Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nazo, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Nazo Moderator

    You're missing the point, foo. Shower time leads to shower sex, sir.

    On an on topic note: I've cut out most of the pieces I need for the second model, I'm only running into one problem and that's the locking mechanism. Not an easy feat considering the type of metal I have to use. It's easily folded, can bend and stay it's shape, but the way this model is built, the lock has to be an upside-down triangle. I'll post some pics tomorrow to show what I mean.
  2. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    That blade's legit as hell dude. I didn't know it was a ring pullstring mechanism, but that does make sense. I wasn't an AC blueprints studying monkey. I just played, that's all. Good work on this thing, it's awesome.
  3. Nazo Moderator

    I believe the codex/blueprints for Altair's hidden blade can be seen in the game. It's a pull-string system as well. Ezio's, however, is activated by a muscle on the forearm being flexed. Which really makes no sense since no muscle on the forearm can flex in a manner that would hit a button or something while wearing a vambrace which would elevate the blade from your arm. Not to mention the clothing in the way. Ezio's isn't practical. Altair's is. Trust me when I say, though, if I had the ability and knowledge more into electronics and engineering, I'd figure out a way to replicate the system lol
  4. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Mythbusters. Fuck yeah.

    Idk bro. As far as making it work, the ring design is probably superior if you practice w/ it anyways, considering you just explained Ezio's blade and how it's different. Leonardo's a genius, but crazy also. If the design shows a muscle moving for it, then it's probably not really all that feasible. The ring deal is concealable enough. I would, no joke, eventually make one that's sharp, even if it's just cosplay purposes. No one's going to call the cops on you at a convention. You'll be fine. Just don't trip, yeah?
  5. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    ...I'm just going to nod my head and pretend I understand the technical talk, but pushing that to the left corner of my mental hall of shame...sounds fucking fantastic! I still like the ideal of re-creating some super weaponry that can serve a practical use outside of conventions, though >__>.
  6. Nazo Moderator

    I shall make the perfect hidden blade, and bind together some of my most trusted friends. I will re-form the Creed... who wants in?
  7. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    That would be fucking sugoi. Count me in!
  8. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I shall join you, sir! I'm small and can fit in confined spaces, and no one suspects the midgets. True facts.
  9. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Count me in, brother.
  10. Nazo Moderator

    Well. I'm having some design flaws, so no pics today... I'm having trouble with the locking system and... how to put it together. I need a soldering kit, probably. And the shape of the design is what's preventing it from having a working lock. I have an idea in mind, not sure it'll work, but I have enough metal to try it out and if I fuck it up I'll be aight. More updates to come.
  11. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Ain't got a gat but I got a soldering gun.
  12. Nazo Moderator


    New Model is finished, as finished as I could make it. Sadly this one is only for prop use only like the last one. Mainly because I'm still experimenting with different shapes for the cases and such. I haven't gone into making an actual weapon. That won't be for a while, really. I have to get the right parts and such. The only reason this can't be used as a weapon is it's lack of strength in the lock. The lock is flexible metal... sadly, too flexible. If you were to try and stab something, the blade will slowly slide back in. This is an upset for me since I planned this model to be a weapon. I made it in this shape to increase durability and penetration. Sadly the thing that gave me the most problems is still an hindrance on this model. :\ Either way, here's a video of the new one.
    The blade is a good bit longer than the last one, the shape is triangular for reasons above. It's made of steel (the case) and aluminum.(the blade) I did sharpen the edges for it to have a blade like edge, but sadly the locking system still deters it from being fully functional.
  13. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Not bad, not bad. Sounds like the only real problems are with your materials, but those types of things are easily fixable. Nice job.
  14. Nazo Moderator

    I would call it anything be easily fixable. I don't know how to formulate a proper lock that's flexible and durable and won't bend.
  15. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    This may not be even remotely what you're looking for, but you know how outdoor umbrellas often have a button lock in them? Can a similar system like that be used in your methods? Not a hollow button though, a solid one. I'm probably grasping at nothing, but it's an idea, and maybe you hadn't thought of it. Just trying to help.
  16. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I'm still impressed, though...I can't really give you any technical advice. It's one thing if you were recreating jewelry, but the most I've ever done when it came to creating weaponry was modifying a long wooden poll with one of my father's old (though nice looking) carving blades with a strong adhesive and some carving >__>;. Where the fuck were my parents when I was doing this shit?
  17. Nazo Moderator

    I thought of a button-like activation, but it's too complicated for me to actually do. I wouldn't know how to set it up.

    An out-going lock like an umbrella would be neat, but I don't exactly know how those work completely. For one: You have to manually push the umbrella to the top for it to lock, so the hidden blade with that system would be manual out manual in. However, if it were to actually to work where you could use force to extend the blade, then it would just be manual retraction. It's still kinda... eh, though. Good idea, just I don't see myself being able to do that. I just need a sturdy, but flexible metal... Kinda like the metal on those old hand saws...

    Really the biggest problem I'm seeing, is sadly my favorite idea-It's shape. The lock has to be the same shape, so the lock is only catching by a point at the tip of said lock and it's just not strong enough metal to allow itself to stay in place. Any other metal I know of, though, would just crush under pressure if it DID lock into place and you try to stab something. :(

    Hah, that reminds me. I have this big, black, kinda lightning bolt shaped blade that has no handle. I'm thinking about making one for it, be easy as shit, but the blade is in shit condition. I could hammer it a bit to get the minor bends out, and since I have a dremel now, I can just grind the blade's tip back into shape since it's chipped off. I'd like to make it into a naginata type weapon.
  18. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Well, idea, similar to what I said, but not quite the same I guess: have the ring pull away a bar/another piece of metal or casing running parallel to the blade, and somewhere on that bar is a solid "button" (not one you physically touch) that locks into a slot on the blade, both in the in and out positions, and if you're not applying force to the ring, its essentially like a spring in that its natural state is pressed firmly against the blade. Ring applies enough force to pull the bar back so the blade can extend or retract, you relax your hand and it locks again.
  19. Nazo Moderator

    I've started the 3rd model. I'm making it completely out of aluminum parts I got from the local Lowes here. About 20 bucks worth of metal. The ideal is quite simple in this design and I've made prototypes out of (believe it or not) cardboard to see if it would work. Seeing as cardboard is a hell of a lot LESS smoother than metal, and it worked just fine, the aluminum one is coming along pretty well as well.

    Reading off your last comment, AK, I came up with a track system. Basically the blade will sit at the bottom of the case, on top of the blade will be two guide rails. These will keep the blade from bouncing around or getting stuck. On the back of the blade will be a piece of metal that is the same height as the guide rails, then across that will be a horrizontal piece that goes over that "stub" and across the rails. This will be the bumper. Like a train locked onto the tracks. A little further from the "stub" will be another one, same height as the rails, however, at the end of the case, the exit are for the blade, will be another piece that goes over the rails. This will be the receiver. A thin piece that the "stub x bumper" will stop at. The second, further up stub will slide easily under the receiver piece and will serve as the part that the lock will snap onto. The lock, THIS TIME, will be at an angle, instead of just horizontal with the casing, and when pulled up on will simply spring back into it's angled form. Serving as both the lock and shield so the blade cannot come out unless pulled on. Yes, I'm using the same ring & string pull gravity fed system. There were virtually no problems with the last models' lock design, only my silliness in cutting a hole into the blade so the lock could slide in. I'm making a piece serve as a bump lock, it'll keep it in place and will stop the metal bending problem I had with the locks before. Yet again the story of my life. The most simple fix to something terrible. >_>

    At this time I have the case parts cut out, the rails, and I have a piece that I'm going to use as the blade, but not cut into blade shape just yet. Gotta get this case put together, buffer the bottom of the rails a bit to make for a smooth slide for the blade. Once I know the blade will have no problems sliding through, I'll cut the blade out, mend on the bumper and receiver, then move onto the lock. Then all there is to do is put the top of the case on put it on my arm and kill some punk bitches.
  20. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Yay, murder! Personally, I'd want to make a customized naginata ala Persona 3 Portable. I just hope this model is like, the uberness in perfection .-.

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