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Believe in ghosts?

Yes I believe! 10 vote(s) 58.8%
No way, they can't be real. 2 vote(s) 11.8%
They COULD be, but I'm skeptical. 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Yeah, sorry, after re-reading my post, it sounded like I was basically calling you a bullshitter-but I wasn't at all-I've had one occurrence in my life which I've never been able to explain, and even though I don't believe in fuck all, to this day I still leave and attribute it to the supernatural-until I figure it out, if ever.

    You make some very good points though, but unfortunately, I believe that this sort of grieving might have been, in part, what has sparked the legend of ghosts. That, after the unexplainable.

    If ghosts exist at all, I sort of believe that it's this weird phenomenon which has to do with the passing of time, the rotation of the planet and the aftermath of death, and the memories of man in relation to the dead person-hence famous ghosts which appear like every 50 years or whatever, for example.
    But of course, to establish this as even a fraction of plausibility to make into a theory, I'd have to discover what ''time'' actually is, if it's even anything, and I'm not that knowing lol. It would sound very unintelligent and stupid if I tried to explain it lol. It's almost as far fetched as the traditional idea. :D

    Mostly, natural human reactions in regards to death and loss is what I believe ghosts to be, coupled with what Legend Saber said-no actual facts, just glimpses which could be, really, anything. Emotions are strong, and the imagination can easily run amok, especially when there's no logical element to impede it.

    Anyways, I certainly hope my post above didn't insult you, it wasn't my intent at all-and as I've said, even for a non believer like me, I can easily understand how some major factors may weave something strange when certain occurrences stir you up too much.

    And other then that, just because I don't believe in something, that doesn't mean it can't be real. Ghosts and God don't answer to me lol!
  2. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    No, no, no! That's the side effect of the plasmids! People's memories start to animate themselves as ghost-like figures and people can see them. Perfectly normal.
  3. William Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I believe in "ghosts", but not necessarily in the traditional "human afterlife" sense. In fact, I still keep an open mind as to what they may be, because as Legend stated, there's no way to prove what "ghosts" are yet and even if they do indeed exist. Of course, I have a ton of different theories but I'll save that for another time.

    Hrm. I've had numerous encounters with what one may call "ghosts" or "demons" though. And I know for a fact (proven offline), that what I saw wasn't an illusion, mind trick, or something else.

    That's why I believe. (And I'll be recreating my Paranormal apartment whenever I get internet back, so no bitch better steal it. :cookie:)

    P.S. - To say, "No way, they can't be real" is pretty close-minded. As humans, we barely know anything about our universe.
  4. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Ghost Videos | Real Ghosts - Home

    My belief in ghosts is certainly not traditional, and well, these videos seriously managed to freak me out. They might be rigged, but either way, my revelation at such does point out the psychological aspect of attribution-for example, the videos that scared me the most are the ones with creepy music, like the Subway and Pig one.

    Anyways, interesting to check out though, and I'd love your opinions on this. Or, if you have other material of the sort, feel free to link it here.

    Beware though, some videos in there are just dumb jokes...which work. XD

    But it also goes to show...those who believe in ghosts are less likely to be afraid of them then those who don't that I mean like, the effects of the stories you hear, or things like these videos. It has an effect on people, so it means that the less we understand, the more frightened we become.

    I would never go hunt out a ghost. Fucking NEVER. I doubt I'd ever find one, but despite my disbelief, I always consider. So anyways, enjoy lol!
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  5. Poetic Sobriquet Cosmic Philosopher

    I'd just like to point out the ghostly hitchhiker who caused a wreck was the most creepy to me. It had a lot of build-up to the actual moment and was just really creepy. Good stuff.
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  6. Ted Owls don't lie.

    Every now and then, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and my bed will be breathing. Well, not really breathing, but you know how if you have your head on someone's chest, it will rise up and down as they breath? Something like that. I even thought "well, what if my breathing is causing it?" So, I held my breath and the bed was still moving.

    Then again, it could be the fact that it was maybe 3 or 4 in the morning.
  7. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I sort of believe in them. I thought I saw some a few times and a few of the houses I lived in had a lot of weird things happen in them.
  8. Nazo Moderator

    Alright.. I'll let you all in my little story of what's been going on in my house as of late that only two people know. Kat and Roger Smith. (As they are both skeptical of the paranormal.)

    About a week ago I was going to the kitchen to get something to drink. Being about 3 am. (And I wasn't tired. I stay up till like... fucking 8 am or later.) I'm going to get some water. Right as I'm entering the kitchen I see a green light floating for about a second, then it shoots across from my backdoor, to the hallway of my garage door. I froze for about a second, then ran after it. (lol) Of course, when I got to the hallway, it was gone.

    The other night, Kat and I were talking, and I was about to say something when all of a sudden out the corner of my eye, I see a white light, floating in front of my mirror for a SPLIT second. I look over, and I freeze. Kat asks me what's wrong. I look back at her like it was nothing. But, right as I look back at her, it returns. I look over again, this time I still see it for an again SPLIT second. Then I freeze. Kat again asking me what's the matter. So I tell her the top story, and this...

    Even before I seen the green light, at night I've been feeling a presence near me. Sometimes even in the day. This presence is very much real and very much a strong feeling. It's close to the feeling that my entire family had in my grandmother's old house. (Her husband died there.) Now, every now and then, when I feel this presence, I feel a burst of... I really don't know, go right through me, and at the same time a great emotional pain. If anyone has ever been broken up with with someone you really liked, it's kinda like that feeling. It's an actual pain in my chest. Then my eyes will sometimes water up, like I'm going to cry. Now, many will vouch for me, I do not cry. But this pain makes me want to baw my eyes out every time. The pain is very much real and the burst is very much real. It's like a strong wind, but it doesn't push me or anything. But that's the best I can describe it.

    Concerning the lights for anyone who will go "well maybe it's a light from outside the windows. The GREEN light in my kitchen was in front of my back door, and yes, the door is a full windowed door, however, the light did not travel upon the wall, it was airborne. Also, my back yard is dark, completely pitch black at night when only the moon gives off light in my area. As I've said before, I like in the middle of nowhere. There is no lights and the lights we do have are street lights in FRONT of my house, and far, FAR behind my house, with a thick tree line in front of it where light hardly gets through. Also, the street lights are orange. Not green, and no one was outside my house and the moon wasn't (lol) green that night, because after I chased after said green light I went outside. And as I said before, it didn't travel on the wall, it was, in fact, air born.

    Concerning the white light in my room. Giving the fact I have a computer in my room which has BLUE LEDs on it, and monitors which go idle every MINUTE or so... there is nothing in my room to cast a white light. This light also was not still, but also didn't shoot anywhere. It was... like a wave of water, it was in front of my mirror. My door was closed as what Kat and I were talking about was personal and my brother is always awake. My TV was faded out. (the 360 dims it's video when you go idle) and the mirror is directly in front of my window so light doesn't get through. Hell, the sun BARELY pierces my room. There's a lot of shit on my dresser, which the mirror sits on top of, but nothing to cast, what I call, the white wave in front of my mirror. Kat has a laptop, but it wasn't open and the outside LEDs are blue. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING in my room can cast a white light, waving in mid-air, like a hologram... Nothing. Just like nothing could have produced the green shot in my kitchen.

    Between these light bodies I've seen, and the burst of emotional pain I receive on a near nightly basis, I have come to the point that I believe in the paranormal as I have physically seen, and felt, paranormal activities.

    However, I do not know if it is in fact a GHOST. I do know that something is here.

    So do I believe in Ghosts? I'm skeptical. From this point it's plausible.
  9. I suppose it's time for my different beliefs and thingies. Since, you know, I started the thread >.>.

    I'm very spiritual. Few people know this, but I believe in energies and all that. And from my experience, ghosts exist. As of recently, they strong evil presence in my house has always been there. I always picture a small boy. Red eye. gray skin. That kinda thing. Mind's eye and all that. I have felt these entities and beings for years now, and until about two years ago I have never really known what I felt.

    When my old singer and I started talking about spirits, he showed me all of the energy centers, Chakras, and his "power" so to speak. Of course, I was skeptical at first, being the intelligent human that I am. then, things started making sense. Almost too much sense, being able to feel everything, knowing emotions and locations because of a weird indescribable feeling in my chest. It all fell into place and sort of opened my eyes to what I believe now.

    As to my belief in ghosts, I feel them almost everyday. I walk into my school, there is some neutral being. I walk into my house when it's empty, and it feels angry and like something is watching me. The weird one about my house, that I will never get in a million years, is the strange smell of perfume that rarely happens. My mother doesn't wear it. Oh no, fuck that. I will be sitting playing a game or two, and a strong scent will tease it's way in and out of my nostrils. I've never asked anyone else if they smell it, and Hell. I haven't in months.

    This kid, however, the demonic eveil, whatever you wanna call it presence scares me. Sometimes. He's the kinda thing that will just stare at you from like 5 feet away. And you never see him, or hear him, but he's always there. And I think he likes me, but there is a part of me that says he should go away. I mean, I hate feeling him. But at the same time I have no problem with him, we leave each other well enough alone.

    Then of course the tall creepy bearded guy that sits in the corner of my room. Fuckin' creeper >.>

    I have a very strong "energy" which attracts spirits, ghost, entities, quite well. I am a perfect outlet for them. I feel them and they follow me a lot. Which, of course, get's annoying. But yeah.

    So I suppose my point here is that I do believe. With every ounce of my being. It doesn't consume my life, but I never doubt.

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