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Discussion in 'Music' started by Omni, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Post your recent music purchases here. This thread isn't for posting about music that you downloaded unless you actually paid for it.

    Ildjarn - Ildjarn Is Dead
    Ildjarn - Forest Poetry [Reissue with bonus tracks]
  2. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    I like never ever ever ever ever buy my music.. Lol. I won't be posting here very often.
  3. Venom Well-Known Member

    The last purchase for me was Death - Leprosy. I wanted to expand my tastes and it was only 4 dollars.
  4. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Death's worth checking out for fans of thrash. They're a good band to start with for people who aren't familiar with some of the more extreme metal genres.
  5. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I bought the Soul Eater OST and Damien Rice's 9 album.
  6. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Tenhi - Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

  7. Venom Well-Known Member

    Edguy - Rocket Ride

    Not my first choice but it's the only album by them I've seen around here and I happened to find it used. It's not bad so far.
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  8. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I recently bought The Academy Is...'s new cd, but what the title of it is, I can't remember. >>

    Btw, I'm very sad with myself, I left all of my cds up in Cary, minus the new TAI cd.
  9. Hyper soul society

    1. Find Hellfire Club
    2. Profit with joy.
  10. Venom Well-Known Member

    Hellfire Club is actually the one I want the most. No one around here sells Edguy CDs except one FYE and Best Buy, and they just have Rocket Ride. I'm not much for shopping online or downloading albums but it looks like I don't have a choice. :/
  11. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    -resurrecting thread-

    The last cd that I bought was Fall Out Boy's Folie a Deux.
  12. Venom Well-Known Member

    The Absence - From Your Grave
    Kalmah - For the Revolution

    Got The Absence Sunday and ordered Kalmah online the same day, hope it gets here by tomorrow or Friday.
  13. Venom Well-Known Member

    More hauls, double post incoming.

    Last week...I think...I bought:

    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying

    And yesterday I bought:

    Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder
    Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
    Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught
  14. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I usually just listen to music online. The last thing I bought though was a bunch of stuff from jonathan coulton.
  15. Venom Well-Known Member

    I recently bought:

    Aeternus - A Darker Monument
    Mantic Ritual - The Executioner

    I also bought a CD by Squealer, but it sucks so I'm going to trade it.
  16. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I mostly listen to stuff that will help me fall asleep. Do you know of any of that?
  17. Um.

    Guess I won't post in here.

    My 46 Gigs of music can go somewhere else then. *T.T*
  18. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Cmon, Post, I wanna know what kind of stuff you have.
  19. Venom Well-Known Member

    I don't listen to anything that doesn't make my ears bleed, so I can't help with the sleepin' type music.

    Bought more stuff the other day though:

    Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
    Circus Maximus - Isolate
    Grave Digger - Excalibur
  20. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I can sleep to just about anything that has a constant melody. Even metal.

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