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    Post any interesting and/or entertaining chat logs you might have here.

    Here are some of mine from Gaming Chat/Real Gamers. They go all the way back to 2005. Dates are in year, month, day format. Also: I edited any background chatter out of these. Makes them shorter and much, much easier to follow, in my opinion.

    Legend Saber: Antwan, you know who you remind me of?
    Guardian4526: Who is that?
    Legend Saber: My German teacher.
    Guardian4526: Is that a good thing?
    Legend Saber: YES!
    Legend Saber: Well. Yes and no, Anty.
    Legend Saber: >.>
    Guardian4526: How do I remind you of him?
    Legend Saber: Her.
    Legend Saber: Rofl.
    MrTizzie: HAH
    MrTizzie: ...
    Guardian4526: ...
    MrTizzie: Zing
    Legend Saber: e.e
    Guardian4526: Shut...up...
    PocketBuddhist: AHHHHAH!>!!>!!.1111.1..!>!>11.1.!!??1!?!1.1.1!?!1/1/!oneoneoneeleven!!1!!1oneonehundredandeleventhousandonehundredandeleven.
    MrTizzie: I knew he would do that
    Nogginz Inc: I second that
    Guardian4526: I didn't.

    NatsuShinigami21: At least FFVII have Cid...something similar to eye-candy
    NatsuShinigami21: o-o; Oops, never mind
    Guardian4526: Cid is eye candy?
    Legend Saber: O_O
    Coltsfan70: LMAO
    Guardian4526: Wha-what?
    Legend Saber: Cid = hawtness
    Superleaf444: I just want to lick Cid....
    Superleaf444: Ahem...
    NatsuShinigami21: I kind of said this before, but Cid is indeed...cute
    Guardian4526: Jenova was hotter.
    NatsuShinigami21: O__O; Zowwies x 1000, Antwan!
    Legend Saber: Antwan, that goes without saying.
    Superleaf444: You got me there, Antwan...
    Coltsfan70: theres even Red XIII for all you bestiality types!
    Superleaf444: That sexy...tentacle thingy....oh yeah!
    NatsuShinigami21: lol, Chris

    OnlineHost: MightyFF3Fan has entered the room.
    Guardian4526: Hello, Al.
    Ehsanc: you've confused me
    Legend Saber: Hiya Al.
    Guardian4526: What's going on?
    Impaler Du Noir: Woah!
    Impaler Du Noir: Alfredo!!
    Impaler Du Noir: *huggles*
    Ehsanc: someone else came!!
    MightyFF3Fan: Vinnie! *returns huggle*
    Guardian4526: You must forgive Vince. He's in a homoerotic mood, momentarily.
    Impaler Du Noir: ....
    Guardian4526: He dang near kissed David.
    Ehsanc: .......................
    Ehsanc: i've never been so confused
    Guardian4526: You should have saw him last week. :-X
    Impaler Du Noir: <_<?
    Ehsanc: who's vince?
    Impaler Du Noir: Guardian.
    Legend Saber: Near?
    Ehsanc: ..............
    Guardian4526: Impaler.
    Impaler Du Noir: He talks in third person.
    Legend Saber: Antwan, Vince was all over me.
    Legend Saber: I needed a shotgun to get him off.
    Ehsanc: ok
    Ehsanc: hold on who is who?
    Impaler Du Noir: I'm Antwan.
    OnlineHost: Myou Mitsukai has entered the room.
    Ehsanc: who is antwan?
    Impaler Du Noir: He's Vince.
    Ehsanc: ok
    Legend Saber: Antwan is MightyFF3Fan.
    Impaler Du Noir: No.
    Impaler Du Noir: ME.
    Legend Saber: Vince is me.
    Ehsanc: who is vince?
    Ehsanc: stop
    Legend Saber: I'M VINCE!
    Impaler Du Noir: He is Vince.
    Legend Saber: YOU IMPERSONATOR!@!!!
    Impaler Du Noir: NEVA!!!!11
    Ehsanc: legend your vince?
    OnlineHost: Myou Mitsukai has entered the room.
    Legend Saber: lolz
    Legend Saber: Aryah!
    Legend Saber: Hi.
    Impaler Du Noir: Aryah!!
    Impaler Du Noir: *hugs*
    Ehsanc: aryah?
    Impaler Du Noir: I'm Aryah.
    Ehsanc: who the.......
    Impaler Du Noir: I talk in thirs person.
    Legend Saber: Aryah, watch out for Vince's hand. >_>
    Ehsanc: i dont believe you
    Impaler Du Noir: ...
    Impaler Du Noir: *third
    Impaler Du Noir: akjdasd
    OnlineHost: Nthnmttrs has left the room.
    Ehsanc: jkgasrl;
    Guardian4526: It's a bit...wet, Aryah.
    Myou Mitsukai: Ooook.
    Ehsanc: could we say the sn name?
    Ehsanc: i'm confused
    Guardian4526: As well you should be.
    Ehsanc: who is ai?
    Impaler Du Noir: I am.
    Ehsanc: al?
    Ehsanc: hiya al
    Impaler Du Noir: Hi.
    Ehsanc: no your not
    Ehsanc: your aryah
    Ehsanc: or watever
    Legend Saber: Eh.
    Legend Saber: I'm Al.
    Legend Saber: MightyFF3Fan is David.
    Impaler Du Noir: I'm Antwan.
    Legend Saber: And Guardian4526 is Vince.
    Ehsanc: fine then i'm king kong
    MightyFF3Fan: No. It's Divad, Al. Get it right.
    Guardian4526: I thought you were Al, Vince.
    Ehsanc: shut up!
    Legend Saber: :confused:
    Impaler Du Noir: I'm Aryah, Vince.
    Legend Saber: SHUT UP DIVAD!
    Guardian4526: Ah, ok Antwan.
    MightyFF3Fan: NEVA!
    Myou Mitsukai: >.>
    Impaler Du Noir: wuteva
    Ehsanc: dont put two names in one
    Ehsanc: i'm not david
    MightyFF3Fan: I'm Divad.
    Ehsanc: stop with the namecalling
    Ehsanc: forget it
    Ehsanc: i dont care anymore
    MightyFF3Fan: Forget my name? Why?
    Ehsanc: no
    Myou Mitsukai: Haha...
    Ehsanc: just shut up
    Legend Saber: Divad, quit acting like Al.
    Legend Saber: >_>
    Ehsanc: .................................
    Ehsanc: go to hell!!!!!!
    MightyFF3Fan: I reiterate - NEVA!
    Impaler Du Noir: *NEVA!!!11
    Legend Saber: AHEM!
    Ehsanc: stop
    Ehsanc: it
    Legend Saber: /\/3V4R!!!11!!1!11one!1!!1!
    Ehsanc: lets talk about games
    MightyFF3Fan: N3\/4!!!!!!11oneelven*
    Impaler Du Noir: *grabs Divad and dances to "My Humps"
    Ehsanc: ............................
    Ehsanc: we get you
    Legend Saber: O_O
    MightyFF3Fan: eleven* >.>
    Legend Saber: Lmao.
    Ehsanc: who is divad?
    Legend Saber: Looks better as Elven, Vince.
    Ehsanc: why am i asking
    Legend Saber: Myou is Divad.
    Ehsanc: god!
    MightyFF3Fan: I'm Divad, Al.
    Ehsanc: forget it
    Legend Saber: You're Aryah, Divad.
    Ehsanc: shut it all of yuo
    Impaler Du Noir: No.
    Ehsanc: with the name calling
    Impaler Du Noir: I'm Aryah.
    Myou Mitsukai: x_x
    Ehsanc: i dont care
    MightyFF3Fan: At any rate, I've finally gotten around to Final Fantasy Tactics. I bought it during the summer, and I just recently started playing it. So far, I'm loving it.
    Ehsanc: lets talk about how lame sum of all fears is
    Legend Saber: FFT = t3h pwn
    Ehsanc: is it good?

    Guardian4526: I have access to a 360, but I didn't purchase one.
    Izzidleness: so someone in your household has one or a close friend?
    Legend Saber: Isaac, you know Antwan isn't gonna' tell you that.
    Guardian4526: I wouldn't say "close". More of a useful associate than a friend.
    Izzidleness: lmao...thats nice...
    Guardian4526: He's unerringly gullible, a quality which can be wielded to my intentions.
    Legend Saber: It took me six months and 7 promises and well over $45 to find out how large his HDTV is.
    Guardian4526: Lol...
    Guardian4526: I spent it well, David.
    Izzidleness: you honestly gave him 45 dallors?
    Izzidleness: xD!
    LifeIess Terror: xD
    Izzidleness: or am i gullible now?
    Legend Saber: I was CURIOUS!
    Guardian4526: Curiousity killed David's wallet.
    Izzidleness: lol..
    Legend Saber: But when Antwan finally showed me his HDTV, I was unimpressed.
    Guardian4526: Liar.
    Legend Saber: My HDTV is bigger!
    Legend Saber: Way bigger!
    Guardian4526: You have 5 games, a slow dial up, almost no systems, and yet, an HDTV?
    Guardian4526: I suppose you have a girlfriend, too?
    Guardian4526: Seeing as how we're passing around lies.
    Izzidleness: and to think there was a time i didn't like antwans attitude...
    Legend Saber: How can you NOT love Antwan?
    Guardian4526: I'm still trying to figure that out.
    Izzidleness: i didn't say i ever disliked antwan
    Izzidleness: i said his attitude
    Izzidleness: theres a difference!
    Legend Saber: And Antwan, I was speaking metaphorically when I said "HDTV" ;)
    Guardian4526: ...>.>

    Guardian4526: I love mornings. Best time of the day.
    Broadsword2004: Yeah, I love Guardians.
    Broadsword2004: FRICKS!
    Broadsword2004: OOPS!
    Guardian4526: Broad, most women do.
    Guardian4526: ;-)
    Broadsword2004: BIG TIME TYPO
    Superleaf444: As do men
    Superleaf444: :-X
    Guardian4526: It wasn't a typo. It was an unconscious thought. Don't worry, we won't ridicule you.
    Guardian4526: It's perfectly natural.
    Broadsword2004: Guardian, I MEANT to type, "Yeah, I love mornings,"
    Broadsword2004: but I had your sn in my mind and typed "I love Guardians."

    OnlineHost: Trox3985 has entered the room.
    Guardian4526: Ooo-ooo-ah-ah.
    Guardian4526: Translation: what's up Trox?
    Trox3985: umm...why are you talking to me?
    Trox3985: obviously we hate eachother
    Legend Saber: ::Tosses a rock at Trox::
    Guardian4526: Trox, because I love you, I love talkin to you, and I think you're a wise, intelligent and interesting person.
    Legend Saber: WHAT'S UP~!?
    Guardian4526: Really.
    Trox3985: ....
    Trox3985: sure you do
    Guardian4526: I do! Really!

    Legend Saber: Alright, let's talk games.
    Legend Saber: gaurd, u r t3h sux u hat t3h ff7
    Legend Saber: haw kan u hate t3h f7Z?
    Legend Saber: urs t3h stoopidz
    OnlineHost: MurdaNase213 has left the room.
    RepIicate: I don't like FF7.
    Guardian4526: u liy ff7 is teh suxx0r fo sho'
    Legend Saber: man all t3h gamorz j00 liek r t3h sux
    Guardian4526: i onli lik goood gams
    Legend Saber: yea rite liek wat?
    Guardian4526: wll i dunno but their bittar dan urs
    Guardian4526: I completely suck at this, by the way.
    Guardian4526: And you're far, far too good.

    Weir246: they hate everythuing tyhat doesnt abid eby thweir strict ass rules
    Delinquent Lanza: Way to type coherently, jackass.

    Kwelsi: i really have to go.
    Delinquent Lanza: .kick kew
    Zee The Reaver: (automation™) :: person not found
    Delinquent Lanza: Oops.
    Delinquent Lanza: Just go.
    Kwelsi: no please dont
    Delinquent Lanza: OK. I won't.
    Delinquent Lanza: .kick kwe
    OnlineHost: Kwelsi's participation in this chat room has been suspended by the room owner.
    OnlineHost: Kwelsi has left the room.

    Andrew is wiki: i cant get the site to open
    Legend Saber: Someone kick Wiki before my IQ becomes negative.
    Andrew is wiki: there is a quick time logo
    Legend Saber: XD
    Legend Saber: I kid.
    Andrew is wiki: thats it
    Legend Saber: Wiki, I'm KIDDING.
    Andrew is wiki: Ive realized this .
    Andrew is wiki: Yes, im actualy trying to use grammar.
    Delinquent Lanza: And failing miserably.
    Andrew is wiki: But at least its an atempt.
    Legend Saber: I was going to say "Try harder" but then I decided to be nice.

    Legend Saber: Alright, I must go.
    Legend Saber: Farewell.
    Delinquent Lanza: ...
    Delinquent Lanza: OK.
    Guardian4526: Game on, David.
    Legend Saber: Suck on a venomous lemon, Antwan.
    Lotrgirl810: Bye, David.
    Delinquent Lanza: Yeah. Venomous lemon.
    Guardian4526: Thank you for the loving sentiment, David.
    Legend Saber: Venomous.
    Lotrgirl810: lol
    Legend Saber: You're welcome, Antwan.
    Legend Saber: ::Huggle and kiss, then runs::
    Guardian4526: ...
    Legend Saber: :-*
    Lotrgirl810: XD
    Guardian4526: Stop being creepy.
    Legend Saber: That's not what you said last night.
    Guardian4526: I wasn't on last night.
    Delinquent Lanza: LOL
    Lotrgirl810: Exactly.

    Legend Saber: I even saw an Asian that looked kinda like Cho Seung-Hui.
    NatsuShinigami21: *blinks* Whaaaat?
    Legend Saber: Yeah, I kept looking at him strangely.
    Legend Saber: He probably thought I was gay.
    Legend Saber: How do you tell someone they look like a psychotic murderer?
    NatsuShinigami21: Easy
    NatsuShinigami21: "Excuse, but you remind me of a psychotic murderer. Your likeness is eerie."
    Legend Saber: "Can I get my photo taken with you?"
    NatsuShinigami21: "Please don't kill me"
    Legend Saber: "When you can save me for later. =x"
    NatsuShinigami21: >_>;
    NatsuShinigami21: Ecchi na itoto
    Legend Saber: Ecchi ja nai!
    Legend Saber: Hentai yo! =D
    NatsuShinigami21: ...
    NatsuShinigami21: That's even worse!
    Legend Saber: >.>
    Legend Saber: Wakaru yo. :(
    Legend Saber: Chigaumasu!
    NatsuShinigami21: That's like saying "I'm not a peeping tom, I just like to break into peoples' houses and hide in their closets while they undress"
    NatsuShinigami21: Chigau dewa nai -__o
    Maniacal Insight: Interesting conversation.
    NatsuShinigami21: Boredom does that, Kevin
  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I remember the last one from your old thread David. xD I'll post a couple, too, though I don't remember the dates.

    Legend Saber [6:11 P.M.]: Lol. XD
    Legend Saber [6:11 P.M.]: Plasmic Rhythm
    Legend Saber [6:11 P.M.]: IT HAS MIC IN THE NAME
    Legend Saber [6:11 P.M.]: SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE.
    Legend Saber [6:11 P.M.]: FREUDIAN SLIP.
    Legend Saber [6:12 P.M.]: >___________>
    Legend Saber [6:12 P.M.]: Dun kill meh.

    Legend Saber [8:59 P.M.]: KAT!
    Plasmic Rhythm [8:59 P.M.]: DAVID!
    Legend Saber [8:59 P.M.]: What's up?
    Plasmic Rhythm [8:59 P.M.]: Getting rid of the ridges on my nails
    Legend Saber [8:59 P.M.]: o_o
    Legend Saber [8:59 P.M.]: That must be ... interesting.
    Plasmic Rhythm [8:59 P.M.]: it makes them look nice
    Plasmic Rhythm [8:59 P.M.]: and shiny
    Legend Saber [9:00 P.M.]: >.>
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:00 P.M.]: Do you know what ridges are?
    Legend Saber [9:01 P.M.]: Nu, I dun.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:01 P.M.]: Umm
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:01 P.M.]: Look at your nails
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:01 P.M.]: or well, pick a nail
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:01 P.M.]: and look at it
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:01 P.M.]: and tell me if you see like, kinda roughish lines
    Legend Saber [9:02 P.M.]: Nu, my nails are all smooth and pretty.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:02 P.M.]: ...
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:02 P.M.]: Do you go to a salon? >>
    Legend Saber [9:02 P.M.]: Nu.
    Legend Saber [9:02 P.M.]: They're naturally smooth and pretty.
    Legend Saber [9:02 P.M.]: And glamorous.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:02 P.M.]: Not
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:02 P.M.]: Fair
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:03 P.M.]: Well
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:03 P.M.]: I found a picture
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:03 P.M.]:
    Legend Saber [9:03 P.M.]: Oh, those.
    Legend Saber [9:04 P.M.]: I haven't seen those in years!
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:04 P.M.]: >>
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:04 P.M.]: WHAT DO YOU DO TO KEEP THEM SO NICE?!
    Legend Saber [9:05 P.M.]: I drink milk.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:05 P.M.]: So do I
    Legend Saber [9:05 P.M.]: ... Hillary Clinton is less than a mile away from my house right now.
    Legend Saber [9:05 P.M.]: That was random, I know.
    Legend Saber [9:05 P.M.]: <_<
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:06 P.M.]: Well, I was gonna say, neither of us are voting for her, so why does it matter? >>
    Legend Saber [9:06 P.M.]: XD That's true.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:07 P.M.]: rofl
    Legend Saber [9:09 P.M.]: So.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:09 P.M.]: Hmn?
    Legend Saber [9:10 P.M.]: What's your opinion of pancakes?
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:10 P.M.]: They're delicious and nutritious.
    Legend Saber [9:10 P.M.]: I agree!
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:11 P.M.]: Everyone should!
    Legend Saber [9:12 P.M.]: Brb.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:12 P.M.]: kk
    Legend Saber [9:13 P.M.]: Back.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:13 P.M.]: WB!
    Legend Saber [9:14 P.M.]: Thx!
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:14 P.M.]: Yw!
    Legend Saber [9:15 P.M.]: ^_^
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:15 P.M.]:
    Legend Saber [9:15 P.M.]: Flower!
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:15 P.M.]: Yep!
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:28 P.M.]: My nails are soooo pretty
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:28 P.M.]:
    Legend Saber [9:28 P.M.]: I'm glad you're happy! ^_^
    Legend Saber [9:28 P.M.]: My nails are ... uh ... deformed and grotesque.
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:28 P.M.]: ...
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:28 P.M.]: You said they were pretty before!
    Legend Saber [9:29 P.M.]: I lied. :-(
    Plasmic Rhythm [9:29 P.M.]: BAD DAVID!

    [Ping is my kitty cat]
    Chris [WHARRRGARBL!] says:
    Kat [I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. ] says:
    Kat [I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. ] says:
    Chris [WHARRRGARBL!] says:
    Chris [WHARRRGARBL!] says:
    Fried or baked?
    Chris [WHARRRGARBL!] says:
    Kat [I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. ] says:

    OnlineHost: secret weaponry has entered the room.
    secret weaponry: LEAN WIT IT.
    secret weaponry: THEN ROCK WIT IT.
    secret weaponry: THROW SOME X MEN ON IT.
    pure heroics: WOO
    pure heroics: HELL YEAH
    sad personality: [ -smacks Jensen- stfu ]
    secret weaponry: CALLED AX-MEN.
    secret weaponry: >:O
    pure heroics: ( ..sorry. couldn't help myself. )
    secret weaponry: [ =/ ]
    OnlineHost: secret weaponry's participation in this chat room has been suspended by the room owner.
    OnlineHost: secret weaponry has left the room
  3. Nazo Moderator

    Legend Saber: That's not what you said last night.
    Guardian4526: I wasn't on last night.
    Delinquent Lanza: LOL
    Lotrgirl810: Exactly.

    That was priceless.
  4. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Okay, to get this chat, I'll give a short demonstration. DemonicValentine came into my chatroom countless times. He also sent me e-mails since I have an allow list for AOL because I don't want certain people IMing me. Anyway, after responding to one of his snotty e-mails, I told my friends Jensen and Troy about this guy, so they decided to "bother" him. Here's what happened. Please ignore the ep3. >>

    OnlineHost: *** You are in "Arts and Entertainment - inspire me". ***
    OnlineHost: Hey! Check out Bebo!
    OnlineHost: psychosociology has entered the room.
    OnlineHost: psychosociology has left the room.
    me: . em-pee three player - freeza inc. -
    me: . run: 61 - played: 1,018 -
    me: shuffle
    me: . shuffled play - on -
    me: r
    me: . .:autø:. • Pink • Dear Mr. President •
    me: . .:autø:. • Rent Movie Soundtrack • Take Me Or Leave Me •
    me: . .:autø:. • Cartel • If I Fail •
    me: . .:autø:. • Flyleaf • Broken Wings •
    me: . .:autø:. • Sara Bareilles • Love Song •
    OnlineHost: DemonicValentine has entered the room.
    OnlineHost: DemonicValentine has left the room.
    me: . .:autø:. • The_Used • pretty handsome awkward •
    me: . .:autø:. • Usher • Let it Burn! •
    me: . .:autø:. • Flyleaf • I'm So Sick •
    me: . .:autø:. • DragonForce • Heroes of Our Time •
    me: . .:autø:. • Fall Out Boy • Thanks For The Memories •
    OnlineHost: DemonicValentine has entered the room.
    DemonicValentine: Hello, I was wondering if you were interested in discussing some scene ideas?
    me: . .:autø:. • The Used • Yesterday's Feelings •
    DemonicValentine: Are you there?
    me: . .:autø:. • Pussy Cat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes • Dont Cha Wish Your Girlfriend (Remix) •
    OnlineHost: refotsirk has entered the room.
    refotsirk: Alright.
    refotsirk: Demonic.
    OnlineHost: IacunaI has entered the room.
    refotsirk: Imma need you to stop annoying her.
    refotsirk: kthx.
    IacunaI: i will not inspire you
    refotsirk: Demonic.
    refotsirk: I ish so serious.
    refotsirk: Dun be a turd.
    refotsirk: ------>
    DemonicValentine: Isn't it past your bedtime?
    refotsirk: Mommy said I was gewd.
    me: _xD
    me: *xD
    refotsirk: But seriously.
    refotsirk: Stop e-mailing kat.
    refotsirk: Cause.
    refotsirk: She doesn't like you.
    refotsirk: She doesn't do online dating.
    refotsirk: Sorry, mate.
    me: . .:autø:. • Eminem • Sing For The Moment •
    IacunaI: hello
    IacunaI: does ne1 rp here good?
    IacunaI: no1???!
    refotsirk: me!!11!!
    IacunaI: r u good?
    refotsirk: awsum
    IacunaI: o i no
    refotsirk: u?
    IacunaI: no i no i want deman
    refotsirk: ur stupde
    IacunaI: demanic r u good lol
    refotsirk: demval asl ????
    IacunaI: rofl
    IacunaI: well, time for sleep
    IacunaI: night
    OnlineHost: IacunaI has left the room.
    DemonicValentine: It seems I'm dealing with individuals who are new to roleplaying on AOL and have yet to learn the proper RP etiqutte. When in a chat room advertising RP, is usually a bad idea to ghost. Also when a question is asked, it is a good
    DemonicValentine: idea to provide a prompt response. Should you not be interested in discussing RP with an individual or RPing with them, the considerate thing to do it to tell them so straight up in a polie fashion rather than playing chilish games.
    DemonicValentine: I hope my advice was helpful, you all have a nice night, and do not worry, we were all new to RPing over AOL once, I'm sure you'll learn the ropes in no time :-D
    OnlineHost: DemonicValentine has left the room.
    me: LOL
    refotsirk: xDDDDDD
    refotsirk: niight
  5. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    double post >>

    OnlineHost: Ritual Poison has entered the room.
    OnlineHost: Castigative has entered the room.
    plasmic rhythm: HELLO FELLOW RPERS
    plasmic rhythm: HOW DOST THOU BE?
    plasmic rhythm: No commentary?
    plasmic rhythm: Thou shalt not offend thee!
    plasmic rhythm: ...
    plasmic rhythm: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
    plasmic rhythm: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
    an angeIs faith: <_<
    an angeIs faith: Kat's on crack
    an angeIs faith: GIVE IT BACK TO ANNA
    an angeIs faith: it doesn't suit you
    an angeIs faith: D:
    an angeIs faith: THEY WERE NOT
    an angeIs faith: BIASED
    an angeIs faith: BTW
    an angeIs faith: it's only two ahead of blue
    an angeIs faith: xD
    an angeIs faith: So it's pretty even
    plasmic rhythm: Thine own hand waste not!
    Castigative: I step away for one minute.. and I come back to this. xD LoL. UR FUNEE!
    Castigative: Har.
    Castigative: No, seriously. It was funny.
    plasmic rhythm: -bows-
    Castigative: -applauds-
    Castigative: -throws roses-
    an angeIs faith: o.o
    plasmic rhythm: And where shalt thy friend be?
    Castigative: Aaand on that note, I gotta go. =X But I'll be back. Gotta go get some food. Mmm. Take care!
    OnlineHost: Castigative has left the room.
    plasmic rhythm: I scared him/her.

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