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  1. Nazo Moderator

    This reguards my Wallpaper thread.

    Crossover, says I have no skill that's fine I know I don't quite got it yet, but I'm learning. You say you didn't look at tuts but you looked at others work to get inspiration. Perhaps I should do that, however my personality usually won't allow me to. I love figuring things out on my own, it makes the excitment and thrill much better when you make something that finally catches someones eye.

    Legend, FYI teaching yourself is true skill, I mean how do you think the first person who made the first graphic went by. He/she had to teach himself and teach himself selfskill. There were no tuts back then. Also, its not that I won't except help it's that usually I can't. Also I'll admit as much as it pains me so, I got out of hand and for the first time in quite a while, someone's words got to me. I made myself look pathetic. I even said I quit Photoshop, but the truth is I didn't, and probably never will. At one point I forgot one of my rules in life and that's not to let anyone get to me. If I enjoy something and someone disagrees with it that's their problem. I won't stop something I enjoy doing just because someone said something. I don't know how I let someone's words get to me, but it happened. However, thanks to Roger's bitching at me when I told him I quit I snapped out of it. And got back on my wallpapers.

    Currently this is what I'm working on now. Remember Photobucket resizes because I only have a free account. This wall paper has three steps so far. I wanted to make something like a planet getting stuck by a beam from FFX's Magus Sister's overdrive attack, Delta Attack. Now this is probably the first time I wanted to make something look like something else, and really it looks nothing like Delta Attack. -shrug-

    Anyway Step one: I had got the idea for the Delta attack and remembered that they formed a triangle before firing the beam they shoot. So I put in the triangle. Now I have to use lense flare for the three Magus Sisters glowing at each point of the triangle. Then colored them different colors. It turned out extremly simple...

    Step two: After looking at the finished verison of the first one I relised, lol to empty. So I decide to make a starry background for it. I also relised that the left bottom lense flare was covered up by the beam. So I tried to rotate the triangle. After doing basically what I did in the first it turned out okay aside from the mysterious fuzziness that's in it. (don't know how it happened really) And the result was this.

    Step three: Thanks to Roger. Now Roger comes over my house every now and then to play games and what not. So I decided to show him my Delta attack. I showed both of them. And said the second one was betterly made but the first beam was more godlike. Then he came up with an idea. Put a planet in the background since it's in space. I said hey that would be cool should I find a pic of a planet or make it myself he says make it. Then we came up with an even better idea. Strike the planet with the beam!!! I said YES destruction ftw! So here's what I did, I dl'd some brushes and made a planet which is this here....
    Then I decided to use the same technique I use on the last ones with the lense flares, the triangle and the beam. I made the triangle more like the second one just a little more rotated, free transform ftw. The I put the lense flares all in different layers as usual and put all of them green colored. (after looking at the Delta Attack from FFX once I noticed that they glow green. Also they don't shoot a beam they shoot a simple blast at the enemy. So the only thing really related to this wallpaper is the idea and the green lense flares.) Anyway, I remade the beam to a smaller size to make it look better. did a different stary background and finally put the planet in and blasted that sumbitch and it turned out like this.

    Pretty cool eh? Oh yeah, this wallpaper is incomplete as of yet. I will remake it the same way just in better quality and perhaps a bigger planet. Anyway That's it for now. Leave comments yes? ;) Btw leave your honest comments I do not like to be sympathized on. If you think it sucks say so. Maybe this time instead of losing it I may ask what I should do to make it look better. I hate accepting help.........
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  2. The Bill tf2 is a good game


    I like it, but that's just me, since I think anything nifty is cool. :)
  3. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Not half bad, though when you work on it some more something needs to be done to make it look more realalistic where it impacts the planet.
    Also I prefer the very first version of the triangle and beam starting point, looks more real to me. Nice work though.
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  4. Nice man. You're gettin better and better.

    I just wish I knew how to use brushes well... :(
  5. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    ...On what Hawk said. The reason the 1st looks "best" overall is because of the clarity of the beam. It's intensity fades out too quickly in all the other versions, whereas in the 1st, it's good up until a few pixels to the edge. That's why it looks good. It's a better balance.
  6. Crossover Unoriginal Gangsta

    Much better. I expected you to bounce back nicely. You know I have and never have had anything against you, Kyuubi. I'm not just gonna be mean, but brutally honest is a different story.

    I like where you're going with this. In the third one, which, IMO is best (the triangle is kindaa sexy...), there's too much "space" in your space. Basically, too much noise. Try and reduce your star count to just a LITTLE more than the second one. Also, on the planet, make it look like it's really being destroyed. The area of it that is under the beam can be made more opaque to give the illusion of disappearance. Play with that. And see if you can bring in the outside glow of the planet. It seems a bit too powerful.
  7. Nazo Moderator

    Well, It is a beam of god and destruction. I will tune down my stars in the back. I myself agree there. I don't really get what you mean by, "Also, on the planet, make it look like it's really being destroyed. The area of it that is under the beam can be made more opaque to give the illusion of disappearance." Simplify please. :)
  8. Crossover Unoriginal Gangsta

    Double that layer (the planet) and on the one on top, delete the portion of the beam side and leave soft edges (lasso with a 2-3 pixel feather would do nicely) and on the bottom one, make it somewhat transparent.
  9. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Good stuff Chris, you're definitely improving. If you get me some larger copies, i'd use em as wallpaper totally. It's tough to pick my favorite, but i'll say the third is the best.
  10. Nazo Moderator

    Heh, thanks man. If you want I can transfer the full size to you once it's betterly made and much less noisy. :)

    To Crossover, okay I double the layer of my planet making two in the same spot then on the top one use a lasso and...take...part of....the beam away...? Hmm, I kind did that. Except I didn't take the beam part out I took the planet out. If you look closely there's two planets there. My appologies, I don't understand alot of things...:\
  11. Nazo Moderator

    Okay check it. In this one I decided to take the planets destruction a bit further. So I use a different technique for my planet, and well, blew it to hell and back. I made the planets explosion the same color as the beam for a more fitting blast. Also I tuned down my stary background like Crossover advised, and made the planet look as if it's really being destroyed. Which btw isn't so hard to tell. Yeah I raped it hard.

    Btw, this is mearly only the second draft. I still feel as though it's off a bit. Thoughts?
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  12. Crossover Unoriginal Gangsta

    I liked the previous triangle better than this one. Other than that, it does feel a little off, but I can't pinpoint it.
  13. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    The stuff that looks like nebulas or gases, tone down the opacity (transparency) of those ALOT. They just stick out too much. Other than that, great stuff. You should totally register on DeviantArt and post some of that up. It's good stuff.
  14. Nazo Moderator

    I can't seem to get past the fuzzy look. The fuzziness is taking away some of the accually picture.
  15. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Alot better, nice work Kyuubi. I agree with AK...

    And I would add you on DA :3 I liek your stuff.
  16. Nazo Moderator

    I can't take out the nebulas they are part of the brush witht the stars. If I turn that down it'd make the stars go with it. :( btw, I may sign up at DA it's where I get's my brushes from. :)
  17. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Haha, you really should cause most people like to be credited for their work. :# Drop us a link if you register.
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  18. Marcius THEY HACKED...INTO...MY FUCKIN' CAR!, you did, in fact, rape the planet hard. XD I'm suddenly thinking of the planet Alderon from Star Wars, hahah! Make some video game-based wallpapers...I'm dying to see what you can make out of Jill Valentine...
  19. Nazo Moderator

    HA! Video game wallpapers you silly silly man. I'm not that far yet. The best thing I've done with any kind of charater is my sig.
  20. Nazo Moderator

    Final draft turned out great. I changed the colors of the lenseflares to match the beam, tuned down the nebulas in the back by using levels (duh!), and moved the planet more down to lengthen the beam. That way it's not all smugy. I aswell, got the fuzziness out of the pic to. Not all of it but most of it. And here's the final result....
    Your thoughts?
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