Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade.

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    Probably not PERFECT, but it'll be damn good for a gravity operated one. I just had problems with the blade bouncing around, getting stuck, and not locking. Because I was using scrap metal, it's sorta hard to make exact measurements so everything can fit snug, without being too tight. (Haha, sexual reference.) Anything perfect would involve a spring so I could retract it in any manner. Being a gravity model, I'm at a disadvantage. I can only extend it while having it pointed towards the ground, and bring my hand up to retract it. Be not discouraged, it'll hopefully still be weaponized, depending on how good I can get the edge for the blade, if anything it'll have a damn good point to stab like a spike, and the lock should be grand. I like the drawer slide designs, and I honestly feel like I could've made one, but I didn't want to make a copy. For once I wanted to create, not duplicate.
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    Did I mention that it is totally exciting when you're speaking in, Blacksmith technics? Like a British man reading the Zombie Survival Guide.
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  3. Nazo Moderator

    Getting a little damp? Lol.

    Well, I bring you pictures!
    This is the beginnings of the case. Like I said it's made entirely out of aluminum parts. Right now it's the full case without the back and top on, that's last, and you can see the two guide rails.
    Here's a better look at how the system is going to work. Those are the guide rails. (derp) The blade will be inbetween the bottom of the case and those two rails. It'll prevent the bouncing shit I've been getting. On top of those rails, going across will be another piece of aluminum. That'd be the receiver. I don't know when I'll be posting more updates. I've ran out of cutting disks for my dremel and I need some sand paper. Two things we don't have the money for right now. So be patient like I'm forced to be. :( I COULD get the receiver rail and stuff cut, but idk if I want to just yet. I really need to get the blade cut out so I can get the measurements down for sure so I don't estimate incorrectly.
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    Sou nan dess karrrrrr, Kurisu-kun~. What's a dremel, though? I personally think you should get the measurements squared away, because that kind of information seems to be important. Like, when I make jewelry I prefer to have the measurements done first, before I start to assemble. Hell, sometimes, I even add in the bead's length and width before I even go into Design Modo >__>.

    Though, either way you'll need money, so maybe that should come first?
  5. Nazo Moderator


    This is a dremel. It's sorta like a precision sanding, cutting, carving, sharpening, etc too. There are many, many, MANY attachments for them to do all of the above and more. It is literally the best fucking tool in the world.
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    Looks like a vibrator to me...for masochists >__>;
  7. Nazo Moderator

    I'd expect that from you. >__>
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    So finally got some dremel cutting disks, and grinding/sanding wheels, and some sand paper. And of course, I got some pics to bring along with me.

    Hidden Blade closed blade.jpg
    This here is the (still incomplete) casing with the housed blade. The black piece there is actually a felt covered piece of aluminum. I put felt over it to cushion the blow the bumper takes on exit. (Seen at the left end.) Also featured is the lock stub. (The piece before the bumper.)
    lock stub.jpg
    Here's a closer look at the rail system again and how the bumper on tracks works. And a nice close up of the bumper itself and the lock stub. I'm aware the bumper isn't cut evenly on both sides, but this is fine. The width of the blade is nearly the same of the case, so there is no side to side bounce. The bumper and rails keep it in place to reduce up and down bounce, however it's not really working all that much. There is a good bit of bounce, HOWEVER, the rails will keep it from bouncing out of place, and the lock will slam down on the blade, catch the stub, and will immobilize the blade in both retraction and bounce. I tried to get the rails as close to the blade as I could. Hard to do when you're using glue, and no fancy way to clamp the parts together. I had to keep slightly moving them closer and closer to mirror each other. I didn't want to get too close to the blade just in case glue seeped out, and if I got too close the blade wouldn't move without a decent amount of force.
    Bumber close up.jpg
    A back-end view and better look at the tracking system.It's also a good way to see how all the individual parts are put together.
    Closed blade tip.jpg
    A front-end view and better look at the receiver. (Lol this post spews innuendos.) Here you can also see the blade tip and how thick it is. It's about as thick as the bottom side of the casing, and quite durable. Even though it is so, and aluminum, it's a light metal, so a good amount of force, and I mean a good amount, can still bend it. I have edged it down as best I could with my dremel, if I had a bench grinder, it'd be a wonderful, sharp edge, but since I'm dealing with grinding wheels that are the size of the tip of my pinky, it's sorta hard to make a full edge, so I made it to where the tip is VERY point-sharp, and the edges are edged to a point, but not sharp, however it's a stabbing weapon, so the point will make the entry wound and the edges will still glide through. (info for those of you wondering if it can kill if I were a psycho.
    blade edging.jpg
    Close up of the blade and edging job. Even though it's with a dremel and not sharp, It still looks fucking GRAND if I do say so myself. And there's there point-sharpness I was talking about. I know it looks sorta bland and stuff, but I wanted it to resemble Altair's blade more-so than Ezio's. I'm a bigger Altair fan than Ezio anyway. The blade is not edged all the way down as the lethality length wouldn't be the full length of the blade anyway. By that I mean---
    Blade lethality length.jpg
    This. This is how far the blade will reach passed a closed fist. At least mine. It's a good few inches. Enough to reach through to a heart if pierced in the right spot. Hit a rib with this low-end, non-sharp blade and you're fucked. Much better to go for the neck. >:]
    Extended Blade.jpg
    Last but not least, the full length of the hidden blade extended.

    I have also decided I will not be putting a permanent back-side case piece on. I will most likely put a piece of felt covered metal and simply duct-tape it on. Even though this glue I'm using is supposed to withstand a lot of pressure, I'mma be being a fucking retard with this of course and playing with it all the time lol. I'm not exactly confident enough to trust in the glue that it'll hold up to continued use on the bumper/receiver, even the lock stub worries me. So in case I have problems where a piece breaks off, I will leave the back open so I can take the blade out and fix it. If I ever get a soldering kit, I'll make this with that and metal-bond these pieces permanently for ever.

    The time is nigh. Soon, an assassin will be born.
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    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait to see you use it for some high class snuff film madness! Make'em bleed copious amounts of crimson-y goodness!
  10. Nazo Moderator

    Well, I should finish and post a video and more pics tomorrow. I would've finished today, but my family was out doing other things and whatnot. My Aunt Ronda, who lives with us, was going to help me with the lock, I needed a hole through it for the string.

    ...we broke two drill bits. So I finally just cut a slit in the latch. I really didn't want to as that may produce a slight bit of slide for the string, but it should be okay. I devised a different way to tie the string around the latch. Shit'll be cash. Waiting for the glue to dry and such on the stand for the lock. I'll then attach the lock, to the top of the case, attach the top of the case to the base, and it'll be done. Should be able to get all that done tonight, but Kat has to work early and doing this shit in low monitor light isn't really easy, nor smart. So I'll do all this above tomorrow and get it posted. Till then--

    Good day.
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    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait to see you use it for some high class snuff film madness! Make'em bleed copious amounts of crimson-y goodness!
  12. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Well good luck on this...I tried to read the details a bit but with my sickness and headaches going on it's a no go. I do see a big bit of progress in the design and for what it's worth your design may actually be better under certain conditions. I'd pay you to make me one if it were possible.
  13. Nazo Moderator

    Hah. Idk if my price would keep you interested. It costed about 20 dollars for materials, and about 20 dollars in tools. I would probably charge 60 to pay for both tools and materials, then 20 profit. Honestly, though, how long this took and whatnot, I'm not entirely sure I'mma make another one for a while. Then again, it has been fun making it, just a slow process. I want to make another to have dual wielding, but idk. But if you're willing to pay, I'm willing to build. lol
  14. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I'll have to see when I get some more money. I want at least one.
  15. Nazo Moderator

    It is finished.

    BEST PART: I don't have to use full gravity to extend it. I can hold it out horizontally, lift the lock and give it a little force, the blade will to the rest. Retraction on work the same, but not every time. Exiting is far more easy than entering I suppose. Either way, I'm happy with it, very much so, and here are some details!

    Yes. It's weaponized. And oooooh yes. It's deadly.

    EDIT: Pics!


    This is a front/top view of course. That in the middle is the lock-latch. What you see at the back of the lock, on the top of the case, is a bit of glue. I'm using gorilla glue, which is fucking amazing, and it likes to expand as it dries. I guess to grab onto whatever it's bonding better. The blade is inside even thought you can't see the tip at the lock, there's a small bit of room for the blade so the case is about a 3rd of a centimeter longer than the blade.

    This is a nice side view. You can see how I attached the top of the case to the rest. The only thing holding onto to top of the case are those six 'L' pieces. I did that so I could determine where to put the lock without having to permanently glue it on. Then once I found the sweet spot, I marked all six spots where the 'L's connected then glued it on. The tap on the back of the case there, good old duct tape, is there because the back of the case is not on by glue. It's a piece of aluminum with some felt above it to cushion the blade's retraction. If at any point the receiver were to break off the blade, I can simply un-attach the back and repair it.
    (Lol @ my dremel's box in the background) This is a bottom view of the case. It is 3 pieces, A flat, thin, 1 inch wide 10 inch long piece of aluminum. Attached to each side are 3/4 inch high 'L' pieces to give it that [_] look. This was crucial for a rail system. There were no parts that were cut by default by this dimension of my case. I had to improvise. I came up with the idea when we were about to walk out of the store. I had a brainstorm and instantly stopped walking/talking. Kat asked me "what's wrong" and I replied, "I have an idea." Lol. Now that I think about it, it was quite obvious and in my face the whole time. I always say I miss the obvious, but damn.
    The completed hidden blade. (Retracted)
    The complete hidden blade. (Extended)
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    I like the design but I have some concerns over it's use in actual stabbing action. I mean not even on people or anything but if it goes into something would it be sturdy. I also want to design a version of this for you with some diagram on how the parts would fit together. My design *should* be more efficient and tight. Then again I don't know how you did yours exactly but eh. Good work anyhow. Just don't poke me with it.
  17. Nazo Moderator

    Mine is quite sturdy and tightly fit. Too tight and the parts won't move without greasing/lubing. With like WD-40 and in the like. All parts are nice and snug with a little room to move. With the blade is extended and locked in, it doesn't wobble and it's stabbing power is pretty decent. If I had some nylon belts to attach to the top of the case, I could stab through some soft objects. It's not going to go through tough things like rubber on a tire or anything like that, but it would surly pierce the skin. The point is sharp and the edges are smoothed to a false edge. It won't cut, but it's enough edging that if you stab the edges would glide it the rest of the way through. It's quite deadly. All I have at the moment is a rope to tie it onto my arm. Can't really stab anything with it until I get it secured on my arm, but with the rope, a quarter-inch thick cardboard box got raped. I honestly cannot see a better way to make a custom hidden blade without using a drawer slide, and quite frankly, I'm not doing it. I wanted something original and one-of-a-kind. And that's exactly what I got. It might be all glued together, but gorilla clue is incredibly strong. I wish I could've used pure metal glue, but this glue is meant for stone, metal, wood and other hardware. Only way I can see any improvement would be to connect all the pieces with rivets, but that would leave small, but error-making bumps in the design and would make for a non-smooth-sliding ride. Only way this is going to break is if I smash it with a hammer, but it's a hidden blade. Even if I were to use it in self defense, I'd use it in the manner of it being a stealth weapon. I have wrist room, so I have full movement of my arm and hand. So I can still punch. Hell the design is made for a punching stab. If I had a bench grinder, I could make the blade a lot sharper and a lot more deadly, but I'm not wanting to make a complete weapon out of this. It can kill as is, but I don't want to make it entirely dangerous for myself or others. Believe me when I say we have some bad streets around some of my friends' areas. I'd wear it for manners of self defense, but I'd also like to wear it to a convention.

    Only thing that could make this design cooler is to make it out of plexiglass. Fuck yeah that'd be sweet. Shit would be invisible and true-stealth.
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    Not only is the finished product flippingly awesome and actually cosplay worthy...there's talk of lube and tightness and sturdiness up in this bitch as well. My gawd, Kurisu-kun...
    and I mean it in the best way possible! Now, it's time for you to put that blade to the test, son .-.
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  20. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Was it really necessary to kill Mr. Stand Fan? Who sent for its' demise, that jealous desk fan that nobody likes!? FUCK YEAH, THAT WAS HOT, KURISU-KUN.
  21. Nazo Moderator

    Glad you liked it lol. I'll be making the final touches on it later on. Hopefully if I can stay up long enough, I'll post some new pictures of it's glory.
  22. PKT Forever /a/lone

    You should check the local laws on concealed weapons just to make sure you don't end up in trouble.

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