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Discussion in 'Nazo Grafix' started by Nazo, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Nazo Moderator

    Alright so, "My photoshop" thread is getting a bit full, so I'm going to start putting wallpapers in here, and keep other stuff/other discussions in that thread. Anyways, here my newest creation. I KNEW what I was going for, and so made it in about 15 minutes. Enjoy.

    Nova Burst.


    The next two are repeats. I also don't have a name for them. Well, I'd like to call the blue one "Blue Nexus", but that seems a bit much. -shrug-
  2. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Very nice effects, I like the colors on all of 'em :)
  3. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I told you that green, yellow, and orange looked good together. :eek: But anyway, amazinggggg. I like the whole bursting thing in the middle.

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