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  1. So, I have a haunt story that I want to start with (then make cmments and add your own haunt story). Recently, my friend and I, I will call him Wes, have been talking about the paranormal entities in his house. He and I then got into a discussion about ghost hunting, and what not, and one of us had the great idea to hunt in his house.

    We started thinking about how we were going to do it. Sleepover and document what we see? No. Take a shit load of pictures and see what comes out? No. EVP? When this was suggested, we both looked at each other and smiled.

    (For those of you who don't know what an EVP is, it is classified as Electronic Voice Phenomena. Basically, you set up a recording, and see what you pick up.)

    We got to researching it fast, and within two days of the suggestion, we finally make some time to go over to Wes's house and start documenting.

    DATE: 10/24/2007.

    We start the investigation at his house. Four about an hour we had technical malfunctions up the ass, failed EVP's (because no one would shut up, including the tagalong, I shall call Joe). Then, after about an hour and fifteen minutes into the investigation, Joe picks something up on his MP3 recorder. Just a whisper. WE decide to continue the investigation.

    SETTING: Lights off, one computer, one microphone, two portable recording devices, white noise in the background to create a frequency.

    Finally we decide to NOT talk to the entity supposedly in the room, so we decided to go for minutes without a single word. We let the Mic run, and we just sat in complete silence. When we played it back, we heard the computer, we heard the white noise, but nothing else.

    I go home.

    About an hour after we started hunting I get an excited sounding call from Joe. The conversation sounded like this:

    Me: What?
    Joe: We got something! I can't believe it! I didn't think it would happen!
    Me: What did we get?
    Joe: A Voice saying "Did you hear my voice?"

    Well, by this time I'm wondering why a ghost would say "Did you hear my voice" and nothing else before that.

    The conversation was ended.

    The next day I get a text message from Wes.

    WES: Okay, I know this might freak you out, but at the beginning after you talk there is a voice that says "Did you think I was dead?" It freaked the shit outta me.

    I got a hold of the EVP, and it did indeed say that.

    DATE: 10/26/2007

    WES: Dude. Take the EVP off your computer, off of your iPod, and never speak of it.
    Me: Why?
    WES: Things have been happening at my house. Doors unlock, slam and things are moving. Its creeping me out.
    Me: Nothing will happen to you. I promise.
    WES: Whatever just do it.

    I didn't do it. I kept the EVP as proof of the existence of things we can't see:


    (Right-Click, Save Target As)

    I say 'Talking To' then there is an echo. 0:03 is the first EVP, it says "Did you think I was dead." 0:16 is "Did you hear my voice?." Nothing else. At 0:50 it starts over, but it is slower. Again, me saying "Talking to" then an echo. at 0:54 is "Did you think I was dead?" Then at 1:08 is "did you hear my voice."

    There was no one talking in the room, the TV was off, and we disconnected all outside radio signals. We also took all bunny ears away, just in case. There is no way it could be a remote frequency source. There was an entity.

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