THE DEAD MONSTERS. Sigh. Oh and she had the audacity to get on the voice chat in game, and did nothing but bitch and complain saying that none of us were helping and if we were just going to stand around and do nothing to just leave the party so she could work with "more mature" players. She blames my lag and my armor for the reasons why we died the first time we played, yet is saying that we're the immature ones. >__> Granted it didn't help that Cassandra was constantly yelling at her in the chat, saying things like "Y U DED" and "YOUR FIONA'S UGLY," but at the same time, I was just going along, trying to kill everything, because it was a mission that I needed to get done. But that's totally immature of me. I'll try harder next time to act just like Hemel.
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    Soooo, I've pretty much wasted my entire off day to try and find a solution to get Fallout: New Vegas to work. It just won't work for me. I've tried every goddamn solution out there, I even called their support line. Lots of other people out there having this problem since they came out with the new 'patch'. Roger found a fix that's working for him, but it doesn't work for me.

    Worse--it's a computer game, so I can't bring it back. So I just basically wasted 30 bucks.
  6. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    ...Yeah, I'll have to be Nekoko-chan's back up. I should do some research on the game and see if I'm a good fit. ANYWAY I AM SO MAD THAT MY UNIVERSAL REMOTE ISN'T WORKING THE WAY I WANT IT TO. I found a dvd/vcr combo player over at my father's and I was like "fuck all y'alls I'm taking it", but oh, nooooooooo it will only work properly the vcr portion. ;__; I can't afford to buy the Tenchi Muyo DVD set (just OVA and TV, I can do without Tenchi in Tokyo), so my only option is watch my VHS collection.
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    It's an MMORPG, Mai. It's not really similar to other MMOs, though. The grinding isn't honestly as bad as like, Ragnarok, or even MapleStory, but the quests do have you run around a lot, which can get frustrating. It's also only in Open Beta, so it's a relatively new game. Then again, it's been in Open Beta for over six months now, and is no where near complete, either. >__>

    Anyway, just kinda blah right now. Been going through old e-mails and chats that I've saved, and just kind of down. I really hate how so much can change in such little time, and you can't do anything about it. I know free will's out there and everything, but it's kind of hard to make your own choices when things turn out not how you expected. :/
  8. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I've done MMORPGs before and if I don't have to worry about grinding too much I might be okay at it, though Ragnarok totally scarred me ;__;.

    Uuuuuuum, the lights went out last night, and that totally disrupted my sleeping schedule, because I can't sleep without white noise and some kind of light source (and I'm too much of a chicken/cheap ass to leave my Bath and Body Works candles set ablaze for long). Still grouchy about the whole ordeal.
  9. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Welll, if you do decide to look at it, the website is http://vindictus.nexon.net. I mean, I personally enjoy playing it, especially since I have others to play with me. One of the reasons why I never liked MMORPGs is because I would be playing by myself, and that's just boring. You honestly need other people to enjoy it.

    And I'm irritated because everyone keeps dogging on my friend Kalia, saying that she's too haughty or too egotistic, and going on about how they think that this other girl Junne is right about her, when Junne is more of a bitch than Kalia is. No one else sees it, though, because Junne has them all wrapped around her finger. -sigh-
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    I hate it when that happens-when you're the only (or at least in the minority) that isn't under the spell of some he-bitch or tuna skank. Though, that haven't happened recently since it seems that the majority of us can come to a similar conclusion (or at least not be all Y'ALL BITCHES DON'T KNOW SHIT about it) about people. And here's a little secret: we all think that Cody's chick is an annoying kumquat, but he'll never know it <3.

    Ah, not really a bad day, though we did run out of dish detergent. It was such a bummer, 'cause I was like, two plates and a spatula from Cleansville, man.
  11. Zackapple Express khdahahfdiahkai fka

    Most guys these days are complete assholes to girls. It's absolutely ridiculous how some of these guys treat girls. It's all about status among the other guys in the group. The girls, in the end, mean nothing. And the word "whipped" pisses me off. I MEAN, IT REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. If being "whipped" means doing whatever you can to make the girl you care about happy, then so be it. Knowing she's happy makes me happy. But, not these days.

    Guys are like horny gorillas that view girls as nothing but tools. They use the tools, then put 'em away. Then after constant use, the tools get old and rusty, so they throw them away and get new tools.

    Chivalry is dead. And, I fucking hate that.
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  12. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Sounds very similar to the conversation I had with a comrade of mine recently. I don't know about chivalry, but I do detest guys (well, gals, too, but we're talking men here, so yeah) that use and abuse girls out of some pathetic faux machismo or just because they can and don't like the idea of being "nice" or "emotionally invested". Pfft, honestly, that's part of the reason why I was never too big on dating or having a boyfriend, because I was afraid that I'll end up dating some loser that only views women as a fleshlight with built in cleaning and cooking doodads. Also, yeah, I may joke around saying things like "Oooooh, you are so whipped", but that's because I'm a bitch at times >__>. However, in all seriousness the term is just another way of trying de-man a guy, because he doesn't think douchebaggery is the shit. Hell, it pisses me off when some chick says that about another girl because the girl is consistently sweet to her beau, like she's being a slave to the man and got to constantly be in GRRL POWER mode or whatever. Which is sort of why some feminists really piss me off, because of their and/either logic errors and shit. What the hell is wrong with paying the restaurant bill every now and then, buying him a couple of knick knacks to show appreciation and spontaneity, and overall, not acting like a high-priced Diva just because I have a vagina!? THIS IS WHY I HATE MOST FEMALES, BECAUSE THEY THINK HAVING TITTIES SHOULD IMMEDIATELY GIVE THEM FREE SHIT AND NEVER HAVE TO WORK FOR IT GODDAMMIT. Oops, I ranted.
    Oooh, I ranted!
  13. Venom Well-Known Member

    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is really pissing me off, but I can't bring myself to ragequit either. First of all I hate getting gangraped by zombies, especially when I'm just trying to go somewhere, because if I die I have to restart at the nearest town, which may be further back than where I was when I died. Secondly it keeps killing/losing my horses of the Apocalypse. The first one I found was War, and I loved War. War was fucking awesome, and the entire reason my opinion of the game went from "meh" to "fuck yes!" Anyway fast forward and I came across Pestilence, so I broke (tamed) him, but I didn't want to use him so I led him back to John's ranch and hitched him there. Fast forward some more and I died, and when I respawned I whistled for my horse but instead of War I got Pestilence. I went searching for War and never found him, but it didn't matter since Pestilence was just as good. At least until he fell down a small hill and died. This was after the game had told me "Pestilence is nearly impossible to kill." HE FELL OVER ON A SLIGHTLY STEEP HILL AND DIED. Fast forward again and I found Famine. Famine wasn't as fast as the others but I could spur him at top speed as long as I wanted unlike regular horses so that was cool. Until zombies killed him for no fucking reason. Seriously, if your character is in the vicinty of zombies, they will flock towards your character. Not your horse. Not NPCs. You. But for whatever reason they decided to fucking kill my horse on the way. Now I'm back to using shitty regular horses and I'm stuck on a particular section of the game where I have to clear out a graveyard but I keep getting overwhelmed by zombies.

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  14. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Yet again I have nothing major to complain about so meh. Life is good, I see miracles everyday.
  15. Nazo Moderator

    Played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with my friend most of the day yesterday in multiplayer. Shit was cash epic. I have fun in FPS most of the time, but nearly all the time AC is fun. Even when you're losing. It all depends on your skill, really. Most FPS you don't need skill, you just need to know how to use the controls. Big difference.

    I've had New Vegas running for sometime, but I'm incredibly bored with it for a while. Played it hard care for a few days, finding all the locations and shit. Small game is small. I just got to the part where you kill Benny, the guy who tried to kill you. But, I put the game down for a bit and am replaying Oblivion. Modded the fuck out of it. Am having fun. Going completely against my nature on this one. Using a Dark Elf, as a NightBlade. Best at most magic, Light Armor, and Blades. Usually I'll go straight up brute, heavy armor, blades and axes, and just healing magic. I'm getting a lot of fun out of this though. I have to use my Alternation magic for some buffs and helping hand spells, some Destruction magic like Fire, Ice, and Lightning, Conjuration magic for summoning halp, and of course Restoration magic. Not sure if I'm going to mess with mysticism, though.

    All in all, this rant is quite positive. I's doin okay for the while. I really need another job, though. :\
  16. Venom Well-Known Member

    Without getting into too much detail, my mom is seriously pissing me the FUCK off. I have some money from selling my house but she seems to believe she can tell me what to do with it. I fucking found a car I wanted, rode with her to fucking Asheville NC (about 2 and a half hours) on Friday to look at it, and I loved it, but she just kept finding things to bitch about and I let her fucking talk me out of getting it. On the way home I realized that she just wanted me to fucking be just like her, and when I get money like that to save it and not spend it all...I can't fucking believe I let her tell me how to use my money, so I don't know if I should be more mad at myself but...anyway I came home from work tonight and in the back of my dad's truck was a bunch of bales of hay. Yeah, hay. We don't have horses. We don't have fucking cows. I don't know what the fuck they're using it for, but that seems like a bit of a frivolous purchase. I GUESS A FUCKING CAR TO REPLACE MY SHITTY ASS TRUCK IS A FRIVOLOUS PURCHASE, BUT NOT SOME FUCKING HAY FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT.

    I'm never letting anyone fucking tell me what to do with MY fucking money ever again. Especially not a GODDAMN HYPOCRITE.

    Also, I apologize for getting all ragey there, but I had to get it out. It was eating me up inside.
  17. Nazo Moderator

    I may get some hate from the ladies here, but please keep in mind that this post is simply putting into perspective that this goes both ways. In fact, I'm sure Kat will read this, find something and out of nowhere I'll hear, "Uh-huh, oh really?" I'll look bad and be like, "Wat?" And of course she'll be like, "Oh nothin'."

    Not all of us are like that, but sadly, I know a set few. My little cousin is one of them. I asked him about it once. My cousin is the type of person that has three different personae. The one when he's with family he listens to country music and does country-ish shit. He's not a red-neck, but he acts... well, southern, really. Then the one when it's out with friends. Gangsta music, wears fucking tank-tops (wife beaters lol) works out at the gym and shit. Then one I just found out about recently. His serious side.

    He's not one to be serious most of the time. He's not a bad guy. I just view his constant fuckabitch dropabitch routine sickening. So I asked him one time, "When are you just gonna find a woman and stop messing wtih these girls?" And he said something I just did not expect. He said, "You know.. I'm young, I'm active, I got a nice truck, good friends(i disagree but whatever) And I'm in the Marines. I'm just not ready to settle down. I'm in my party years. I know what I do with girls is messed up in some ways, but the girls I go out with are the same as me. Sluts."

    And I have to say, except for that one spot I marked. ...I fucking agree. It opened my eyes. It is not just men that have become heartless bastards. The women have also become heartless bitches. Hell look at the kids in middle school and lower high school grades. The 'cool' girls are the ones that have had sex and shit. They've basically turned into young guys when they hit puberty. Always telling their friends even when they're like... 14, "yeah, I've had sex." And, honestly, what guy didn't do that as a boy? Talking shit about sex like we knew what it was. Grante dI know it's possible, but most of the time we're just talking out of our asses.

    Women date guys because they're hot, not because the love them. Women date men because they're rich, not because they're good to them. Women date men for all sorts of stupid fucking reasons. It can range from just wanted to get married, to just wanting kids, to just plain not wanting to be alone. I get the last one, but it's still fucking stupid and misleading. Just don't fucking date if you don't like the person. Date someone you think is interesting. Everyone knows what I'm talking about here, right? We've all seen it. We've all had friends that do or did it. People in general have become fucking retarded. The aspect of love, marriage, and children between loving parents is just one big puddle of past-tense.

    Not all of us are like this, but the negative outweighs the positive.

    And fuck that mentality of you have to do everything in your power to keep a woman happy. Women on the inside are like men. They have needs and wants. Their are some that are greedy and those that are the opposite. There are woman that will be happy with simply the company of a nice guy, and those that are straight up not happy because they never get what they want. And sex has become a REWARD for good behavior. Fuck that. And fuck anyone who has that ridiculous mentality. If she's not happy with you, she probably doesn't care about you. Damn that having her walk all over you and shit. If you have to actually let a woman walk all over you, and god forbid you actually want to hit her but you know it's wrong, that's when you call it quits and tell her to get the fuck out. Of course, this works both ways, I'm just pointing out the fact that it's not only guys that are terrible beings. In my opinion, women are FAR better deceivers. I cite Chris Rock's stand out joke comparison of a man lie and a woman lie.

    "A man's lie is something like, "Oh, I was at Tony's house. Whereas a woman's lie can range from "Yes I'm happy." to "The baby is yours."

    They've lived their lives and can spend on shit they want. You on the other hand are young, economy is shit tastic. Jobs are hard to find and money is starting to mean less and less. Better to save then be sorry later. They're just looking out for you. It's stupid right now, but you'll be thankful for it later. I mean, c'mon. You live there and you just got a divorce, kick back a little, bro. Basement dwell for a bit. lol

    If this was my parents, however, they would indeed be hypocrites. My family is always crying that they don't have money, yet somehow manage to go out and spend a little here and there. They also have the audacity to blame ME and MY COMPUTER for an almost 150 dollar boost on the electric bill since last year. Because ever since I upgraded my PC, coincidentally the power bill went up. Wonderful, must be me. They also wanted us to get our own mini-fridge that we could put in our room. Little do they know that I lack the needed ROOM FOR A FUCKING REFRIGERATOR REALLY. I HAVE NO. FUCKING. ROOM. Because there's hardly any room in the two fucking freezers this house has. They buy shit they don't need. It literally stays in the goddamn freezer for MONTHS. Oh, and the best part? They said if we got a fridge the rent would go up. LOL RITE? "HEY, WE NEED YOU TO DO THIS TO FIX THIS BUT WE'RE GOING TO FUCK YOU UP THE ASS. COOL, BRO?"

    But, whatever.
  18. Venom Well-Known Member

    Believe me, the first thing I wanted to do was "basement dwell" but I'd almost rather be homeless than be talked down to like I don't fucking know anything on a daily basis. I'm not the type of person to plan that far ahead, I don't see the point. What's the point of securing my future if I die tomorrow? If they want what's best for me then they need to let me make my own fucking mistakes, not try to fucking stop me every time I make a decision that could potentially have consequences down the line.
  19. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I...don't even know where to begin, because Kurisu-kun and Ikusa-kun brought out some...interesting things for me to talk about >__>. This will be long, so to summarize: whoring goes both ways, I hate spoiled sluts, parents are capable of good AND evil, and I hate 85 percent of my family...okay, maybe 70 percent.

    I was never exactly the dating type and part of that came from not liking the idea of becoming some man's plaything AND playing to the idea that because I'm a girl the guy has to buy this and do that, because he isn't getting any unless he worships the temple. Really, due to how my older siblings and cousins were I sort of developed an issue with being in a relationship and I didn't realize it until I was in college. But, I don't regret not dating (outside of double/blind dates) much .-.

    Of course, not everyone is like that, but it sort of seemed like it. And yeah, girls tend to be no better than guys with the whole "use'em and drop'em" idea from what I've witnessed in my high school days. There was this one chick that went around doing whatever with guys, sometimes even stealing other peeps' boyfriends just because A. dude had dollars, B. dude ranked high on the desirability list, and/or C. girl was hornay. I did judge her, but now I think the only problem I had with that was the whole boyfriend stealing debacle...though, I could argue that if the guy was really that faithful to begin it may have been more of an inconvenience. Not to say that I'm friggin' old, but if you're going to sleep around with different folks and be wild I think doing it as a youngster is acceptable. Just use a condom and be honest, because I still don't like the idea of manipulating some lovestruck guy/gal just because you want to get in them jeans. Oh, and totally don't like HIV. And once you're ready to be in a committed relationship just be sure that the person you're with still isn't in wild mode <__<.

    Oh, and I do have a rant related to this, too! Yesterday, I went out to eat with mai haanii, because let's face it: I don't really do clubbing and barhopping and other uber social events well. Anyway, it was almost time to get the hell out, so I asked for the check early, so that way once we're ready we can just pay and head out. I paid for our meal, but there was a couple of girls seated near us and I could hear them talking about how pathetic a guy must be to late a girl take care of the expenses and that seriously pissed me off. I couldn't even VOICE that to them, because...well...mai haanii said to let it go and I know if I blew up in Chili's it'll look so...bad. I have to learn to control my anger and not get so bent out of shape -__-;. Pushing what the spoiled whores said into the dumpster...I feel that a relationship is about give and take, so why should I expect to take everything mai haanii is willing (or not) to give? I mean, is it really that bad I wanted to pay? I'm still miffed, but glad I didn't do anything.

    And also, geez, Kurisu-kun, I was raging at Ikusa-kun's parents and there you go flipping the table on my perspective! But still, though being helpful is what parents try to do...I still think when their children are adults they should try not to be so condescending unless the faggotry is so ginormous that all they can do is bring them back to reality. Which leads me to ANOTHER rant. Even though I live with my mother, but due to being lazy about finding a place, pretty much love the place I'm in and know that once I DO move I'd want to get as far away from my mother as possible, and well...I get too sentimental about leaving. I really do have a love/hate relationship. ANYWHO, I pay half of the rent and the electric bill, so really we're roommates, but the goddamn klondike invited her cousin (I hardly know the fucker, he's her first cousin, but to me he's a stranger that only comes around when shit hits the fan) to stay with us for the week, so he can find himself a place to stay. It bugs me, because the dude was already in the house before she even DISCUSSED THIS WITH ME. And it's not the first time she's done it, too! Recently, she let her classmate (she's like, fucking 20) spend the night and I didn't even know since the guest room and her room are upstairs and I live downstairs. Bitch scared the bejeezus out of me when I went into the kitchen! I'm digressing...the dude is probably going to stay a month, because mother is easy like that. And even our dogs don't like him! They bark at him none stop and since he has to go outside to smoke...it gets annoying. Well, to be fair he's only here at night and it's pretty easy to avoid him, but I just don't like strangers in my house. To me, family is only as good as the bonds I have with them, so just being related by blood isn't enough for me -__-;. I wish my mother would be more considerate, because it's not like she has to ask for my permission! Especially because if I decide to get the hell out all I have to do is find a place behind her back and just move...and I know she can't pay for our place by herself. But then, I'll be a spiteful little daughter >__>.

    Oh, well, I can rage, but I do have options, so I have to be reasonable!
  20. Nazo Moderator

    I'm not into the partying or clubbing scenes and shit like that myself. I'm a laid back kind of guy. I don't like to party. I don't like to drink. I don't smoke or do any form of drugs. To most, I'm boring. I don't have any big thrills. But I feel older than I am. I don't feel like a kid. I don't feel like going out and doing all that shit. I'll go out and bowl, walk around places like the promenade, and malls. I'll go out to eat and see a movie and things like that. I just don't see fun in all those, as you put them, "uber social events". They're just not me.

    Most of the time, nearly every time Kat and I go out to eat or anything that involves money. She'll pay. And, it makes me feel bad. Ever since I was a kid I've worried about what the people around me have thought. Honestly, it's because I've been jobless most of our relationship, but sometimes you just want to go out. I'll offer to go places and stuff, and she doesn't seem to mind to pay for it, and says she doesn't, but I do mind. It's contradicting to the point, I know. But, when I do have money. I do pay.

    Had we been you two that night in chili's, which btw, we go there all the time. Fuck yeah. I would've done the same thing. Even though it's painful and pride killing for Kat to pay for nearly everything, I would've told Kat to let it go. Because for some reason, when something DOES happen, my care level diminishes and I shrug it off. It's weird.

    "Oh god, they're gonna see her paying for all this shit, I know they're going to say something." *They start muttering under their breaths and I catch a few things.* "Oh fuck those bitches, I don't care." Because when it comes down to it, I don't, and I shouldn't. We're a couple. For all they know we have a joint account and I'm just too lazy to whip out my debit card because it's in my back pocket under my ass.

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