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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by PropMaster, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. PropMaster Smurfly

    Wireforums just launched cPanel® a sister to Wireforums. In the coming months we will incorporate features seen within peepmix into our own user profiles. Please sign up there and let us know what you think, what you want added, removed and the like.

  2. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    I doubt I'm going to do this, but cool if people are into this kind of thing.
  3. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    It definitely would have to be better than Myspace, and i'll probably sign up when I have a moment.
  4. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    I registered. That's all that anyone gives a shit about.

    Now, because it's similar to FailSpace, watch me refuse to use it. llo.
  5. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    It's NOT Myspace, even if it's similar!

    Plus the layout seems better, so it's good enough for me.
  6. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir this a private thing....or what?
  7. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    I believe Prop intends to make it to rival other social networking sites, so anyone can join I believe.
  8. I did it. I like it.
  9. PropMaster Smurfly

    So any comments? Any additions we should add or features needing to be removed?
  10. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I like how it's set up. But I'd love to know how to change my profile page and make it pretty.
  11. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I made an account.

    I've never really taken any of these 'social networking' sites seriously, so I can't really do much beyond that. Definitely seems fine as far as I can tell, though.
  12. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    I dont see why everyone hates myspace.


    Now, myspace has tons of morons(That you dont have to add), and some bugs(That have nothing to do with the sites main purpose), but it serves its purpose and still stands as the best way to keep in touch with people.

    Funny that you guys drive me to defend a site that I dislike, but I cant pass up a good argument.

    All that being said, great job!!!!! I will be using this, most likely more then my myspace.
  13. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Er, I signed up and I think I made a slight mistake. Someone is getting a very awkward friend request from me -__-;.
  14. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    ... if you dislike it, how can you not understand why people hate it?
  15. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    I dislike it, but that is because I'm not big into those kind of sites, I still see no reason to hate it.

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