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    Welcome to Otaku University!

    Greetings new students! My name is Souichiro-souchou (総一郎先生), but you can call me Sou-kun (ソウくん) for short. I'm the President and Headmaster of Otaku University. We're committed to the discussion of all Japan-related topics not already covered by the Anime and Manga boards at Wire. Or for anyone who just wants to discuss the motherland in Japanese with fellow Otaku.

    The rules here are pretty simple, so don't sweat it:

    Rules and Policies of Otaku University

    1. Obey the main forum rules, which can be found here.

    2. Discussion is permitted in both English and Japanese.

    3. Be kind, courteous and respectful to all fellow students.

    4. Hateful, mean, or rude comments will receive bad rep and then be removed.

    School Motto:
    "We always strive to obey the rules."
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    What a wonderful apartment idea :cookie:

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