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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Darth Arkas, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    We have a lil special proj we installed into the boards recently. It's an RPG system. Pretty cool stuff. We're still setting it up, that's why it's offline. The whole damn thing is being built from scratch.

    Now, why am I saying anything about it if it's not open for testing, playing, or otherwise? Because we'd like a lil help. I have a couple images from another game Hawk and I worked on in the past that we'd like to use as sprites. So, my post is simply this:

    Is anyone w/ a graphics program (Photoshop, GIMP, etc) willing to cut out individual pics for us? There's alot of them. I mean a freaking shitload of 'em. We're not kidding whatsoever. At all. And we simply don't have the freaking time to do it ourselves. If you're interested in helping us, post here, lemme know what program you have/plan to use, and I'll send you what you need to cut out for us. Understand that you'll be creating multiple images. I'll get to the gory details of file format, etc when we get there.

    Besides having a larger inventory of images to choose from/use as we create the game, you'll also help us do it faster as such. Now, rewards for it:
    We'll create a special item or something specifically for the member(s) that do this for us. It's a daunting task, I assure you. But it's possible.

    If interested, post here, and we'll talk. Thank you.

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  2. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I've never been really good with cutting out images and stuff, but I'd love to try it out, if that's alright. I know it's kinda shaky to let me considering Nazo's way better, but even if it's a small amount, I'd love to help. Just, not when I'm sick. >> I have GIMP btw, but I can easily get Photoshop if that's better.
  3. Nazo Moderator

    Well, it depends on the picture. I can crop things out of pics, yes, but for them to look good, it needs to have a pretty good quality already. Just post some of the pics and Kat, anyone else that wants to try, and myself will see what we can do.
  4. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Yeah, I'm willing to help out as much as I can. ^_^ Like they say, one good deed deserves another and Arkas, you offered to help me out with VB, so this would be the least I could do.
  5. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Now, file formats. Because it'd be best to get rid of the black and just have transparency there, save the image when you're done as a .png. The RPG will take that format just fine, so yeah.

    Another important point:
    There's not a whole lot of reason to cut out every single one. You'll notice that there are a lot of repeats/different angles, etc. Cut out and give me the best of every sprite piece. These were all from a game of old (source code's gone. we lost everything. dammit) that was similar to the old sk00l Zeldas. Walk around, kill stuff. So it had animation and shit. Anyways. Probably the front views will work best for the most part. Use your judgement.

    When you finish several of them, you can either email them to me, IM them, or host 'em on photobucket or something. Imageshack seems to be failing as of late.
  6. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    Just a little hint though. Make sure you post what your cutting out/what you've already cut out, or two of you might cut out the same images, and that would be pointless.
  7. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Well, I'll take care of the items for starters. If no one does the others then I'll get those too.
  8. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    *whisper* He meant to say "Protip:" instead of "Just a lil hint though."

    O hai Travis. I see what you did thar.

  9. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Lizzie, do you think you could send me what you do with the items? I want to make sure I do it right so that I don't mess up and have these extra pictures on my laptop that don't mean jack.
  10. The Liztress Poison Pink

    Sure Miss Kat, but I can't guarantee that it's going to be the best that Arkas expects from us.
  11. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I just want to know what to exactly do. I'm not quite sure.
  12. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I'm just copying and pasting the image to an new layer that is transparent and then removing what doesn't appear to be part of the image. Like the solid background color. I opened a new image, then created a new layer, deleted the background layer, copied, pasted, and cleaned up. ^_^ I lost myself on that.
  13. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    What Liz said sounds about right. Though what I personally would've done would be something like, seriously, look over the thing first and decide which pose I liked best for each sprite, item, spell, etc (whatever I was doing @ the time). Then, open a new project/image, take the rectangular marquee tool, and cut/copy out each individual one that I wanted, sticking them each in a new project/image. Kill the bg layer (this is already assuming at some point you've figured out the size dimensions by pixels or whatev you prefer to use), then use magic wand to burninate all the black. Touchup each one as necessary w/ eraser tool.

    No, that's not the only way to do it. I would just choose to do it that way because I took a digital arts class in high school (pretty much Photoshop 101), and that's just the general style I learned.

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