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    I do love writing. When I see people have reviewed my stuff on Fictionpress, I'm always happy, because they're always good things they say. I've NEVER had a bad review. I like playing my guitar, I could be better, but I can't do it on my own. I just have no...inspiration to keep going with either thing. Yeah, I love doing them both, I love the idea of being famous one day, having tons of money, but there's something lacking and I don't know what it is.

    I could never do the friends with benefits thing anyway. I had a chance to do it with a friend of mine, but she likes someone (and is also a virgin), so I told her that she should just worry about him and not me. I mean, I'm not gonna go out and go "ZOMG ONE-NIGHT STANDS" or anything like that because I am a good guy (not a nice guy, mind you, there's a difference). I don't really want a super serious relationship, I just want someone who'll be there. Someone I can talk to when I feel like it. Get close with when we feel like it. You know, a relationship, but nothing intense...unless it turns into that.

    One of my major problems is that I've never picked a girl. I've never said, "oh I like you I want to date you", no, I've always been stuck getting picked and maybe that's why I've gotten stuck in shitty relationships. Any girls I've ever been attracted to, both physically and psychologically I guess you would say, I've met online and they live far away...the thing is that when I meet a girl online, like on a message board for instance, I get a feel for how they really are, who they are, etc. without having their looks play an immediate role.

    I'm always going to be apathetic. It's something that got me in trouble on messageboards a lot. I didn't care about 9/11, my relatives die and I don't go to their funerals, etc. I've always been this way, I'm not sure, but it doesn't bother me because it means I can never really get upset. I'm in no-way a people person either...which doesn't really help when all the jobs around where I live are people oriented.

    I honestly wish I could just find a job that I enjoyed doing something I like, but that's so difficult...

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