It's The "So You Think You Can Write!?" Thread!

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  1. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Hiyo, losers! I'm sort of stealing Sou-to's idea, but instead of writing stories in this thread we're going to post our bestest poems, sonnets, ballads, or even musical lyrics. So, humiliate, I mean, show your expressive selves! I'll start off with my lyrics from way back when called "No Longer Yours". It's...incredibly corny and I should probably edit it, but well, whatever!

    Creeping out like a B-rated horror flick
    You approached me from the darkness
    This was how we first met
    You enchanted me with your magic, but now
    Not even a cell of me can allow it to go on
    It wasn't really love, but I believed otherwise

    I cried because I couldn't hide
    The feelings pressing against my heart
    They wouldn't disappear or subside
    So, now I fear with the utmost passion
    That kindness and love are magic tricks
    Played on the naive and on the foolish

    I swear it was a false XTC
    Runnin' through multiple illusions
    And I kept wasting time with fantasy
    There's nothing within me
    But a kind of special pain
    Made by my broken-down dreams

    It can't be true nor strong or everlasting
    My tears will stain the floor, my blood will run cold
    While I sit near the view of sunset
    Staring outside the window for an answer
    But the question behind it is unknown
    I have yet to realize what I need

    There was nothing left to do, but run away
    From the dubious faces crowding me
    Hoping to see more misery
    Which began all of the self-doubt
    I believed in you, I believed in our bond
    What is left of this melancholy space in me?
  2. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    You know, a lot of songs are corny, but people love them. It's all about the band backing you.

    Shattered Dreams
    I sit still,
    staring out the window,
    watching lost dreams run and play on the grass.
    I look for yours,
    wondering if I'll see you chasing it,
    the way we both used to.
    I'm sorry that when I caught mine,
    you lost sight of yours.
    But that wasn't my fault,
    and really, being honest,
    you had no right to shatter it.
  3. Nazo Moderator

    Idk if this will apply, but I wrote this a good 3 years ago. It's unfinished and it was my failed attempt at trying to write some type of ... like, Rave/Techno/Erotic song.

    (Verse One)
    (Soft tone)
    Can you feel it burnin' inside?
    Can you feel it tingle your spine?
    Can you feel it gettin' you wet?
    Can you feel it...
    Can you feel it yet?

    Ecstacy, ecstacy...
    (Soft tone)
    You feel it when I touch you.
    I feel it when you touch me.
    Ecstacy, ecstacy...
    (soft rough (erotic) tone)
    I wanna fuck you.
    You wanna fuck me.
    (Repeat x1)

    (Verse Two)
    Blood starts to boil, As the temperature rises.
    Hearts start racing, As motions move faster.
    This is the floor of the horrizontal dancers.

    Sweat starts to drip down, feels like ice cold rain
    Bodies twisting and winding, gripping and scratching
    Minds going crazy from the pleasure; so insane

    (**Moan Moan**)
    (Female moaning voice)

    (Can you feel it yet? I bet you're dripping wet...)

    Ecstacy, ecstacy...
    (soft tone)
    You feel it when I touch you.
    I feel it when you touch me.
    Ecstacy, ecstacy...
    (soft rough (erotic) tone)
    I wanna fuck you.
    You wanna fuck me.

    (**Moan Moan**)
    (Female moaning voice)

  4. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I didn't know Kurisu-kun could write and omigawd, that's like, high octane smex fuel! Such a horny little weapon-maker you are o__o. Still, it's something to grind to on the dance floor, 'cause it works >__>.

    And I like your work, Stephers! I have a thing for angst and sorrow, so yeah .-.
  5. Nazo Moderator

    I wrote this when I was in my Linkin Park rules phase. If you're familiar with them, you may see some similarities with this song to most of LP's stuff. At least I would hope. It was also in my gothy-phase, which didn't last long, but whatever.

    (Intro/Chorus: Rough tone(scream)

    I've been torn!
    I've been ripped!
    From the person I was...
    What to do with this shell of my former self!?
    My heart!
    My soul!
    My determination!
    What's left of me is what you see!

    (Semi-Short Instrumental)
    (Verse One: Slight hard tone(not scream)

    Oh so long ago I was to the extreme.
    Never ever letting go of my goals and dream.
    What I was, was me, and all I was to be.
    But now, everything is changed before of me.

    (Short Instrumental)
    (Verse Two: Slight hard tone(not scream)

    The grasp I had on the life I was livin'
    Was something that could only be earned and never given.
    But now, it's gone, gone-it's left me.
    Now my eyes, they fade, no path I see---(Carry it, 3 secs)

    (Chorus Two: Rough tone(scream)

    I've been torn!
    I've been ripped!
    From the person I was...
    What to do with this shell of my former self!?
    My heart!
    My soul!
    My determination!
    What's left of me is what you see!

    (Verse Three: Same tone as first and second verse.

    I've lost everything!
    I have no will to go on!
    What's the point of living-
    In this infernal state of mind?!

    I've been lost inside these walls!
    This empty shell with no way out!
    I am lost within!
    ...Lost inside--------!(Carry it 8 secs)

    The faith!
    The strength!
    The will to keep goin'!
    It's gone!
    gone forever!
    It'll never return!

    I've lost all hope for myself!
    Someone please tell me!
    What's the hell's point of living;

    (Chorus Three: Rough tone(scream)

    I've been torn!
    I've been ripped!
    From the person I was...
    What to do with this shell of my former self!?
    My heart!
    My soul!
    My determination!
    What's left of me is what you see!

    (Soft tone(whisper until "SELF!")

    I've been torn away...
    From who I used to be...
    And now all that's left
    Is this empty shell...
    Of my former SELF!(Scream then cut music and vocals(song ends)
  6. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm gonna fuck
    The shit out of you

    Most romantic poem ever.
  7. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Yeah, for some reason Kurisu's lyrics remind me of Linkin Park's Part of Me (in terms of feeling >__>;), but yeah! And I guess I've never quite gotten through my brooding phase since most of my shit is rather...glum. AS FOR SOU-TO

    Still <3 you, though.
  8. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Rain falls down from a clear blue sky,
    and I wait for my love to return.
    He went away, he had to go,
    and a part of me went with him.
    It's been a long time, longer than he said,
    longer than he promised.
    Sometimes I wonder,
    if he ever really planned to return.
    I guess I'll wait and see.
  9. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I wrote this abouttt a year ago, pretty much getting the inspiration from the Katy Perry song "Thinking of You." I'm sorry that it's not all happy happy joy joy but I just can't write that. I've never been able to. And this poem should've really been written in the form of a song or something, but I suck at writing songs. So, yeah. AND YES THIS ISN'T THE BEST POEM OR ANYTHING, BUT I SEEM TO ONLY REALLY BE GOOD WITH WRITING STORIES. SO SHUT UP.

    You can't possibly think that I would stay
    Especially after the way that you, that you just threw me away
    But I think that you should know
    Everything I have to say before I go

    You were the first one that I loved and that I let see
    I let you see just how tough I really couldn't be
    I let my guard down, I let you into my heart
    I believed that you wouldn't tear me apart

    I gave you everything, my life and my soul
    You managed to fill in that damaged hole
    We traded stories, I told you all about my past
    I knew that I was falling, and that I was falling fast

    I was willing to give you what no one else had
    I knew with you that it wouldn't be considered something bad
    I let you touch me with so much lust
    At that time I didn't know that you would breech my trust

    But just like everyone said, I trusted you too much
    And as I mentioned, I let my guard down with every single touch
    And now, well now I'm pretty much stuck in a bind
    You've given yourself to someone else and have messed with my mind

    So I'm leaving you before you can hurt me anymore
    I've already packed up all my things, but I wanted to tell you one more thing before heading through the door
    Remember how you told me that we were different and so that's how you wanted to be treated?
    Well, looks like you got your wish as you're the one who cheated.
  10. Venom Well-Known Member

    Wow, it's all emo-ey up in here. XD But y'all posted some good stuff anyways.

    I've written several songs (and some poems) that I've posted on another forum since there wasn't really anywhere to post them here, but now that there is, I'll start with a couple of songs. Like Chris, I have ideas on the general tone, timing changes, where solos should be and whatnot, but it's all in my head, so you won't see it written here.

    "Darkness Painted White"

    dark and lost, I'm cold inside
    I find a mask to hide behind
    a veil to hide the pain in me
    so that no one else will see

    incandescent, so fluorescent
    a bright white shell where no life's present
    a dark descent, though I dissent
    and wear a mask that's iridescent

    reassure that I'm okay
    as the colors bleed and fade to gray
    blinded by the artificial light
    of the darkness painted white

    outside I don't have a care
    look inside, you'll find despair
    treading on the shallow water
    for fear I'll drown if I should falter

    see no evil, hear no evil
    denial of a wound that's lethal
    falsely cheerful, truly fearful
    appearances can be deceitful


    every day, a fresh coat of paint
    to conceal the scars of hate
    the real me locked in a cage
    ceded to my altered state

    cracks reveal the dark inside
    I fear I can no longer hide
    chip the last rotten pieces away
    to find a soul encased in gray

    the mask is peeled, my broken shield
    forgo all hopes these wounds will be healed
    once concealed, now all's revealed
    in my shame my fate's now sealed

    can't pretend that I'm okay
    when I see the world in shades of gray
    denial inflicts subconscious plight
    when the darkness consumes the light


    That one deals with someone who puts on a cheerful front but is really depressed and distraught on the inside. Which is how I was a few weeks ago when I wrote it. This next one is what I came up with when I broke free of my mental anguish (or completely lost my mind and just forgot about it, either way) and decided to live life to the fullest and maybe kick a little ass along the way.

    "Kick Some Ass"

    livin' back in yesterday
    it don't do no good today
    for a time I went astray
    but I'm back and here to stay

    live and learn, time to burn
    make it count with every word
    live and learn, the wheels will turn
    you know this time I will be heard

    'cause I ain't gonna wait for the rain to pass
    and I won't live life through the looking glass
    I'm gonna live every day like it were my last
    'cause this time we're given's gone way too fast
    I'm gonna kick a little ass!

    I lived on the edge for too long
    caught between the right and wrong
    but those days they are long gone
    I'm livin' fast, and livin' strong

    have no fear, time is near
    my day in the sun is here
    have no fear, I see it clear
    wipe away the past's dark smear


    admittedly I'm half insane
    full speed on the nowhere train
    but the voice inside my brain
    tells me I've everything to gain

    hit and run, chase the sun
    take your time and make life fun
    hit and run, what's done is done
    I'm lookin' out for number one


    gonna live life fast!
    gonna kick some ass!
    break free from the past!
    'cause today might be the last!
    kick some ass!
  11. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    >__> Stepher's last poem could be the opening to a classy coming-of-age type show (to me, anyway!). And well, us cheery types can't always channel that happy energy into verses, Nekoko-chan or otherwise, we don't know what to do with our pent-up darkness! Also, I didn't see that coming, Ikusa-kun! Really, your songs kind of adds an extra layer of depth to you for some reason .-.

    Annnnnd, I sort of lost my nerve to post more of my stuff. I keep going through my goofier songs and thinking "there's no way in hell I'm showing this", but it's a little too late for that, huh? Er, this one something I came up with when I was listening to a track from my SMT playlist and I thought "what kind of song would I rock out to during a boss battle?". So...yeah, it's called Determination. I need to find that track and see if it's on youtube >__>.

    Determination, it's what I got
    I'm not gonna lose it
    It's the way I want to be
    Fighting is easy if tricks are used
    I don't want to take the low road
    So, I'll grit my teeth
    For the first blow if I can't dodge it
    Even though I feel so light I have to remember

    Emptiness is unimportant if there's a way to fill up your heart
    with pleasure, passion, and a pure love
    Emptiness won't stand in the way
    I'll make the world notice my ferocity
    and earn the right to stand out on top
    Become the hands that garner victory
    Emptiness no more

    The pressure is building, the temperature is rising
    I have to jump into the fire while I'm still ice cool
    I am living with determination, my soul is energetic
    Does it matter where I got it from?
    Just pay attention to the path towards my golden place

    Emptiness is a dangerous illusion
    that can murder you without hesitation
    I fear nothing, I mustn't fear anything
    Emptiness deserves no worry if there's a way to let go
    the darkness cutting at you
    Emptiness is a hollow existence that should be made use of
    So fill it up with the things you want
    Determination will lead me to victory
  12. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Really, I'm just making these things up on the spot, I'm too lazy to go back and look for older things. >.<

    The frown on my face went away,
    as I looked up at the bright sun,
    shining in the pure blue sky.
    Sometimes, every once in a while,
    There's a day when everything
    Just seems to go so right.
    These are the days I live for, and
    I'm always happy to see them,
    and greet them like an old friend.
  13. Venom Well-Known Member

    Mai, I really liked Determination, it's a cool song and could easily get me pumped up for anything. And after reading Stephy's poem, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

    And here's a couple more old ones I wrote, about 2 months ago. I haven't written much new recently but I have some ideas, so I'll note if something I'm posting is actually, you know, new. >_>

    "Z or R Twice"

    baddies on your tail, yeah what do you know?
    gotta shake em all off so do a barrel roll!
    Peppy's gonna tell you right, straight from the soul
    press Z or R twice and you'll do a barrel roll!
    if you ain't got the skillz you're gonna pay the toll
    so listen up here you gotta do a barrel roll!
    'cause this shit is serious it ain't no lakeside stroll
    you're ass is under fire, dawg, so do a barrel roll!
    when everything looks hopeless it's your ace in the hole
    not your smart bomb, Fox, you gotta do a barrel roll!
    it ain't all that hard to just do what you're told
    so listen up fool, and just do a barrel roll!
    it ain't exactly new, and it ain't breakin' the mold
    but it's tried and true, you know, so do a barrel roll!
    listen to your man Peppy not that bitchy Falco
    'cuz he ain't gonna tell you how to do a barrel roll!
    Falco's just pissy and he's a bit of an asshole
    and his words can't be dodged, so don't do a barrel roll!
    but when Wolf is chasin' you in the Arwing that he stole
    you gotta learn to evade him so do a barrel roll!
    'cause he's gonna do his best to make your body cold
    so if you want to stay alive, just do a barrel roll!
    and when Andross is on your ass, breakin' his parole
    you gotta fly to survive, so do a barrel roll!
    Pretty self-explanatory, I just wanted to do a song about Star Fox and it basically wrote itself after that. This next one was my first crack at writing a death metal song.

    "Death Proceeds Unhindered"

    drained of blood, drained of life, laying on the ground
    severed limbs, rotting flesh, scattered all around
    fallen on the battlefield, underneath the moon
    hear the cries, see the scythe, death is coming soon

    snakes arise to claim their prize, into your skull they slither
    another heart, has been ceased, death proceeds unhindered

    impaled by sword, damn the horde, killed at the dawn
    try to fight, you want to live, but you can't go on
    they attacked with no remorse, by bloodlust consumed
    hear the dogs, in distant fog, death is coming soon


    once a leader, now a corpse, no escape from fate
    another victim of the heathens, driven by their hate
    oh, how the mighty have fallen to their lasting doom
    by night he's blessed, you are next, death is coming soon

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  14. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Mmn. I actually wrote this after the car accident. I was going through my old logs on AOL and found it. >>

    I can't remember
    I can't help this feeling that something's missing.
    Apart of me has been removed, forced out of me.
    Something has happened, but I don't believe what anyone's telling me.
    Because I don't remember.
    I don't remember.

    I've woken up in a strange bed.
    I can't get this pounding out of my head.
    Words are being spoken, trying to soothe the pain that has enveloped me.
    But I can't remember.
    I can't remember.

    Tears streak down my cheeks as I see her laying there.
    And there's nothing I can do to help her.
    She keeps asking me questions, but I can't give her any answers.
    Because I don't remember.
    I don't remember.

    I'm finally let out of the hospital, allowed to go home.
    A place where I can be myself, a place where I'm allowed to roam.
    But the minute we get there, I can barely get through the door before I break down
    Tears etching themselves down my cheeks once more.
    Because I don't remember why my car isn't there anymore.
  15. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Stephers, I'm so slow when it comes to writing, so I'm sort of jealous that you can come up with some good stuff in under say...3 days <__<;. AND OMIGAWD, IKUSA-KUN, I FUCKING LOVE Z OR R TWICE. I got to play Starfox 64 now. Also,, there's definitely emotion in your work (and why wouldn't there be <_<?) and made me think of The Smiths "Asleep" for some reason.

    And I have to decide what other songs are worth posting >__>
  16. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I'm usually listening to music while I write, so that definitely helps.

    These feelings for you persist,
    but my best friend,
    she told me that you didn't return them.
    Then when I was gone,
    you asked if you should ask me.
    You have feelings for me too,
    But still the rejection hurts.

    Well that's a new one for me.
    "I like you too, but I won't date you."
    Hah, that's funny.
    I tell people and they do a double take.
    "What a minute, what?"
    I wonder how it could be,
    but whatever.

    Then I sit and listen while you
    and my friend sit,
    look at pictures of "hot girls."
    Yeah... I'm not them.
    I know. Thanks.
    Pointing out girls I could see again.
    Wonderful. That's great.
  17. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Ooooh, angsty, Stephers! And I don't remember if I ever posted this one, but I do remember showing it to a couple of comrades, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to do it again. This was inspired by a Jigoku Shoujo song by Nana Kitade, or rather, the instrumental version.

    Flower of Angst

    -As the azure sky rusts into the twilight
    I gaze upon the river bed and count my sins
    Alone, alone underneath this sky
    Twirling the beige anemone, I wonder
    Is it a snowdrop or will it be the lobelias of my heart
    That will mark my end and be left unsaved?-

    -I've touched upon the misery and the deceit
    only to come up with nothing as I spiral further down
    Underneath the silver night, the Garden of Life
    Continues to cycle through efflorescence and wilting time
    There is no sense in wishing for understanding and love
    When carnations and roses will always be amber and ebon-

    -Every night I quietly wish for the same thing
    To become the crimson spider lily and crawl away
    Before the sky becomes the titian lily of the dawn
    Yet, I know that only the freesia would think
    Wishes are four-leaf clovers instead of weeds
    Sapping away the nurturing soil of unbroken flowers-

    -I'd make a seal of aconite to push away
    The ones who are adorned with sakura
    Because I'd rather be hurt
    than to be the flower of hell
    Planted in tainted earth or
    Placed inside a falsely gentle lie-

    -I've touched upon the misery and the deceit
    only to come up with nothing as I spiral further down
    Underneath the silver night, the Garden of Life
    Continues to cycle through efflorescence and wilting time
    There is no sense in wishing for understanding and love
    When carnations and roses will always be amber and ebon-
  18. Venom Well-Known Member

    That's cool that you can listen to music and write while you do, Stephy. If I try that I end up forgetting what I was going to write because I've got the song I'm listening to going through my head. XD I do take plenty of inspiration from other songs, but I can't do it while I'm listening to them for some reason.

    Still trying to get inspired to write new stuff, in the meantime, here's more old shit. XD This first one is something I came up with for fun because I wanted to write a song about Resident Evil 5, then I thought I should do one about RE4, then I decided to do one about both in an interesting way. It's a rap battle between Leon from RE4 and Chris from RE5. I just call it "Resident Evil Rap Battle" for lack of anything imaginative. As if no one could figure it out, L notes Leon's lines and C notes Chris' lines.

    yo, my name's Leon Kennedy and I'm here to say
    Resident Evil 4 is the game you all should play
    it's got everything you wanted and so much more
    action, violence, women, and some horror

    yeah yeah that's all well and good, fool
    but Resident Evil 5 is a game that's too cool
    it's got yours truly and something of a babe
    and those two things make it a superior game

    ha, babe, you forgot mine has Ada Wong
    she's enough to make something get long

    yeah right, fuck that two timing whore
    Sheva's made of everything she ain't and more

    well yo, my game makes up for it in guns
    got an infinite launcher to send them to oblivion

    yeah well you don't need 'em against those ganado
    'cause they ain't too scary when you go toe to toe
    I knock 'em down they don't get back up
    shows you that I know how to be tough

    yeah right fool, just cause your arms look like trees?
    you still a weakling, and generic as can be

    at least my final boss is actually a threat
    yours is so lame I didn't break a sweat

    well try the knife fight with Krauser, ya bitch
    I guarantee it'll make you sweat and twitch

    alright so maybe your QTEs is tough
    but your game ain't nothin' Resi 5 is rough
    it's light on the ammo so it makes it harder

    yeah, only cause you gotta give all your ammo to your partner

    fuck you!

    that's right, Ashley may be weak and slow
    but at least I don't have to give her all of my ammo

    maybe you should try my game, for just one day
    I guarantee it'll be the toughest you'll ever play

    tough, maybe, but more frustrating
    my game is the one that's more entertaining
    so check it out y'all, go play Resident Evil 4
    while I drop this fool, and this mic to the floor

    naw, Resi 5 is the way you ought to go
    grab the Gold Edition, and just go with the flow

    face it bro, your game ain't that great
    it's just mine with a fresher coat of paint
    and some annoying girl who can't shoot for shit
    just admit it, spit it out and get over it
    Resident Evil 4 is the game these folks will get
    This next one was inspired by the band Exodus, insofar as I could imagine it being played to a similar tune to their song Scar Spangled Banner. The general theme is that while America was founded on Christian morals, those morals have disappeared thanks to a lust for money and power, and God basically gets pissed and brings divine retribution on the nation.

    "The Monetary Divine"

    we pledge allegiance to no god, only to the green
    dollars, coins, stocks and bonds, the lifeblood of Wall Street
    glory be, to the power of money, all hail it's grace
    by it's strength disaster is averted, savior of the human race

    exorbitant spending in the name of defense and liberty
    the unelected governor of this lavish democracy
    he who wields the cross, to it's power he resigns
    none can undermine their god, the monetary divine

    mathematical equations rule in the place of common law
    constant increasing profits keep the masses ever in awe
    driven by the greed of gold, man does not notice
    there's another deity involved, and he's highly pissed


    what once was a nation founded on piety and faith
    has become slavish in the face of the green wraith
    leviathan, juggernaut it's power is unmatched
    but the one they left behind has a plan to unhatch

    I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America
    and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under...
    [spoken in a deeper voice] ME

    nation suffers, child and mother
    alike have been consumed
    by the torrent of the scorned one
    now we face our doom
    revenge is bitter sweet and justice is divine
    the consequence of ignorance, we have crossed the line

    now in ruin and regret, a nation ripped and torn
    by the powers long forgotten, their memory's reborn
    one nation returned to subsistence, for their money's gone
    raise your children on this lesson: do the Lord no wrong!

    exorbitant spending now restricted, institutions lost
    brought to end by the holy, wielding power from the cross
    a nation suffers when their leaders draw a faulty design
    decades of indecency will bring retribution divine
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  19. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    >_> The first one totally reminded me of the knife fight scene in RE4 and don't get me started on how the lyrics can uber sync up to something you'd see on AMV Hell. Kind of like Parappa, but with blood and guts! And the second one is just sexy and makes a pretty awesome point!
  20. Venom Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't have been complete without a reference to the most brutal QTE/Capcom dick move (other than cancelling Mega Man Legends 3) in gaming history. ^_^

    I've finally got an idea for a new song, I want to make something with a bitchin' rhyme flow, so I'm giving it my best shot.

    "Nothing's As It Seems"

    nothing in this life is quite what it all seems
    can't separate reality from my haunting dreams
    not alive and breathing but I'm years away from death
    nothing's there and beating but still I must draw breath
    not quite unhappy but I'm hardly so complacent
    not so very far away but not nearly so adjacent
    I can't leave you here today but I bid you a farewell
    I don't belong in heaven but I'm too cold to be in hell
    I'm drowning in an swirling ocean at the shallow end
    the other voice inside of me becomes my enemy and friend
    falling from imagined heights while I'm on the ground
    open wide to scream away but I'm not making a sound
    things they tend to fall apart in the middle of construction
    barriers for my defense are scheduled for destruction
    prep the detonator and get ready to watch it blow
    don't declare a state of war 'cuz paperwork is slow
    hindsight's 20/20 if you're looking in the mirror
    open up your twisted mind to see it all much clearer
    'cuz what you see is what you get but you won't see a thing
    sold to the highest bidder as you let your freedom ring
    amazed and dazed and locked away you're hard to fascinate
    never passing on your knowledge yet still you procreate
    empty all your pockets and still you'll claim you're rich
    the toast of all the town is just a son of a fucking bitch
    never was a winner but I always have my stroke of luck
    I care enough to show up but I just don't give a fuck
    'cuz reality is broken nothing here is ever what it seems
    so won't you come inside my friend and sleep inside my dreams

    Just pointing out that this song was inspired by the songs of the band Protest the Hero, most of which don't really make any sense or have any underlying meaning or theme, but they're fun to listen to because they have good rhymes.

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