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Discussion in 'Nazo Grafix' started by Nazo, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Nazo Moderator

    No need now. :p

    From this post on, any spammy posts will be deleted as soon as they are seen by me. I know I'm not the biggest spam hater here, but I would like to keep my place clean. :)
  2. Nazo Moderator

    Evolution of skill in Nazo sigs.

    1 Fail: [IMG]

    2 :/: [IMG]

    3 Hmm: [IMG]

    4 Kay...: [IMG]

    I stopped making sigs for a while, then.....

    5 heh: [IMG]

    6 Getting there: [IMG]

    7 :confused:: [IMG]

    8 Holy shit I'm getting good: [IMG]

    9 OMG WTF?!?: [IMG]

    10 fucking right: [IMG]

    11 'Nuff said:

    Now, if you'll notice the evolution of the NAZO brush, as my skill got better, BEFORE YOU READ THIS PART, you are a God.
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  3. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I like number 1 . And of course I noticed the NAZO brush evolved.
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  4. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Even the first one is better than anything I could do!

    I agree though, you keep getting better.
  5. Lanza Well-Known Member

    Five and onward impressed me.
  6. Nazo Moderator

    Lol. Sooooo... what's up with that?
  7. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    All of your sigs are better than anything I could ever do.
  8. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Nazo, how did you made the lines look 3D on your current sig?
  9. Nazo Moderator


    ...Because they're 3D brushes? XD
  10. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Too bad I don't lie.
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  11. The Liztress Poison Pink

    ...They make 3D brushes?! *searchs away*
  12. Nazo Moderator

  13. Crossover Unoriginal Gangsta

    It's unfortunate that you're not using 3D Studio Max or MAYA, since you don't use any characters that aren't from Mega Man in your sigs, my apprentice.
  14. Nazo Moderator

    I'm far from your 'apprentice', good sir. Roger was my teacher, and still kinda is. You just gave me vector tips. :p I also don't do 3D designs. I tried a while back and just didn't have the patience. For something to look good in that field... could take a week. A guy I know by the name of MaJoR does 3D and he always takes about 3-8 days on one thing. His best thing I've seen took 15 days. Also: I do use characters in sigs, very rarely, though.

    In fact, here are some of those rare ones.
    But, as you can see... I suck at character themed banners.

    However, this one came out awesome. It's a drawing that Giséle did. It's very special to me that she let me have the honor of shopping it into a banner, and I have to say, though it is classified as character themed, this is by far my best. However, I didn't like the font I put in, so I'm going to change that soon. HOPEFULLY my dumbass saved the damn .psd file.
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  15. Lanza Well-Known Member

    That Shadow one is awwwiiight.
  16. Nazo Moderator

    I don't like it, really. The background is just to much.
  17. Lanza Well-Known Member

    You're forgetting the fact that "too much" of a good thing is a good thing!
  18. Nazo Moderator

    Hah! Quite so, my good man.
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  19. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I looked at the 3D Studio Max website. It looks like a great program but the price tag is quite a bit too much. I can't afford $3495.00... And MAYA is a little less, at $2000. Be nice to try one day, when I hit the lotto.
  20. Nazo Moderator

    Or you could... oh I dunno, pirate it?

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