My(Zolom's) first three albums

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    A band I started with my good friend Spencer currently named Zolom(But this may change) has released its first three albums, that I call the laptop series. Two of the albums are primarily him recording with a guitar+amp (One a classic rock acoustic and one a post rock guitar album) both recorded with a laptop mic and the other is a selection of my E songs(Also produced on a laptop, hence the laptop series

    In a day and Wirly things are pretty short but they have a full sound to them. Charlies Horse Shirt has a full albums worth of tracks pretty much.

    The two of us are currently separated by thousands of miles so it will be a while before anything that is a cohesive combination of both of us gets produced.

    In a day
    This is the best of all three imo. The title track and Time are pretty spectacular despite the low quality and the rest is pretty great.

    Charlies Horse Shirt
    More of a classic rock acoustic album than the prior.

    Wirly Things
    My first release, Not anything that amazing, but I wanted to put something out as well and it is really short and listenable so don't shy away(Includes Rising Ocean, Spirals, Union, and Croecia from my soundcloud)

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