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  1. ProtoJMB Gone

    Well since it's a new year we are going to be doing some updating to the forums. Some of our skins aren't completely updated with the new vB 3.6, which in turn doesn't allow you to use some of the features.

    Here is the big thing though, we will be uninstalling all hacks for a little bit, and re-installing them anew so we can make sure what is working and what isn't. Don't panic, the arcade will be done first so you guys will get that back right away.

    While I am thinking of it, I would like to get a consensus of what hacks you guys like. Which would you want to see gone? What new hacks would you like to see installed?

    If you don't know where to look, check this site out:
  2. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Everything that no one uses anymore. I don't even know what hacks we have and don't have. X_x
  3. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    I would like to see the "Time spent on forum" removed, because I think it serves no purpose. I would also like to see the RPG stats removed considering they serve no purpose either. I mean think about it, all they do is make the thread pages longer, and make dial-up people's computers work harder.
  4. All I need is the quick reply. Then I'm happy.

    Oh...what about auto-formatting avatars instead of having to do it ourselves?

    Is there a spellcheck hack too?

    I don't go into the arcade anymore anyways.

    Edit: Eva's post makes sense too. Could we have an RPG hack? Plz thx?
  5. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    I agree the "Time spent on forums" is stupid and pointless. The RPG stats are just about as retarded to. They serve no purpose at all and its not like we can "battle". A spell check hack would be pretty sweet though. I would like to see the rep added back in under our avatars.
  6. ProtoJMB Gone

    Well, I can see the "Time spent of forum" hack, but the RPG STATS? :(

    Shash, you SHOULD have Quick reply. It didn't go anywhere, I promise. :) PM me and lets see if we can't get your problem worked out.

    As for the other stuff, I don't know. I do know there is a spell check thing, but it works for IE. Maybe one of us could find a universal spell check. As for the RPG Hack.... I still haven't found one that looks good. :(

    Aww... come on guys. What's wrong with the RPG stats? I like them because they make our forum look more.... gamey. I mean sure, they don't serve a super important purpose like a spellcheck or whatever, but I think it looks cool.

    Uh, ATM we don't have any hacks. lol We are kind of starting over with hacks. The only hack I didn't uninstall was the shoutbox, but I will be upgrading that soon.
  7. Namakubi Someday, one day, who knows? Someday I suppose...

    I don't want a spellcheck hack unless it's optional and I don't have to use it.
  8. Tektite New Member

    I don't care much for the 'time spent online' thing either. And I kind of like the RPG Stats just for looks.:p

    Maybe board stats?
  9. MAMA DIABLA News Administrator

    The only reason the posts look offset is because the infractions button is missing!
  10. I think we should only have the RPG stats if we have an RPG Hack. Then display them. It's just a space consumer right now.
  11. ProtoJMB Gone

    Well, maybe I will just make it for one skin
  12. Why? There's no real point to it - just for what you mentioned.

    I still think we should use at least some sort of RPG'd be good. :D

    I'd help out. :)
  13. Namakubi Someday, one day, who knows? Someday I suppose...

    I don't think we should have anything useless such as the rpg stats because it wastes bandwidth and the pages take long enough to load already.
  14. Not necessarily. Proto could make a skin without images for the 56K peeps. I think GE did that for mobile phones.

    But an RPG hack might get people here. Ya never know till ya try. :)
  15. Namakubi Someday, one day, who knows? Someday I suppose...

    It DOES take a long while to load the pages.. although I've noticed since he took the hacks off it's been a lot better.. It'd be cool to make an image-free version of default
  16. ProtoJMB Gone

    I will keep that in mind. :)
  17. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    The rpg stats serves no more purpose than eye candy. It takes forever just to get your HP up and the Mana stat is never up and i post alot everyday. I REALLY dont see how that can gain any members just because of it. Unless im talking about the wrong thing from you guys :S.

    Why? It would only help. Maybe it could be like Microsofts Words spellcheck. Then it would just underline anything spelt wrong (according to it) and then you can choose to fix it or leave it alone. Now if it forced correct spelling that might suck after all.
  18. Well if everyone on here used Firefox, then it wouldn't be needed lol. It already has one.
  19. ProtoJMB Gone

    Ha ha.... yeah right.

    As for spell check, I think we might just leave that per user. I myself use Google Toolbar's built in spellcheck function.

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