Freshman Orientation: All new students please sign in here.

Discussion in 'オタクの大学 [Otaku University]' started by Tentei No Mai, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Unless you're taking an actual class in Japanese, you really don't need books too much. Otherwise, you end up learning too many different interpretations for the sentence "Hi, my name is (fill in blank). I am a (fill in occupation).". Oh, but yeah you should totally check out the thread Sou-kun posted, Elle!
  2. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Do we get to play chinese built american consoles here?
  3. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Well, I'm sure there's a club for that, so yeah!

  5. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    There's no such thing as Late Enrollment in Otaku U.! Just sign up and come aboard! You're totally welcome here, Haruya-kun!

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