It's The "So You Think You Can Write!?" Thread!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tentei No Mai, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Venom Well-Known Member

    I've been trying not to post behind myself, but I need to vent and the forum I usually post my writing at is down, so...

    "Road Rage"

    hey there granny I see ya drivin' real slow
    so do us all a favor and get off the fuckin' road
    hey Asian honey you know I think you're pretty hot
    so is drivin' down the road with your blinker on - NOT

    all these motherfuckers clutterin' up the highway
    wish I was a pilot, pass 'em on the aerial byway
    when I get stuck behind some asshole drivin' 35
    they better count their lucky stars if they get home alive

    'cuz I run any motherfucker off the road if I please
    'cuz bad drivers seem to multiply like some moronic disease
    I don't wanna get stuck behind some old guy in a Taurus
    'cuz when I'm on the road all I wanna do is haul ass

    'cuz I'm a wild man, can't drive 55, no sir
    oh and by the way, get a goddamn muffler
    on that fuckin' Harley or your old piece of shit car
    'cuz you know damn well a corpse can't drive far

    speakin' of Harleys, I hate those stupid motherfuckers
    if you ride one of them you probably got raped by your brother
    so you try to act all tough but you know you ain't nothin'
    go stick your dick in the tailpipe for some afterburn lovin'

    who else can I call out, oh yeah, fuckin' old people suck
    they actually approved you for a license, what the goddamn fuck?
    your ass can't even see over the goddamn steering wheel
    you'd be better off at home gettin' house delivered meals

    if it ain't too obvious by this point I got me some road rage
    so stay out of my way or end up on the obituary page
    I'm sick and goddamn tired of all you lame ass motorists
    one more warning - better clear a path, 'cuz I know you won't be missed

    I just want to say I hope no one takes offense to any of this, as it's just for fun to help me vent my frustration at idiot drivers. If you are offended...that's your problem. XD
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  2. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    ...YOU NEED TO GET THIS SONG RELEASED, BECAUSE I WOULD FUCKING SING IT EVERY DAY WHILE DRIVING. I mean, damn, I can totally relate! I CAN REALLY RELATE! And the lyrics are just on and fun. Damn, your rage must be a muse or something, Ikusa-kun!

    Er, I guess I can post something, too. Pretty angsty, though and I should probably edit it, but I'm too lazy for that. Still, here it is.


    Creation of a poorly built tragedy
    Another story that might be wasted
    He writes down his words only to shred them up
    So such things will never be brought into reality

    If I were to die in the corner of my room
    Whose symphony would be brought to life?
    Surely this will never end as I am now
    But it's been too long since I became this way

    You were knocking on the door
    Demanding inconceivable things
    It made me wonder what this was for
    The glint of silver and the white strike

    If I close my eyes and pretend to be helplessly happy
    Whose angst would seep through the cracks?
    As the floor is painted in a crimson design
    Giving me the strength to reach tomorrow

    The mirror's reflection is such a hideous truth
    Reaching out to swallow me whole
    I'm tired of living inside of my mind
    While pulling the strings to move forward

    If I came up to you spiced with salt and copper
    Whose sympathy would be turned down?
    We've never learned to care for one another
    So, why should we start now when it's almost over
  3. Venom Well-Known Member

    I like that one. ^_^

    Also, yes, my rage is a muse. Observe this song from a few months ago:


    I'm about to fucking crack
    there is no turning back
    I'm pushed beyond the edge and I am ready to attack

    you better run away
    you better hide and pray
    when I find you God won't save you from your last of days

    don't push me anymore
    for fear of what's in store
    I'm ready to strike back
    'cause I have fucking cracked!!

    I have come unchained
    adrenalized my brain
    hate is on the menu but my specialty is pain

    violence unleashed
    cannot kill the beast
    break your bones, snap your neck, now your life is ceased


    dying to live...the living will die
    I don't need a reason so you shouldn't ask me why
    don't ask for mercy...don't beg for your life
    if you do I'll smash your head to stop your dying cries!!!

    hatred in my eyes
    now it's time to die
    vengeance fast and furious like lightning from the sky

    I will not repent
    for this is not my sin
    you have brought this on yourself by fueling my descent


    now all is lost...was it worth the cost?
    inside my head...I'm now forever dead

    I was going for a Slipknot vibe on that one.
  4. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    >__> That was totally a Slipknot vibe I was feeling and my God, that could be a theme song for when I snap at the office!

    Oh, and I forgot to post the song that inspired "If".

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