Form a long "lol" chain.

Discussion in 'Posting Games' started by Blue-Eyes White Dragon, May 26, 2008.

  1. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Lol @ riddles being obsessed with using his modcp every chance he can.

    I know I know, edit: lol

    Actually its

    EDIT: lol
  2. FooAnna Member

  3. I refuse to let this thread get derailed

  4. Venom Well-Known Member

    EDIT: lmfao.
  5. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

  6. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    I don't know what's worse, that this bullshit got stickied, or that I'm actually reading through it.

    Ah well...

  7. PKT Forever /a/lone


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