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Discussion in 'Nazo Grafix' started by Nazo, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Nazo Moderator

    This wallpaper here. I want to know exactly what your HONEST opinion is on it. I personally hate the fucking thing, but I worked on it for two days. TWO friggen days. I want pure honesty on this. Rate this out of a scale of 1 to 5. And give me your opinions on what I should do with it. Take out, add, wtf ever. Just give me some advice. I've been trying to make somethings for a while and I've been canning everything. I starting to lose my 'fling' in graphics. It's happened before, and I came back strong with way better stuff. Don't know about this time though. I don't have a good feeling about it. So help me out.

  2. chaleur spectrale flori ve┼čtejite


    Better than I was expecting, but the purple background throws off the compositional balance a little. Darker blue (maybe with black) would probably work better.

    The really thin blue curved lines aren't really winning me over, either. Those lines (all the ones coming out of the burst) don't really interact with each other, either. They're just kinda sitting there. It'd be cool if they intertwined or something.
  3. Nazo Moderator

    I honestly don't know how I got the redish-purple in the background. I know I made a layer of soft rays, then zoomed it, then I put cyan color on it, and it automatically made that 'rainbow' effect there. The rays coming out of the burst I don't think I can do something with. Define; Entwined, like how they would look. If you describe it, I can get a better picture on how to do it.

    Also: It's name is Ethereal Burst. So, I think I'll keep the holy-ish blue colors.
  4. Panic Don't tase me, bro!


    I really like it. It's very nice looking. I dunno what to do to change it to make it a 5/5 though.
  5. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    This actually may be my favorite that you have done yet.

    Hope you don't mind if I set it as my new background!

    Unfortunately I can't offer you much critique, because i'm Shoptarded.

    I can't think of anything that really seems wrong to me about it though.

    It's decent. Looks like Cthulu in Neon is coming after me in outerspace!
  7. Nazo Moderator

    Lol, thanks. And sure, set it as your bg. :D And rofl at "Shoptarded." XD

    I know it's an incomplete project, but I don't know wtf else to do!
  8. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I agree the that the thin blue lines just aren't doing anything to the picture. And with the long white lines, they're a bit too close together. Maybe try spreading them apart? As for the color, though the purpleish blue is nice, I also agree with Ric that maybe the background color could be like a dark blue? Or black as he suggested. Also try having the stars extend a bit farther than they are.

    Rating: 3.9/5
  9. Nazo Moderator

    Heh. I think you'll all like the re-make.
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  10. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Honestly? I really like the bottem left corner, the burst it self is done well at the center and the white lines flowing out from it work well, but the little ones are too few and far between and predictable in patern. I would add more, and the one goign straight up curves too far off to the right, and not enough is going on in the rest of the picture, you follow the lines from top left to bottem right and right off the frame. If this was on an art gallery wall it would quickly lead you to the next piece... I really like the blue/purple though. that works awsome. Anyway thats my opinion....

    2/5 >.> sorry man.

    BTW: Just to talk about remakes, instead of re-editing mine Ima just make a new one at some point. Completly off topic I know...
  11. Nazo Moderator


    I like it. Probably my best abstraction ever.

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  12. Crossover Unoriginal Gangsta

    The original is simply a piece of crap. The brushes and background colors are not cohesive at all. The purple is simply horrendous. And as far as the burst, it's nothing we haven't seen you do before. I would prefer that you try to vary your technique and try some new styles than use it as your "cash cow" of sorts.


    The second, remade version is more of the same, but toned down to make the burst itself look slightly better and the background color is greatly improved. Still though, nothing too spectacular.

  13. Nazo Moderator

    The only time my different techniques show is through sigs and banners. I can't do spiffy wallpapers. :\ This burst effect isn't something I've done before. I've done beams of death. XD Not a burst of light, but whatever. Your opinion is your own and that is what I asked for. Plus, I agree, the first one is a piece of crap.

    However, not because I made it, but the second one surprises me. I'm terrible with colors, but I get the 'flowing' feeling when I look at them. and the burst, imho is greatly improved along with the luster of it. The only thing that disappoints me is the damn brightness at the core. I can't fix it. I've played around with the colors, brightness, and the contrast, yet nothing worked. I just left it the way I did. In my full honest opinion, this deserves at the very least a 2.5/5. Especially with my level of skill. :\
  14. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    4/5, I like the style but it looks bland.
  15. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    I was going to say that I'd prefer less pink and a different shade of blue, and I like the new one better, but there seems to be a lot more blank space on it.

    First: 3.5/5
    Second: 4.2/5
  16. Nazo Moderator

    EXACTLY! I'm gonna try to just a a slight 'cloudy' background, and put some techs in to spice it up. However, due to this design, I now consider myself 'good' at photoshop. A friend of mine, whom we all call MaJoR, is an extreme graphics and 3D model designer. I showed him this, and the first thing he said was; "Wow." I asked him, "So, is it good?" He simply replied, "Indeed, and better from what I've ever see you do. Though, had you had done that without brushes, I would be bowing to you." Which simply means, the design is flawless, just the fact I had to use brushes to get the effects. If I can learn to go around brushes and find out a way to model things, such as the "Ethereal Burst" without them, then well, lets just say Nazo will become a God at photoshop.

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