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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archangel Sabre, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    What kind of people, places, events and scenarios does your subconscious mind create for you when you fall asleep at night? Do you dream of reality, anime, video games or some other strange, unreal place?

    A lot of my dreams vary. I dream about reality sometimes, sometimes I'm in a video game world, or surrounded by TV characters. A lot of the time, I'll 'sense' things in my dream but not actually see them directly. Love this feeling, cause it's almost like what I imagine a 'sixth sense' would be like irl.

    I used to keep a dream journal, but not so much these days. I don't remember too many dreams, and they're rarely interesting enough to want to remember later. Even skipping through the journal I used to keep, 90% of these dreams are totally boring. I just came across the first good one:

    "I had a dream last night which I assume was inspired by Firefly. I was on Earth, but there were these super-powerful and incredibly violent human-like creatures which were going to every single building and killing all the occupants inside. They were called Reavers. Strangely, I remember it beginning as though it was some kind of video game, an RPG perhaps. But as the dream went on, it slowly became more and more real. Despite this, I was never really afraid during the dream, and it isn’t what I’d call a nightmare. I remember seeing the Reavers destroy all sorts of well fortified buildings. They tore through basements like they weren’t there. One person I remember was hiding beneath an acrylic plate; it was ripped through in seconds. I remember another place, outside. Here, soldiers were handing out survival equipment in accordance with some act of Congress before the Reavers came and began tearing people apart. These Reavers came in riding massive dinosaurs. It was a violent but amazing show of force. Then, a cut to me, to my character in all this. I was sitting in an apartment-type building. No windows. I was on the 60th basement floor of this complex, which is why I was still alive. However, I could feel to some extent my impending doom. I knew they were coming and I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive much longer. I went into my bathroom and began running water. I wanted to take a bath just before I died. And soon after, I awoke."

    Fucking EPIC. Until the whole wanting to take a bath in my last moments shit. WTF? Get a shotgun and take those bitches ON, pansy.
  2. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Oh, woooooooow, that was your final wish, to take a bath? That's hilarity in a bottle!

    Um, hm, honestly, my dreams vary by a LOT. I usually recount my dreams when I wake up, so my memory of them tend to be decent. Ah, as for the type of dreams I have...mainly I'll dream of the past. Like, relive moments when I felt really happy or enjoyed the most, so strangely enough I dream of my school days a lot. Sometimes, I even dream of scenarios where I actually attended school with my online comrades which can be...very weird, yet natural in feeling. Ah, I also have dreams where I'm just watching anime or playing games, and then suddenly I'm in that anime/game and it's like, "Is this Reboot? I BETTER WIN THEN". Mostly strange stuff. I do have some pretty heavy dreams, though, and that usually cause me to feel depressed for the rest of the day. Lucid dreaming is something I REALLY like to do, but rarely able to do. Though, on 4chan there was an instruction manual on how to do it and I actually tried it...and it seemed to work. I should of saved the file.
  3. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    My dreams actually vary in all the ideas you suggested, David. I dream about reality, video games, anime, strange and unreal places, and I even have dreams that involve my online friends, too. There are some times when it takes me a while to remember my dreams from the previous night. I won't remember it right away, and it probably won't come into my memory until hours after I've been awake. Other times, I'll be super pissed that my alarm went off because I just had one of the best dreams in my life and I want to go back to it. I even have dreams where I remember bits and pieces of it, but not the whole thing, and the more time goes by, the less I seem to remember.

    I've had a lot of favorite dreams, but one of my absolute favorites is one that happened back in my first year of college. You see, I was very, very into watching anime series back then, and I had just finished watching Fushigi Yuugi and I was in the middle of watching Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, and well, my subconscious brought both of them into my dreams. I was Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Tamahome (FY), Mamoru (SM), and Miaka (FY) were all there with me. Well, in my dream, Tamahome and I were not thrilled because Mamoru and Miaka had fallen in love with each other, and it was our mission to break them apart and return them to their rightful lovers (us). We did so many crazy antics that it was unbelievable. One involved Mamoru and Miaka walking under a a construction site, and Tamahome and I throwing things at them from atop the construction site, making it seem as if the building that was being built was falling apart, and as the rushed away, I quickly slipped down this magical slide that appeared out of nowhere, and landed in the arms of Mamoru while Tamahome grapped Miaka and started running away. This plan would've worked, too, if Tamahome hadn't ran into a pole.

    My other dreams are very personal to me, which is why I hardly ever tell them to anyone else minus maybe like, Anna or Chris. But the ones that involve online friends can be interesting, because sometimes in my dreams, I'm just sitting on my computer talking to them online, and other times their actual person is in my dream. Which is funny considering I've hardly met anyone I talk to online, even if I've seen their pictures and talked to them via the phone or skype. So it's always weird when the actual person pops up into my dreams because in the morning I'm like, "But I've never even met them!" I can also have some very heavy dreams, which I don't consider to be nightmares anymore. Only once have I ever been actually frightened by a heavy dream, and only once has one ever made me so depressed, I started crying when I woke up. Oh, and I've always wanted to start a dream journal, but at the same time, I know I wouldn't have enough time to write in it in the mornings when I get up, because usually I'm in a rush to shower and get to work before I'm late.
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  4. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Fucking hilarious, because Usagi and Miaka should never be in the same room much less the same dream >__>;. AND I AM FUCKING RE-WATCHING FUSHIGI YUUGI 'CAUSE I FOUND ALL MY VIDEO TAPES RECENTLY. I hope I don't baw when I get to the part where Nuriko gets it ;__;.

    Dreams are pretty amazing, huh? I sleep with the TV on, but if I don't turn down the volume low enough sometimes I'll dream about whatever it is that's on TV at the time (which is why I ALWAYS leave the channel on either Cartoon Network or TV Land). I had a really bad reaction to when I dreamed about Freddy Krueger last week, because I left my channel on HBO and it was just damn freaky. Here I am having a marvelous time playing with my legos and suddenly I'm hearing that nursery rhyme and scratching sounds, and I'm just running like a maniac screaming "YOU AREN'T REAL, YOU AREN'T REAL" and I wake up only to have the fucker clinging to the ceiling like a spider (or really, like a licker from Resident Evil). Right before he pounces I wake up for reals hooping and hollering which made my mother go "Are you having sex in there?" 'cause it's already morning and she's in the kitchen. It was so bad that I left one of my knives on the nightstand before I went to sleep that night >__>;.
  5. Nazo Moderator

    I hardly ever dream. And if I do, they are always most certainly sex dreams. No surprise there.
  6. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I've been meaning to answer this thread for a bit but here goes.

    I dream of all kinds of things. Mostly times where I go on adventures or I'm just having sex with someone or something random. A lot of times it's a mixup of random things I like. Sometimes it's Touhou, anime, the net, memes or other stuff people I know would expect of me. I lucid dream every so often too. I try to do it as often as possible. Does anyone else here do it? I think it's the only time in life I feel free.
  7. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Last night I had a dream that I was dropped off at this summer camp in Missouri I used to go to all the time as a kid. No one was there, and my parents had already left, and I was there alone with no phone, and no way to reach anyone to tell them I was stranded. So I did the only thing I could do, walk. I figured I would find the nearest town, and hope some kind hearted person would let me borrow their cell phone. But there was another problem, I don't know the phone number for my grandpa's house, so I'd have to call my grandma in Michigan so she could call my grandpa in Missouri.
    So I was walking, and reached a city. I saw a police man, and was going to cross the street, when three boys on bikes sped past me, but one of them I recognized as a former RA from my residence hall, Zach. He saw me too, and stopped and I told him what happened, and he told me he'd give me a ride back to my grandpa's, which was miles and hours away. I told him okay, and he helped me up on his bike so I was sitting side saddle, and it was unexplainable how because he was sitting on the seat too. So we went back to the apartment where he lived with his parents and his two younger brothers (the real Zach doesn't have brothers, or any siblings). When we got there, he lived a few floors down, and we just rode his bike down the stairs. He explained to his parents what was happening, and then we set out, taking nothing with us. As we were leaving he asked me if I could handle riding up the stairs without falling off, and I could, so he pedaled his bike up the stairs.
    When we got to the highway he was able to make his bike go as fast as the cars which were going, I'd say somewhere around 70. There was a huge hill, and we took it like a jump, and when we landed after shooting high into the air, he couldn't keep control of the bike and we crashed. The bike was totaled so we had to walk, which we accepted. The sun had set, and night had fallen so we planned to stop for the night. We came across a house that looked foreboding, but deserted, so we went inside. We quickly found that it wasn't deserted at all, and there was a sadistic man and his two lady cronies, and it was pretty much a haunted house of pure evil. The man looked like a ring leader as if it were a circus. He and his lady cronies chased us through the house, eventually driving us to the backyard where there was a tree. They told us that the flaming tree would get us, and they lit the tree on fire, which seemed to bring it to life, because hand-like branches reached out and tried to grab us. We got away through the backyard, not looking back.
    We eventually made it to another city, and were getting directions when we found we had been going the wrong way, so we decided to turn around and go back the way we had come, though we walked along the side of a road. But it took us to the haunted house again, the front, which we thought was odd. We decided to skirt just around the house, thinking that we might be stuck in an illusion caused by the house and that we had to exit through the front door, the way we had come. So we were sneaking through the side yard, but the house was full of windows, and to get past the lowest one without being seen was to do the army crawl on our stomachs with our heads ducked down. As I passed one of the windows, I saw the ring leader grinning at me out the window just above my head. So we abandoned the sneaking and ran full tilt to the backyard where the tree was once again lifeless, and through the back door. The house was like a maze, and we passed through a lot of the rooms trying to dodge the ring leader and his lady cronies. We made it to the front door, and he got out, but I got caught and put in a room with a baby alligator type thing that I had to take care of. They decided to test my ability with it by throwing three bananas out the window and the gator had to sniff them out and get them. So a leash was put on the gator, and we set out together, and it ate the first banana, and half of the second, and the last one was a black, banana shaped plushie-thing. I took it and the half of the other banana back, and I was allowed to live (if I failed, they would have killed me). And then I woke up.
    This type of thing is typical for me. Sometimes it bothers me, and other times it makes me wonder what Loki's trying to say (I'm wiccan and my patron god is Loki).
  8. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I typically use my dreams for story ideas.
  9. christys04 New Member

    I usually don't have dreams, but when I do they are strange one's. I have had dream's where I feel as if I am falling and when I wake up I am on the floor. Wierld if you ask me. I usally have dream's about thing's from the past and some of my dream's actually come true.

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