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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Carlo Marx, Jun 10, 2011.

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    A place for blowing off steam about games you want to blow off steam about.

    I will begin with the Assassins Creed Titles. The games are too clunky. They game engine does not provide the smooth ride one would expect when leaping across walls and shooting across rooftops in stealth while plunging in for the next kill. I always am climbing up the wrong wall on accident or not plunging through air in the right direction.

    Another series I cant stand playing is Bioshock. , I really apreciate how beautiful and smooth this game is. However it is so binding compared to other RPG shooters. The limitations when compared to Borderlands and Fallout are staggering and Bioshock just makes me wish I was playing something else.

    Something in general that I really hate is something has has for some extremely retarded reason gotten really popular in semi recent games is when the gameplay switches to a mode where you will have to push a button at the right time. For example in Resident Evil 5(Though it is not as retarded in this game as others) you have to tap A(Or some button) really fast to make a character run and then hit other buttons at the exact right moment or else the character dies. Really bad with this was the Spiderman 3 game. It made a game that had some potential of being enjoyable into a complete piece of unplayable garbage. I don't play real video games on real gaming system to play bop-it with my controller.

    More to come soon!
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    This is the first time I've ever seen anyone complain about any sort of engine problem in AC. AC's engine was made for parkor simulation gaming. Ubisoft does the game as well as the Prince of Persia games. AC is far more fluid and a bit faster, and amazingly detailed with just how man ledges, and such you can grab onto.

    Yup. I've been through the whole, "I PRESSED UP , NOT RIGHT, WHY THE FUCK DID HE JUMP OFF?" It's not the engine's fault, it's the controller. Plug in a brand new controller, the one that they just came out with, and you'll never fuck up unless you're pressing the wrong direction. The analog sticks on the older controllers are as shitty as the D-Pad, they are far too sensitive. So even if you press up or something, you may accidentally glide to the left or right before going up fully, the game will register the controller telling it left or right, and that's why you may go in the wrong direction. The new controllers hardly have that problem.

    One thing the engine wasn't made for is swimming. Once you hit the water, you kinda hang there like you just hit a wall lol. Though, hating a game for something so easily to overcome is kinda silly. I have the old controller, and the mess ups don't happen that often to rage quit or something like that. Again, this is the first time I've ever seen anyone complain about Assassin's Creed. And I go to /v/ where nothing but hardcore players post and shit.

    I can't really say I have any games I 'hate'. I haven't played a lot of games, but at the same time I hardly hate a game in the first place. I've always considered myself a gamer because I fall into the category of liking nearly ever game I play and being able to play a variety of types of games. I also find myself being scolded for liking one game, that has massive similarities as another and people bitching to me that I should play that one and still see if I think the other one is good, and I will. That's as dumb as saying you can quick-scope me in MW2 so bad that I'll never want to use a sniper rifle again. As if I could be discouraged from something I enjoy doing/using. >_>

    If any game comes remotely close to me hating, it would have to be Sonic Unleashed. The beginning level designs were amazing, fast paced, and fun. Then later on, they just got cheap. Cheap to the point you had to keep dying over and over trying to memorize the level. Mostly during normal Sonic's levels. It got to such and irritating high that I actually quit playing on the final boss of the game. The controls were so slow and I could get through the beginning phase. I didn't beat the game on my file, but I went to Roger's house and beat it easily somehow. >_> Over all the game was more stressful than it was fun at times, but it was still a well designed game... It just wasn't for me. I'd have to practice a lot at it, and that's something I just don't care enough to do. Like fighter games such as Street Fighter. I'm not good at fighters at all because I'm not going to spend hours and hours trying to learn all the combos and shit. The only game I did that in was Soul Calibur 2. And I was a rapist at that game. Nightmare, Mitsurugi, and Ivy? Only one dude beat me on a regular basis, and that was my brother. Which is embarrassing.... but he's the sit there and play forever type, so, lol. Used to go to an arcade at one of the casinos here and play Conquest mode. You'd make a character, the game would learn your moves and play style as well as other players. You'd fight through them like the normal game, but the people you versed were random. A lot of people failed to defeat my nightmare's AI, but couldn't beat me when I actually played. xD Now I suck at it. Forgot all the controls and shit. But, I'm getting off topic, sorry lol.

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