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Discussion in 'Apartment Block' started by William, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. William Well-Known Member

    Alright, since there are so many apartments now, the owners need to keep them active or they'll be removed.

    If there hasn't been any activity in the apartment within a 2 month period, it'll likely be removed. Even if it's just you posting there, that's fine.

    Just letting people know in case they see any apartments disappearing.
  2. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    My apartment is/will be on temporary shut down basically because of my current living conditions.
  3. What is your apartment?
  4. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

  5. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I meant to ask one of you guys if you could archive my apartment. With work now and such, I haven't had time for it.
  6. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Alrighty, all inactive apartments have been archived and their moderators have been removed.
  7. Yet my apartment lives strong. Muaha. Hahah. HA!
  8. Socks Mahoney きげん 痴熊 - Kigen Sakuma (Humorous Pedobear)

    Meh. Gives me a reason to make a new forum.

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