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  1. William Well-Known Member

    So... Anyone here like either of these shows? Or even heard of them?

    I was introduced to Doctor Who by a girlfriend at the time and ever since I got incredibly hooked. Ended up watching The Sarah Jane Adventures, then Torchwood.

    I'll do Torchwood first... I loved the first 2-3 seasons of it back when it wasn't "Americanized" with the original team. The most recent season "Miracle Day", I just finished up about a week ago or whenever it ended and I absolutely hated it. There were no aliens or anything. And the new team, sucked. :/ I actually hated Jack when he was in Doctor Who, but when I started watching Torchwood, I ended up liking him since they gave him more character in that beyond just being a pervert.

    Doctor Who... I started off with the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, then went back and watched the first season of the modern series with Christopher Eccleston and worked my way back up through David Tennant, then went to the 1996 movie and now onto the classic series starting with the 60s ones with William Hartnell. The classic series is kinda harder to get into for me though, since I can't standdd black & white. Unless it's The Three Stooges.

    Favorite doctor, definitely Matt Smith, then Tennant. Companions... Amy and Rose are tied. HATED hate hate hate Donna. Just felt useless and did nothing but complain.


    Anyone else? D:
  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Chris and I have recently gotten into Doctor Who since the series is on Netflix. Started out with the 9th doctor, Christopher Eccleston and have been working ourselves up. We're right now on season three, though I think we're almost through with it, and I honestly can't wait. As much as I like Martha, I miss Rose, and I want to see her get back in the series. Haven't tried watching Torchwood yet, and we probably won't until we're through with Doctor Who, just because neither of us like to get into another series while currently watching one.
  3. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I'm retarded, so even though I've heard about Doctor Who and know a couple of things...I have yet to watch it. Like, it feels so epically long that I'm scared to just dive right on in. It'll be like trying to catch up to One Piece or Detective Conan (there aren't enough hours in a flipping day for me >__>). Oh, but I have watched Torchwood until I realized that what I was watching was Americanized one that just came out on Starz, so the amount of badass I felt totally went down the drain. However, it was really a fun ride from start to finish and even made me tear up at the end. That Welsh lass is of course, my favorite.

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