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Discussion in 'Nazo Grafix' started by Nazo, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Nazo Moderator

    Yeah so, I decided to open this place back up. To show you guys some of my new stuff, I do believe you'll all find it to be quite interesting at what I can do now.

    I've began a new program called; Terragen, and I got it registered. :D (don't ask how) So I've started my "space scapes" and mixed them with a bit of terraformations. Hope you all enjoy. I only have two to show at the moment, but I'm getting the hang of this, so please do expect more. ^_^

    First, this was made with an unregistered version of Terragen. (Notice the crappy detail.) Though, it was my first Planetary-Terraform collaboration so... -shrug- Still nice though, named it; Brilliant Dusk.

    This next one is with the registered version of Terragen. The detail and stuff is immense for such a small program. (4.6 MB. Yes MB.) The terra-render took 7 hours, yes hours to complete. The planets are of my pre-made collection I've done myself. This wallpaper was specifically made for laptops, specifically Kat's laptop. I did it for her, and wouldn't you know it, it's the best I've done so far. (The detail looks low because of the 'mist' effect I gave it. It just fit the scene. -shrug-) Name; Night Fall.

    Cheers! ^_^

    [Link leads to Night Fall's actual size on my DA.]
    Night Fall by ~Nazo-The-Unsolvable on deviantART
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  2. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Nice...is that a 3D program or wtf is it those are nice!
  3. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Yeah, those are pretty sweet! I'm kind of jealous -__o;. HE SHOULD MAKE ME A WALLPAPER, TOO! I WANT FLOWERS AND BLOOD IN MINE!
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  4. Nazo Moderator


    Flowers and blood?

    If I was skilled enough, I could make flowers in terragen.

    Hmm... I know I can make a scene with "blood" in place of the water, sound good? I'll try and make it all dark and stuffs. Just tell me the resolution of your screen, and I'll get to work. :D
  5. linchen New Member

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